Monday, January 13, 2014

-30 is kinda cold...


Hola everyone! Sorry I'm a day late. Yesterday, we were commanded to stay inside all day for P-Day, so that was interesting. Kokomo was in a state of emergency until 12, so you got a ticket if you went outside. We were grounded, so we just stayed in until a member came and rescued us from our boredom. We went and hung out with them and had dinner and played games and had FHE, so it was fun! They're having us over tonight too because we're still partially grounded though we can drive if we have appointments, so that's good.

So last Monday, Sister C and I had a shoppin' day. Except she doesn't hold up quite as well as you Mom. She needed a coat and boots and stuff, so she learned how I shop. She wanted a good coat that kept her warm and she was thinking like Wal-Mart and I said no-no, so we went to a sporting goods store and she proceeded to buy a $120 Colombia coat. I was so proud. haha :) (her dad has taught her this – when it comes to warmth price does not count – you get what you pay for) She did buy Wal-Mart boots though. I couldn't convince her otherwise. We also went to Applebees, so thanks for lunch! :) (We sent her an Applebees gift card for Christmas) It was a good last hurrah. That night, we did some visiting, taught a member, and dropped a cake off to Brother F and Sister C (they got baptized about 3 months ago...I think I've talked about them before) because it was F's Birthday. Tuesday, we visited a few members that Sister C wanted to say bye to and did service at the library and went and taught a new investigator. She's pretty awesome, has a few problems with wanting everything proved, but awesome :) Then we had a New Years' Eve party at the church. We got to play Skip-bo! MY FAVORITE! I even won once. It was sweet.

New Years' Day, we had to be in Fishers at 9 for my Trainer meeting, had transfer meeting, and got my new trainee! Her name is Sister W and she is from McCall, Idaho! She was surprised I knew where that was. What was the condo called we stayed at? (We spent a week in McCall a few years back and had a blast! It brings back bad memories for Zachary though because it was there that he lost his Woody from Toy Story) Her family manages a hotel up there. She had a boot on cause she had a stress fracture, so we haven't done much tracting, but she now has two shoes, so that's good! :) She's awesome. Hopefully it'll be good. Kinda scary training, but it should be great. She's doing pretty well for the fact we haven't done much "missionary" work since we've been stuck inside. I finally get to drive though! I'm driving a 2013 Subaru...probably never will drive a car newer than this after...unless another mission car is newer. Crazy. So that night, when we got back from Fishers, we had a meeting with the Bishop, went grocery shopping, and ate dinner with J (who just got baptized).

Thursday, a lot of the day was spent inside because we had Weekly Planning and such, but we did get to visit Sister T (I'm so coming back when they go to the temple) and Sister H and a few other less actives since we couldn't do too much contacting with Sister W's boot and having to hop around in the snow :)

Friday, we had  to go to Lafayette for Zone Training and had to leave pretty early cause we had to pick the Elders up too because their car is in the shop cause Elder G may or may not have rear ended someone... haha :) So we had an awesome Zone Training (fun fact: my visiting teacher from USU is on her mission here! Sister McM! Crazy small world!) and then came back, had some appointments with an investigator and less-actives and a dinner appointment...and that's about it.

Saturday, we were all ready to go out and our furnace had an worries, it wasn't too serious, but there was a bunch of build up and it was blocking the gas exchanger so it blew the pilot light out, so we had to get that fixed since it was going to be -30... so that took a couple hours of our day. We then knocked on our first door and got a solid potential. He's awesome and says we should be converted to Jesus Christ, not to a church, which is sweet cause he was talking about how all the people are too hateful of denominations. So sweet. We had another appointment with our investigator from above (the proving one) and then we went to a baptism for one of the 8 year olds in our ward. We had dinner at Cracker Barrel that night with F and K then two appointments with less-actives.

Sunday, we had just Sacrament Meeting because it was snowing, had lunch with the L's, then we did some stuff around the apartment since we weren't supposed to be out and about all that much, went and shoveled snow for Sister R's mom, then studied that night.

Yesterday, you already heard about.

Today, everything is closed so we are emailing from the family history center and then we have an appointment with a Jehovah's Witness we are teaching. She is SO COOL. Oh my goodness. And she's so prepared. I'm excited to hopefully see her progress. Then we're not supposed to be out too much, so we'll probably do some more stuff around the apartment (needless to say, everything is pretty organized) and stop by some members and less-actives and then the D's are feeding us again. They're so good to us :)

And I think that's about it for this week. Kind of a crazy, not typical missionary week, but it's been good! Keeping things interesting!

So to answer Dad's letter (Mom, if you sent a letter, the mail hasn't come for days so I'll get it eventually. Did you get my package and was everything in one piece?) (Yes, I did send her a letter, but not until Thursday – so hopefully she will get it today. We did get her package and her glass angel arrived perfectly intact – thanks to the Hines for the angel)

I MISS THE BLENDTEC. Oh my. I want hot chocolate. (Chuck is famous for using his Blendtec every day – He & Darcie always came up with some pretty tasty stuff from that machine.)

I am on the Sunday Afternoon session of conference. I read one every morning at breakfast. I'm also reading the other Ensigns too, especially these past couple days, so that's been good. (Her and her dad keep track of each other to make sure that they are both reading the Conference Ensigns)

I'm so glad the Cougars lost and the Aggies won...SICK. Go Aggies. (I was hoping her attitude toward the BYU Cougars would change but it doesnt appear to be happening)

So, did you see Jessie Bohne Johnson at Center Street Grill? (We didnt see Jessie there) Will you please tell her (I think she's my friend on Facebook) to write me? I miss her face.

And GO COLTS! I heard they won by one. Awesome. That's my state! (I guess she has a new favorite football team now!)

Love ya'll! Happy New Year!

Peace and Blessin's.

Sista Christensen


I can't get them to work this week...I'll work on it a little bit and see, but you might just have to wait...(I think this is the first week without pictures – cant wait for next week!)

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