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Where did January go? It's transfers again already next week. I just can't believe it. So crazy. Sister Wilkinson is halfway done being trained! She's so awesome. We're having fun here.

P.S. This week was just awesome. We've been working on a mission-wide finding fast this week to prepare for this past fast Sunday in behalf of all of our finding efforts. And weirdly enough, it's working! :) It's like President is inspired or something...

So Monday was a fun P-Day.  We went about the norm and I got to go to Rural King (it's like a lamer version of Smith and Eddy's but still satisfied my missing of that store) and got some more wool socks. 85% Wool and $20 later, I have two more pairs. Merry Christmas to me! I was also looking for mittens, but everyone in this town is sold out of them. Mine have a hole in the outside. So will you find me some good Gore-Tex mittens and have them shipped here? Mine are Men's Large and I like that size (They're the grandoe gore-tex ones). Use my money out of my account. I was going to use my Christmas money, but no one here has mittens. Monday night, we had dinner with our Filipino members who have the cutest baby ever! She made taco soup that was almost identical to yours mom. It was so great. I miss your cooking. Then we saw a part-member family that night.

Tuesday, it was like -10 outside, so we did study in the morning then went to the library to do service then just stayed in and made phone calls and tried to set up appointments. Then we had dinner with the R's (They're the ones who live part-time in Idaho Falls...actually Ammon to be exact...can't remember if I mentioned them. They're just adorable.)

Wednesday, we had district meeting in the morning. I love our district. So crazy. I gave a training about success as a missionary, which I've discovered is so different for everyone, which is frustrating. haha. We're all here for such different reasons and here to meet certain people. It's so crazy. I LOVE MISSIONARY WORK! After district meeting, Sister W and I went for a tour of our new apartment! It's the ones that the D's manage. Our lease is up in February, so we took a tour and Elder S, our housing person, liked it. It's all newly renovated and is just sweet. We're excited. And it's closer to town. So it'll be more convenient. PLUS we're going to be the D's neighbor. SICK.

Then we found a new investigator, M that afternoon. He's super cool and just ready to hear the gospel. Only problem is, he's going to Florida for a month. But he's taking his Book of Mormon with. So that's a plus. We met with a less-active that afternoon, had dinner with the D's, and then drove to Purdue to drop Sister W off and pick up Sister C for exchanges.

Thursday was exchanges. We saw a less-active (Sister B...don't remember if I mentioned her either. She's blind and is just so cool. We love her.) and she is just progressing and getting so much closer to coming back. Then we had a sweet afternoon. We taught a member then ended up getting a return appointment, a potential, 2 referrals, and a new investigator all while 2-2-4ing. So sweet. Miracles happened! Then we helped Sister R pack and move. She finally got a job in Tennessee! It was sad to see her go, but I'm glad she got a job! We met with one of our investigators (M) and decided it's time to just let her go because she's just not progressing :( Sad day. But I think she'll come around in a few months. We saw Sister H that night then Sister W came back, we visited a couple other people, and that was Thursday.

Friday, we had correlation, taught the T's, taught a semi-active, made a family mission plan with the H's, went to go to an appointment with Sister M and the  guy didn't show so we stopped by the D's house and they want to come to church and get their kids involved in the youth programs! They are so stinkin' prepared it's awesome! They didn't come yesterday because it snowed again (stinking Satan) but I have faith they're going to! I'm so excited for them. Then we had dinner with the G's that night (good Mexican food. SO GOOD.)

Saturday, we did study and weekly planning since Thursday we didn't get weekly planning in with exchanges then we had some study to do at the library, had an appointment with M and he was supposed to come to church too but the snow scared him away (again...Satan) then we did some service, visited some members, and that was about it!

Yesterday, fast Sunday. So great. Our finding fast is just bringing miracles. We didn't have investigators at church, but we're so close to getting progressing investigators, so it's so great. We're seeing miracles. LOVE IT. After church, we had a lesson with a member, went and tried a guy who set up this appointment like a month ago and he left the funniest note saying he wasn't trying to put us off but had to go to his grandaughter's and maybe we should just forget him because he's never going to join our church. I wrote him back and said there's no way we were forgetting him and that we'd be back this week. haha. Persistence is key. He'll be Mormon soon. Then we helped a random lady shovel then studied then spent the time during super bowl at the M's because we weren't supposed to proselyte during that time to prevent getting angry drunk people trying to watch Peyton.

And today is P-Day once again. Time flies. I'm almost at 6 months! WHAAAT.

Questions for today:

1. For my birthday, will you send me the book "Power of Everyday Missionaries" by Clayton Christensen? Buy one for yourself too. It's genius. (We received this book from Wendy for Christmas! Thanks Wendy!)

2. Do you know Cathy and Gary Potter from Tremonton? They're related to Sister W. (Yes we do know them. Sister W's grandma is Kathi White Potter's sister. Small world)

To answer letters:

1. I'm mad you went to Bert's without me. (We did eat at Bert's Cafe in Brigham the other day. But we will take her there when she gets home)

2. The story about Julian on the stick horse saying he's John Wayne...priceless. Did you film it? (Grandpa had Julian watch a John Wayne movie the other night and he was riding the stick horse and I asked him if he was playing cowboys and he said No I'm John Wayne!)

3. I loved the pictures. Keep them comin'. Tell Lacee and Taylor congratulations and that I miss them! They're adorable and I'm so happy for them! Tell Haylee congrats too. Where's her fiance from? I didn't recognize him.

Welp, that's about it for this week! I love you all! You're the best! Keep the faith! Do missionary work! I'd love to hear from ya'll! :)

Peace and blessin's
-Sista Christensen


 Sister C and I.

Me in my Seahawks colors! Go Seahawks!

Sister W and I in our touchdown Jesus shirts! Brother S got them for us! So sick!

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