Thursday, February 27, 2014


Okay maybe not floods. But Indiana is under water. All the fields have turned into lakes (like literally, they have a current) and there's water everywhere. Crazy crazy! We're going to have to rent a canoe and throw out pass along cards along the way! :)

Well this week was a little crazy, a little hard, and good all at the same time. It just seemed like everyone was sick or not available or grumpy or something. Kokomo was in a slump! But this week is going to be fantastic, so it's all good! :)

So Monday, after emailing, we went about our shopping and such, I got a bottle of Mayo for 25 cents (it was only a month after expiration :) Don't tell Margo! haha), I went to my first flea market (yuck) and shopped at Aldi's for the first time. OH and we went to Sam's Club and I got a new shirt. That's my new go-to store for shirts! :) Then we played pool with the Elders. That night, we had dinner with the S's (family with 7 kids...I'm pretty sure I've talked about them haha) and then we went and taught another family in the ward and got a referral (SICK! Get referrals for the missionaries! It's the best!). It also snowed the biggest snowballs I've ever seen this day. It was crazy!

Tuesday, we did service at the library in the morning, went contacting in the afternoon (nothing too out of the ordinary except it was pretty sweet cause we have a Former Investigator who will talk to us as long as he's outside (we can't knock on his door) and we were walking by his house and I said "Man, I wish he was outside so we could talk to him" and not like 3 minutes later he walked out to get his mail! Tender Mercy!) That night, we had dinner with the R's and took some less-actives cookies. We went and played a rousing game of chair soccer. It didn't end too well, but that's a story for another time haha :)

Wednesday, our appointment in the morning cancelled, so we 2-2-4'd them and found a guy who gave us a referral, so that was a sweet 2-2-4 miracle. Then we found some more solid potentials out contacting and just did some regular old tracting and contacting! :) That night, we had dinner with the J's and then we taught the H's.

Thursday, we had Zone Conference over in Lafayette. All the Lafayette and South Bend Zones were there, so I got to see quite a few people! Sister R and Sister C were both there and I also saw Elder H and told him that our moms were talking. He gave me an Idaho Potato pin even though I'm not from Idaho haha :) So it was fun to see all them. And the trainings...SICK. I just love Zone Conference. President just always hits the nail right on the head. It's like he's inspired or something :) We talked a lot about the power of the Book of Mormon, humility, obedience, the whole 9 yards. I loved it. It's cool how you can prayerfully go to a meeting with a question and get answers. That's my invitation this week: go to church this week with a question (maybe even fast about it) that has been bugging you or something and let me know how it goes! We also won our car inspection! WOOO! We slaved over Stuart (they have named their car apparently) and put our feet on towels for a few days and drove through the car wash right before going to the church and it paid off. We were the only car to get 5/5 interior and exterior. Everyone was complaining that they couldn't have a clean car in the snow. We proved them wrong! We're getting Steak 'n Shake gift cards for winning. Best day ever. The drive home was a little questionable. There were Tornado warnings out, there was fog (and it was like blowing fog not just sitting still fog) and the whole road coming home was under water. It was a little sketchy. But we made it alive and Stuart didn't get flooded so that's good :) ) We ate with the M's that night. Their son just came home from his mission in Salt Lake because he had to have surgery, so it was fun to talk missionary with him. It's pretty funny cause we have gotten about 300 baptisms a year for the mission but he says in Salt Lake they've already had like 200 or something this year. So crazy. And he's never tracted. All their work is done by referrals (hence how they get 200 baptisms in 2 months...hint hint.) THAT is why members are so important!

Friday, we had correlation, went and saw a couple less-actives that we had been needing to see, had weekly planning, had dinner with J, and taught Sister H. Pretty solid day.

Saturday, we had a Relief Society activity in the morning (we ate waffles and talked about VT.). I had an epiphany about Visiting Teaching. We were watching a talk by Sister Edmunds and she said God could send angels to do VT but he chooses instead to send women to do it = ERRAND OF ANGELS IS GIVEN TO WOMEN. WHAAAAT. Genius right? Listen to her talk on BYUTV. It was at a Women's Conference and it's called Visiting Teaching: Not all about statistics or something like that. I'm going to make sure I do my VT when I get back. It really is one of our most important responsibilities but we put just about the least priority on it a lot of times. So after RS we studied, went and taught the Tuckers, went out to lunch with Sister R's mom because we shoveled her drive for her, went and saw Sister D's friend that we had contacted with her about 2 weeks ago and she has those adorable cocker spaniel puppies and you'll never guess what she's naming the one that I absolutely love: DARCIE! AHHHH! And she had no idea. haha I'll have to take a picture with it.  It's by far the cutest puppy I've ever seen. Then we went to the ward spaghetti dinner. It was fun. They had Scripture charades and we had to act out the story of Martha and Mary and Jesus when Mary was listening to Jesus and Martha was getting mad because she wasn't up working and I didn't know how to end the pantomime so I just started laughing and walked off the stage. My acting skills are just so great. It was pretty funny. Then we finished up Weekly Planning that night.

Yesterday, it was just a pretty solid Sunday! We went about Ward Council and church (Tony didn't come :( ) then studied then ate with the D's then went to Eve S's baptism then went out contacting and then taught a less-active family. Nothing too out of the ordinary.

And Today is P-Day once again. Sister J is going to take us out to lunch and help polish my boots (I've never polished shoes in my life..haha but my boots are lookin' pretty yuck) and then we're planning on working on packing and cleaning! Super exciting! We move on Friday! Woo! They're putting the new linoleum in our new apartment Today and appliances come Tuesday...I'm so excited!

And that's about it I think...

I loved the Birthday stuff. I left all the presents wrapped. I'll open them next week. I loved the poster. Sister W says I look exactly like Dad and Zach because I smile awkwardly like them haha :) We just can't be normal for pictures! :)

Funny how I know what Adenovirus is :) Hopefully he gets better in time for his birthday! (Julian has been sick with this)

All my friends are going to get married when I get back. haha :) Congrats to Caitlin! And will you give Sister R my email and send her the blog address?

Have a fantastic week! I just know it's going to be great! I love you all! A lot! And miss ya!

Peace and Blessin's
-Sista Darc

We got a new vacuum that actually works! We've been blowing dust
instead of sucking it up for weeks!

Happy Birthday to me! :) (Her 21st birthday is March 3)

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