Monday, January 27, 2014

It's below zero...again.


So we got like 5 inches of snow this week. And now it's supposed to be a high of 2 degrees today. SICK. And the wind is blowing like crazyyyy. On the bright side, I'm finally getting a haircut today after almost 6 months...PRAISE THE HEAVENS. I've been trying to get one for a month and a half. The weather is changing everyone's schedule though. The kids here are going to be in school til July. They've only had like 6 school days so far this month. I think they're probably out today and tomorrow too.

Okay so last Monday was the usual...P-Day. Pretty good. We spent a lot of the day with the Elders, did our shoppin, washed the car (which got salty 5 minutes later...but we were obedient!), then that night we gave a church tour to our investigator M. She just asks the randomest questions about the history of the bible and I just don't know the answers. But her heart is softening, I just know it! Then we had dinner and FHE with the L's. Their grandaughter isn't officially a member but comes to church with them all the time, so it was fun to get to teach them and have a good dinner with them.

Tuesday, we mostly did contacting for most of the day, saw a lot of members, and ate that night at PastaRiffic. It was pretty good. The A's took us there cause I said I wanted to go to an original Indiana restaurant. It's an italian place run by Iraqis...funny right? It was good though. That night, we saw another member and helped her to pin an afghan to her couch.

Wednesday, we had district meeting in Frankfort then went to Wendy's (for some reason, the Elders all just love fast food...yuck. haha) and then headed back and we worked in Russiaville for a couple hours. It was pretty good. We ended up meeting the nephew of one of the members of the ward by just knocking on his door. Pretty sweet. We then had dinner with a part-member family that night. They are awesome. They also saved us because we had taken our supply box out of the car and we 2-2-4 (knock the two doors on each side and 4 across the street from anyone you visit) their neighbor and he wanted a Book of Mormon. So it was good. :) Then that night, it was a white out coming home. Probably the scariest storm I've driven in. I couldn't see anything. The car in front of us was driving on the wrong side of the road and then ran into a snowpile. It was crazy. But we made it home alive by following the mailboxes!

Thursday was a CRAZY day. So we switched up our game plan of how we are going to find new investigators...well we're in the process of making it. Anyway, we decided we'd figure out the bus system because we were running low on miles anyway so we got a map from our housing office and headed out to ride the bus (mind you that Sister W has never been on a public bus so she was a little nervous haha). So we stood at the bus stop for about 20 minutes, which the bus was supposed to be there 5 minutes after we got to the stop. And it was like -5 outside. So we were both just praying for some sort of miracle. Our eyelashes were icicles. Not like 1 minute later, this random lady named V pulled up and offered us a ride to get to the library for service. We told her we were missionaries and she was like "You have got to be kidding me. I knew God was telling me to pick you up. Will you pray for me at 1:00? I'm going through a divorce after 45 years today." She just happened to take a random route to get to a restaurant and the spirit told her to pick us up. Coincidence? I think not. God is real. TENDER MERCY. We got to talk a little about what we do and she is moving soon and has our number so hopefully she'll call us. She said she would call us, so hopefully she really does. So after doing service at the library (we got to work on digitalizing yearbooks and court orders in the genealogy department) we went to get on the bus. Turns out our schedule was super wrong and we were going to have to wait 40 minutes for the bus to our apartment, so we hopped on a different bus that would get us within a mile and we could walk. We ended up meeting this cool guy J. We started by talking about his guitar then we said we were missionaries and all the sudden like half the bus was talking to us. Pretty funny. And one guy had came to our church for 6 months. He had no teeth. And thought we couldn't have boyfriends. Then this guy J was a Wicken. Have you ever met a wicken? They're kinda crazy. It was interesting to say the least. I'm pretty sure he was high. He was telling us about how he can do magic...not like Harry Potter magic but he's getting a tiger eye wand soon. And he likes to drink blood. Weird. And he told us his grandma, who was baptist, would roll over in her grave if she knew he went to a Mormon church. I'm pretty sure she'd roll over if she knew he was Wicken! haha. Sister W was so freaked out. It was so great. Another day in the life of a missionary. We had weekly planning that day then went to the D's and ate MRE's with them. They were trying them out to see what food was best. It was pretty good. I never had an MRE before. We taught a member family and Sister H that night too. We're making family mission plans with everyone cause we need to start finding through the members! We're excited.

Friday, we had kind of a crazy day too because our housing coordinator was bringing us some box springs so our schedule got changed all around. We did some service for K (who just got married), taught a less active and the T's (Brother T just got put in the SS Presidency! Sweet!), ate with J (who just got baptized) and then helped a lady move that night. It was a solid day.

Saturday, we were grounded in the morning, so we went and helped a less-active down the street shovel then in the afternoon, we had a lesson at the Marlers with Megan (it went pretty well...she'll hopefully be at church this next week) and then we did some contacting that afternoon and found some solid potentials while 2-2-4ing., had dinner with Jacob and Kaitlyn (the newly-weds) and then Elders that night, then taught another less-active and dropped off some thank-you notes to members.

Sunday, ward council got cancelled and we only had sacrament meeting. It's funny how much they cancel church around here for a couple inches of snow. It's definitely different than Utah! Then we helped some people shovel after church (one guy had seen us on Saturday when we went to the less-actives and asked us if we were up for hire and we said we'd do it for free. He wasn't home when we shoveled but hopefully we'll get the chance to exchange our shoveling for him getting baptized! haha!). Then we did some visiting of part-member families in the afternoon, had dinner with the P's, and finished up our studies. It was a solid Sunday.

Today, it's pretty cold so we'll probably just hang out inside other than getting our normal P-Day stuff done and dinner with members tonight!

To answer letters:

I miss Tremonton Taco Time! I could go for an Ultimate with Casa Sauce right now. And a mexi-ice. Sounds like Gracie, Julian, and Liv had a lot of fun. I've been grounded more on my mission than ever! Darn snow! :) There's not even close to 24" of snow...maybe up in South Bend...but here there's about 2 or 3 on the ground. I loved the pictures. Looks like you had fun in Boise! Go Aggies...even though they lost. Send more pictures, even if they are just on email! :)

Cheer on the Seahawks this week!

Love you all! Peace and Blessin' missionary work!

-Sista Christensen

Stopped on the side of the road taking pictures of the sunset!

Indiana has pretty awesome sunsets I must say...

Thursday, January 23, 2014

It's a holiday?


The only way I know it's a holiday is because the library is closed. Luckily, we were able to use the Family History Center today so you can still hear from me! :)

This week has been so solid. I loved every minute of it. I think Sister W is getting the hang of it too, so we're hittin' the pavement running! Except for that there's ice...and I've already fallen twice. This week, we were tracting a door and their walkway was ridiculously icy and I stepped on the ice and it broke and I went down. I got a pretty sick bruise from it, so that was good. :) (She has always complained that she never bruises – for some reason she wants a good bruise) I don't remember if I told you about the other time I fell on the side of the road and a snow plow honked and waved? Pretty funny. I'm just full of grace. I think you already knew that though.

Okay, so last Monday, we did some shopping. And I found a yellow cardigan! After looking so hard I found it for $10 at Old Navy! Old Navy strikes again with the cardigans! I looked for mittens too but the store I went to didn't have any men's left and the women's ones were all too small, so I'm going to look again today. After shopping, we went to a member's house for dinner and home evening. They were having a chaotic night, but I think us being there helped and we had a good lesson with them.

Tuesday, our appointments cancelled and we spent most all of the day just tracting. It turned out so well though. The first part of the day was slow. Not many people were home. But we were able to follow up with a tracting contact we had before and we're going to teach them! And they're a family! I'M SO EXCITED! Their names are the Diaz family. We have an appointment with them this week. They're adorable. I'm so excited. Hopefully it all works out, cause they seem super prepared! We also met some cool people right before it was going to get dark (I tell ya that Heavenly Father blesses ya when you endure all the way to the end even when it's cold). This lady answered the door and couldn't believe there were Sister Missionaries. She was watching Glen Beck at the time and just thought it was so funny. Coincidence? I think not. She wants to come see what our church is like, so that's exciting. We're definitely going to follow up with her. We helped Sister M make cheesecakes for K (her daughter) and J (a recent convert)'s wedding. And played chair soccer with the ward game night.

Wednesday, we had district meeting here in Kokomo. It was sweet. It blows my mind how much revelation you can receive in just a short meeting. CRAZZZZY. We met with a lot of less-actives that day. Pretty sweet. We are going to get these people back. I got to hold a bearded dragon at one of their houses too. It felt...weird. It was pretty sweet. We ate with members that night at FAZOLIS! They exist here. I have missed the much. I had probably too many. But it was good. We followed up on some family mission plans that night (Do you all have a family mission plan? You should make one! Do work!)

Thursday, we taught Sister T in the morning. She's doing so good and just absorbs everything. Her and Brother T are adorable. Then we had to head to Lafayette for interviews. The weather was CRAZY. It was just blowing snow and we couldn't see much. (I showed Chuck a picture of some bad weather but I said that was in Lafayette, no worry she is in Kokomo – Not!) But it was all good. President was running 2 1/2 hours behind, so we finally got interviewed, stopped at Steak and Shake and came back. It was crazy (I've used that word a lot today...) bad and I could only see like 5 feet in front of me....we had to pull over at one point. But it ended up all good. We taught Sister H that night. She's just doing missionary work like crazy. I love it.

Friday, We had service and correlation then we did a bunch of contacting. We had two member present lessons that afternoon (we had to drop our JW investigator...she just wanted to study the Bible) and then we had dinner with the H's. They are so hilarious. They spoil their dogs like crazy. So funny.

Saturday, we went and helped F and C move, went and followed up with the D family, met with M (investigator who wanted everything proved) and had an awesome lesson at the D's. It went so much better! The power is in the members! We did some follow up after that then it started snowing so then we had to be grounded so by the time we went home we walked to the church for K and J's wedding. We ended up helping with food and cleaning up, so we spent most of the night there.

Yesterday, we had meetings and church and then we had lunch and studies then went to contact some less-actives and do some contacting. We met an awesome guy at his parent's house who actually lives by us and is super prepared to learn more! We're excited! We're starting to do this thing called 2-2-4 so anyone you contact, you knock the 2 doors to each side and the 4 doors across the street. It makes time more productive in an area. It's amazing the people we meet this way. Sometimes, the Lord tells you to go visit someone in an area because someone else nearby needs the gospel. Pretty sweet. We had dinner with some members last night and it turns out one of them knows the Warburton's from down the street of where you used to live! Crazy right! Small world. Elder J and I had Elder H and Sister W teach the Restoration together for the thought...Trainers strike back! :) They did awesome. It was a good experience for them I think. Oh another small world story: Elder J is best friends with Kallie Hillam's (worked with her at AFY) brother who is now on a mission in Missouri and got his mission call while I was working with her at AFY. Crazy.....

And today is P-Day. Again. Crazy. I can't believe it's already been 3 weeks since Sister W and I became companions...weird. Time flies when you're havin' fun!

To answer letters:

Sounds like the National Championship was fun. March Madness is coming right up. Good thing I only have to miss one. Heard the Super Bowl is the Broncos and Seahawks. Go Seahawks. (Her dad keeps her updated on all the sports)

Dad, thanks for the thought about the Holy Ghost and promptings. It's just what I needed! You're inspired! :)

Mom, it's funny you asked about Courtney and Liz cause I was just barely playing around on with the ward directory and saw them on there and thought it was strange cause I didn't know they were in the ward! I'm excited for the fudge. (Liz was kind enough to share a fudge recipe from Mary Christensen. She always made the most delicious fudge) Have you tried making Sugar Cream/Hoosier pie yet? (I have not tried it yet – it sounds like something I might have a hard time resisting)

Well, I think that's about it for this week. It's been great! I'm excited for another week here in Kokomo! P.S. Tornado land still looks like Tornado Land. FEMA is refusing to pay, so everyone just doesn't have roofs. Sweet.

LOVE YOU! Peace and Blessin's! I miss ya!

Sista Darc
The goods from shopping last week. I got me a Notre Dame lanyard
(you wouldn't believe how hard it is to find a lanyard around here..)
and my new yellow cardigan and the scarf you sent me! I love it!

Sister W and the bearded dragon.

Me and the bearded dragon.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Just kidding. Got it to work.

Wow! What a great surprise! I was looking through my junk email folder and what did I find. . . . . . . . . . . . . . pictures that Darcie sent on 1-7-2014. The last email I received that day said that she couldnt get it to work. But she did!

Sister C and I at transfers.

Sister W and I after making a snowman!

Monday, January 13, 2014

The grass is greener...

For real though. The grass is green. All the snow...well most of the snow melted already cause it was 40 these past few days...80 degrees increase. Crazy. Indiana weather may just be as close to insane as Utah's. seems like I emailed ya like yesterday...but lo and behold another week has passed...And tomorrow marks 5 months...WHAT. Crazy.

So you heard from me Tuesday...we were semi grounded, so we had an appointment we went to after we emailed. We taught our Jehovah's Witness Investigator. I think we've come to the conclusion that she's trying to convert us. But she feels the spirit in our lessons and keeps letting us share more, so it's crazy. She'll be a Mormon soon, I just know it :) That night, we hung out with the Downards again since we could only go to people we knew and they offered us dinner again. So Monday and Tuesday were kind of weird, not typical missionary days...but they were still good!

Wednesday was crazy too. Never a dull moment. We had district meeting in Frankfort (Go Hot Doggers) and the roads were terrible so it took us quite a while to get there and back. When we got back, there was a less-active who needed a blessing and some service (she hadn't had her dishes done since Christmas because her sink was clogged.) so we did her dishes in the bathroom. It was pretty nasty...I did really well until the very end and there was some tomato soup that had been in this pan for who knows how long...I only gagged a little. Sister W was crying cause the sour cream had gone bad. It was rough. But sacrifice brings forth the blessings of heaven right? We better get some celestial bonus points :) But hopefully she gets feeling better and her sink gets fixed soon! That night we had dinner with the M's and went to visit another less-active, who was also sick. This sickness is just taking over!

Thursday, we went contacting then had weekly planning. We then got to meet with this member who is just hilarious. I love the people here in Kokomo. We were going to dinner after that at the S family (the family with 7 kids...don't know if I've talked about them...). We were waiting for Brother S to go get the Elders so we were just chatting with Sister S when a phone call came that Brother S's tire had fallen we went and taught Sister H while they called a tow truck then went back to the S's to eat. Crazy night.

Friday, we had correlation at the Batis' then we did service at the library (they're going to put us in the genealogy section! Stoked! They all know about, so it's pretty sweet. The lady there is going to be Mormon all based off that, I just know it. Did I already say that once for our Jehovah's Witness? :)  Then we did some contacting, got Sister W knocking on some doors and visited some know, the usual.

Saturday was busy, busy. We started out at Sister Tucker's, had lunch, met with one of our investigators. She's kind of stuck on getting things proven, so we focused on how prayer comes into all of this. Hopefully this week she'll pray and she'll be able to see the importance of the Holy Ghost. We did a bit of tracting, found a guy who was AWESOME, and he's going to be Mormon :) No we just had awesome conversation with him and just got to testify hardcore of what we believe. It was so awesome, especially to help Sister W see that people are nice some of the time :) There are people prepared, we just gotta find them! That night, we saw quite a few less-actives, so that was good.

Sunday...oh how I love the sabbath. We had church and started the new manual. I'm stoked to learn from Joseph Fielding Smith. After church, we met a less-active who lives downstairs from us, taught a member, and went tracting and found some solid potentials. Pretty sweet. One guy was trying to tell us that religion was a road block and that we were blinded by our beliefs and we just testified to him and basically just had to turn and leave his porch saying "have a nice day!" to leave. Pretty funny. It's amazing how much satan works against our church. It has to be true or he wouldn't work that hard. Crazy Crazy.

Today is P-Day. Woot Woot!

I think that's about it for now...Hopefully you all have a fantastic week! I can't believe it'll be the 20th next week...where is January going?

Answers to letters:

Yes my coat is toasty. I love it and I'm glad I brought it. I'm going to go find some new mittens today cause the holes in these ones I brought are huge. And they should be on clearance since winter is almost over here. (I was a little worried that her coat wasn't warm enough)

So it sounds like Heather is about like I eating. Typical. I feel her pain. :) Tell her to get better! (Heather had her tonsils out but she is feeling better)

It doesn't surprise me Jarred Shaw is in trouble.

School was cancelled here all week. All for a foot and a half of snow...crazy right? I remember 1 snow day in my entire existence. And that was for like 3 feet of snow.

I saw one of that walking lady's DVDs in the library and thought of you and Margo! :) Keep on walkin'! (Margo, Cecelia and I walk 5 days a week to DVD's by Leslie Sansone. We have done this for 2 ½ years – Darcie used to join us some times and she always made fun of Leslie)

I don't think I have any questions this week...surprisingly...

Welp, I love ya'lll!!! And miss ya! Remember to spread the word! Hasten the work! And keep reading Preach My Gospel. It's life changing.

Peace and Blessin's
-Sista Christensen

Only one picture today. We stunk at taking pictures this week.

Our lesson goal for last transfer. We met it!
(Zach, don't judge. Just cause in South America you can teach 60 lessons a week! haha)

(111 sounds great to me!)

-30 is kinda cold...


Hola everyone! Sorry I'm a day late. Yesterday, we were commanded to stay inside all day for P-Day, so that was interesting. Kokomo was in a state of emergency until 12, so you got a ticket if you went outside. We were grounded, so we just stayed in until a member came and rescued us from our boredom. We went and hung out with them and had dinner and played games and had FHE, so it was fun! They're having us over tonight too because we're still partially grounded though we can drive if we have appointments, so that's good.

So last Monday, Sister C and I had a shoppin' day. Except she doesn't hold up quite as well as you Mom. She needed a coat and boots and stuff, so she learned how I shop. She wanted a good coat that kept her warm and she was thinking like Wal-Mart and I said no-no, so we went to a sporting goods store and she proceeded to buy a $120 Colombia coat. I was so proud. haha :) (her dad has taught her this – when it comes to warmth price does not count – you get what you pay for) She did buy Wal-Mart boots though. I couldn't convince her otherwise. We also went to Applebees, so thanks for lunch! :) (We sent her an Applebees gift card for Christmas) It was a good last hurrah. That night, we did some visiting, taught a member, and dropped a cake off to Brother F and Sister C (they got baptized about 3 months ago...I think I've talked about them before) because it was F's Birthday. Tuesday, we visited a few members that Sister C wanted to say bye to and did service at the library and went and taught a new investigator. She's pretty awesome, has a few problems with wanting everything proved, but awesome :) Then we had a New Years' Eve party at the church. We got to play Skip-bo! MY FAVORITE! I even won once. It was sweet.

New Years' Day, we had to be in Fishers at 9 for my Trainer meeting, had transfer meeting, and got my new trainee! Her name is Sister W and she is from McCall, Idaho! She was surprised I knew where that was. What was the condo called we stayed at? (We spent a week in McCall a few years back and had a blast! It brings back bad memories for Zachary though because it was there that he lost his Woody from Toy Story) Her family manages a hotel up there. She had a boot on cause she had a stress fracture, so we haven't done much tracting, but she now has two shoes, so that's good! :) She's awesome. Hopefully it'll be good. Kinda scary training, but it should be great. She's doing pretty well for the fact we haven't done much "missionary" work since we've been stuck inside. I finally get to drive though! I'm driving a 2013 Subaru...probably never will drive a car newer than this after...unless another mission car is newer. Crazy. So that night, when we got back from Fishers, we had a meeting with the Bishop, went grocery shopping, and ate dinner with J (who just got baptized).

Thursday, a lot of the day was spent inside because we had Weekly Planning and such, but we did get to visit Sister T (I'm so coming back when they go to the temple) and Sister H and a few other less actives since we couldn't do too much contacting with Sister W's boot and having to hop around in the snow :)

Friday, we had  to go to Lafayette for Zone Training and had to leave pretty early cause we had to pick the Elders up too because their car is in the shop cause Elder G may or may not have rear ended someone... haha :) So we had an awesome Zone Training (fun fact: my visiting teacher from USU is on her mission here! Sister McM! Crazy small world!) and then came back, had some appointments with an investigator and less-actives and a dinner appointment...and that's about it.

Saturday, we were all ready to go out and our furnace had an worries, it wasn't too serious, but there was a bunch of build up and it was blocking the gas exchanger so it blew the pilot light out, so we had to get that fixed since it was going to be -30... so that took a couple hours of our day. We then knocked on our first door and got a solid potential. He's awesome and says we should be converted to Jesus Christ, not to a church, which is sweet cause he was talking about how all the people are too hateful of denominations. So sweet. We had another appointment with our investigator from above (the proving one) and then we went to a baptism for one of the 8 year olds in our ward. We had dinner at Cracker Barrel that night with F and K then two appointments with less-actives.

Sunday, we had just Sacrament Meeting because it was snowing, had lunch with the L's, then we did some stuff around the apartment since we weren't supposed to be out and about all that much, went and shoveled snow for Sister R's mom, then studied that night.

Yesterday, you already heard about.

Today, everything is closed so we are emailing from the family history center and then we have an appointment with a Jehovah's Witness we are teaching. She is SO COOL. Oh my goodness. And she's so prepared. I'm excited to hopefully see her progress. Then we're not supposed to be out too much, so we'll probably do some more stuff around the apartment (needless to say, everything is pretty organized) and stop by some members and less-actives and then the D's are feeding us again. They're so good to us :)

And I think that's about it for this week. Kind of a crazy, not typical missionary week, but it's been good! Keeping things interesting!

So to answer Dad's letter (Mom, if you sent a letter, the mail hasn't come for days so I'll get it eventually. Did you get my package and was everything in one piece?) (Yes, I did send her a letter, but not until Thursday – so hopefully she will get it today. We did get her package and her glass angel arrived perfectly intact – thanks to the Hines for the angel)

I MISS THE BLENDTEC. Oh my. I want hot chocolate. (Chuck is famous for using his Blendtec every day – He & Darcie always came up with some pretty tasty stuff from that machine.)

I am on the Sunday Afternoon session of conference. I read one every morning at breakfast. I'm also reading the other Ensigns too, especially these past couple days, so that's been good. (Her and her dad keep track of each other to make sure that they are both reading the Conference Ensigns)

I'm so glad the Cougars lost and the Aggies won...SICK. Go Aggies. (I was hoping her attitude toward the BYU Cougars would change but it doesnt appear to be happening)

So, did you see Jessie Bohne Johnson at Center Street Grill? (We didnt see Jessie there) Will you please tell her (I think she's my friend on Facebook) to write me? I miss her face.

And GO COLTS! I heard they won by one. Awesome. That's my state! (I guess she has a new favorite football team now!)

Love ya'll! Happy New Year!

Peace and Blessin's.

Sista Christensen


I can't get them to work this week...I'll work on it a little bit and see, but you might just have to wait...(I think this is the first week without pictures – cant wait for next week!)