Thursday, February 27, 2014

Happy President's Day!


February is flyin' by isn't it? Crazy! I've now been here in Kokomo for over 3 months. Weird. It seems like Thanksgiving was yesterday.

Well, this was a crazy week. It went by in a blink, I think. :)

Last Monday, we just had a regular (I got 2 new shirts...), emailing, grocery store...then Sister W made cookies, I wrote a couple letters, and then it was time for dinner with the L's! We played dominos too. It took me a few rounds, but I finally won. They play chicken foot (it's more like Wildfire) instead of Mexican Train. It was fun! I miss domino games on Sundays!

Tuesday, we went and did service in the morning then we went out to the middle of nowhere (aka's at the very southwest corner of our ward boundaries) to go see a lady who had been referred to us. It turns out she is a member so we got her info for records and visited with her. It took us about 30 minutes to get out to her house. It's funny how big ward boundaries are here. They all laugh when I tell them we had a ward boundary line in front of our house and a stake boundary behind. And that you could walk to do visiting and home teaching. It's definitely a different dynamic for sure! Then we did some contacting when we got back, took cookies to a few people, the D's brought us dinner, we went and taught a member, then we finished the night at the ward's sports night. Me and Sister W won a round of chair soccer. Pretty solid.

Wednesday, we had district meeting in Frankfort, ate at McDonalds (the elders have awful taste...I can't remember the last time I ate there...luckily it only cost $2 haha). When we got back, we went to go visit Janet because she had a heart attack and was coming home. I made her jello. It was pretty funny because Elder J had no idea how you make jello. It was almost as funny as when Elder C didn't know you could make cake and frosting not out of a can or box. I'm glad you taught me to cook. Then we had dinner with the M's then helped a lady move. Let's just say I've never seen or stepped in that much cat poop in my life. Ick. Missions definitely build character. We finally got her all moved though so that was good.

Thursday, we taught Sister B in the morning. She babysits the cutest dogs. I love it. One looked just like Daisy. She sat on my lap most of the time. Sister B is doing so good. They're hopefully coming to our ward activities this week. Then we delivered a birthday card, had weekly planning, did some contacting, went to dinner at Sister H's (she made us meatloaf and cabbage and deviled eggs and peach cobbler...YUM! It was pretty good. She's an awesome cook.) Then we had a couple more lessons that night.

Friday, we went to contact and found a couple solid potentials, ended up getting grounded so we took the car back home and hopped on the bus, ended up running into the elders, got ungrounded so went back to get the car, followed up with a potential, then went to dinner with Sister O. She's a sweetie. We had fun with her. She originally is from Ogden. And you'll never believe the magnet she has on the fridge...WALL DRUG FREE ICE WATER. Hilarious. Good ol' Wall Drug. Then we taught a member and delivered more cookies. (We went to Wall Drug on our vacation to South Dakota)

Saturday, we went to a basketball game for a less-active's son then went and taught the T's. Then we took Sister T with us to a lesson (the people were so prepared and agreed with the idea of the Book of Mormon and prophets but when we asked them to read and pray they said no :(.) then the T's fed us lunch and Sister T beat us in pool. I can't believe they weren't sick of us. haha :) Then we went to visit a few people then had a lesson with T (the guy that called us from across the parking lot and came to church with us last week). He's so solid and came to church again yesterday. 

Then we went to Steak and Shake for dinner cause our dinner cancelled and that was about it for Saturday...

And then the best day of the week. I love Sunday. We had PEC then church. T came again! He loves it. Hopefully he keeps coming and we can teach him more. The D family was supposed to come but they got a leak in their roof :( Sad day. They still like us though. We took cookies over there this week and they said "The Church Ladies brought Cookies!" and their little daughter is so excited about church. Hopefully things work out soon that they can come! We taught F and C and a less-active couple after church, had dinner with the M's. and finished up studies.

And that's about it for this quick week! It seriously just flew by. They say your mission keeps going faster and faster. If it gets much faster, P-Day is going to come like every other day! You'd love that, wouldn't you mom? :)

I forgot your I can't remember what you But I don't remember anything too pressing.

Love ya'll! Hope you have a fantastic week! Share the love of the Savior with all those you meet! Missionary work is a commandment! :)

LOVE YOU! Peace and Blessin's.
-Sista Darc


On the L's massive snow pile with their granddaughter J. It's pretty big. Theyre worried it's going to flood once all this snow melts...which makes sense cause there's no hills in the water has nowhere to go. :)


We saw the biggest, nastiest possum. I couldn't get a picture of its face, but look at its nasty tail! They are some ugly creatures.

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