Monday, January 13, 2014

The grass is greener...

For real though. The grass is green. All the snow...well most of the snow melted already cause it was 40 these past few days...80 degrees increase. Crazy. Indiana weather may just be as close to insane as Utah's. seems like I emailed ya like yesterday...but lo and behold another week has passed...And tomorrow marks 5 months...WHAT. Crazy.

So you heard from me Tuesday...we were semi grounded, so we had an appointment we went to after we emailed. We taught our Jehovah's Witness Investigator. I think we've come to the conclusion that she's trying to convert us. But she feels the spirit in our lessons and keeps letting us share more, so it's crazy. She'll be a Mormon soon, I just know it :) That night, we hung out with the Downards again since we could only go to people we knew and they offered us dinner again. So Monday and Tuesday were kind of weird, not typical missionary days...but they were still good!

Wednesday was crazy too. Never a dull moment. We had district meeting in Frankfort (Go Hot Doggers) and the roads were terrible so it took us quite a while to get there and back. When we got back, there was a less-active who needed a blessing and some service (she hadn't had her dishes done since Christmas because her sink was clogged.) so we did her dishes in the bathroom. It was pretty nasty...I did really well until the very end and there was some tomato soup that had been in this pan for who knows how long...I only gagged a little. Sister W was crying cause the sour cream had gone bad. It was rough. But sacrifice brings forth the blessings of heaven right? We better get some celestial bonus points :) But hopefully she gets feeling better and her sink gets fixed soon! That night we had dinner with the M's and went to visit another less-active, who was also sick. This sickness is just taking over!

Thursday, we went contacting then had weekly planning. We then got to meet with this member who is just hilarious. I love the people here in Kokomo. We were going to dinner after that at the S family (the family with 7 kids...don't know if I've talked about them...). We were waiting for Brother S to go get the Elders so we were just chatting with Sister S when a phone call came that Brother S's tire had fallen we went and taught Sister H while they called a tow truck then went back to the S's to eat. Crazy night.

Friday, we had correlation at the Batis' then we did service at the library (they're going to put us in the genealogy section! Stoked! They all know about, so it's pretty sweet. The lady there is going to be Mormon all based off that, I just know it. Did I already say that once for our Jehovah's Witness? :)  Then we did some contacting, got Sister W knocking on some doors and visited some know, the usual.

Saturday was busy, busy. We started out at Sister Tucker's, had lunch, met with one of our investigators. She's kind of stuck on getting things proven, so we focused on how prayer comes into all of this. Hopefully this week she'll pray and she'll be able to see the importance of the Holy Ghost. We did a bit of tracting, found a guy who was AWESOME, and he's going to be Mormon :) No we just had awesome conversation with him and just got to testify hardcore of what we believe. It was so awesome, especially to help Sister W see that people are nice some of the time :) There are people prepared, we just gotta find them! That night, we saw quite a few less-actives, so that was good.

Sunday...oh how I love the sabbath. We had church and started the new manual. I'm stoked to learn from Joseph Fielding Smith. After church, we met a less-active who lives downstairs from us, taught a member, and went tracting and found some solid potentials. Pretty sweet. One guy was trying to tell us that religion was a road block and that we were blinded by our beliefs and we just testified to him and basically just had to turn and leave his porch saying "have a nice day!" to leave. Pretty funny. It's amazing how much satan works against our church. It has to be true or he wouldn't work that hard. Crazy Crazy.

Today is P-Day. Woot Woot!

I think that's about it for now...Hopefully you all have a fantastic week! I can't believe it'll be the 20th next week...where is January going?

Answers to letters:

Yes my coat is toasty. I love it and I'm glad I brought it. I'm going to go find some new mittens today cause the holes in these ones I brought are huge. And they should be on clearance since winter is almost over here. (I was a little worried that her coat wasn't warm enough)

So it sounds like Heather is about like I eating. Typical. I feel her pain. :) Tell her to get better! (Heather had her tonsils out but she is feeling better)

It doesn't surprise me Jarred Shaw is in trouble.

School was cancelled here all week. All for a foot and a half of snow...crazy right? I remember 1 snow day in my entire existence. And that was for like 3 feet of snow.

I saw one of that walking lady's DVDs in the library and thought of you and Margo! :) Keep on walkin'! (Margo, Cecelia and I walk 5 days a week to DVD's by Leslie Sansone. We have done this for 2 ½ years – Darcie used to join us some times and she always made fun of Leslie)

I don't think I have any questions this week...surprisingly...

Welp, I love ya'lll!!! And miss ya! Remember to spread the word! Hasten the work! And keep reading Preach My Gospel. It's life changing.

Peace and Blessin's
-Sista Christensen

Only one picture today. We stunk at taking pictures this week.

Our lesson goal for last transfer. We met it!
(Zach, don't judge. Just cause in South America you can teach 60 lessons a week! haha)

(111 sounds great to me!)

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