Tuesday, December 17, 2013

I hit 4 months!


Can you believe I survived 4 months? Crazy. And we had a baptism on my 4 month date. Nothing gets better than that.

Okay so last Monday, after emailing, I made a cake for Elder C, our district leader. It was his birthday, so we sang to him and ate cake at district meeting on Tuesday. Everyone couldn't believe I made a yellow cake with fudge frosting all from scratch. It was yummy. Not quite as good as home cause our oven is wacky, but it was good :)

So Tuesday was district meeting. I gave a training on Daily Planning. I thought it went well. It was definitely a training for me to be able to make planning more effective. We got to have our last appointment with Sister T before her baptism that day too. She was pretty nervous about the water, so we went through all the logistics of the baptism with our Ward Mission Leader. I think she felt a lot better after. That night, we had dinner with the H family, who we are also spending part of Christmas with. We had some dang good fried chicken and green bean salad from this place called Country Squire. It was yummy. We then taught another member family that night and made a family mission plan with them. Everyone should make one and set goals on how they are going to invite someone to  hear the discussions by next stake conference. Deal? :)

Wednesday, we had just about all our appointments cancel, so we did a lot of contacting, which was good. We also did service at the library that day. We got to move books and I'm thinking they purposely put us in the religious book section. We found some pretty hilarious mormon literature (none of which was written by mormons mind you.) They said that John Smith saw Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. They were only a little off, right? The books were all next to the Amish ones, so I think that's how we get confused :) We got to go to mutual that night too and be judges for their Cupcake Wars contest. I was impressed with what the Young Women came up with. They were actually pretty good! :)

Thursday, we had a lot of appointments, which was awesome. We made quite a few family mission plans that day with people. We did our weekly planning too...typical. Love it.

Friday, It was a day of contacting again. We found some solid potentials. It's amazing how when you are persistent with people, a lot of times they'll accept the principles. You just can't give up too fast because no one thinks they are going to change religions at the beginning, especially here in Indiana where EVERYONE has a church. It's funny cause I always say there's just as many churches here as in Utah except every church on every street corner in Utah is a mormon church. Do you think in the Millennium, all the churches here will be converted to be Mormon buildings? We all got to fit somewhere, right? :) We also were able to go see the "We Care" park with Sister H (a recent convert) that night. It has over a million Christmas lights. It was awesome! Then we had dinner at a Mexican Restaurant (i've been craving Mexican...I'm turning into you dad. I could eat rice and beans every day). We also were able to go teach a member that recently lost his wife. It was his birthday that day and his wife's the day before, so it was a good time to visit.

Saturday was crazy. There was a winter storm warning, so they had cancelled just about everything for that day (we were supposed to stop by a bridal shower for a member in our ward cause she has tons of non member friends and the ward party that night) before the storm had even come. It's pretty funny cause about 5" here equals about 15" in Utah. The snow is definitely more wet, but it makes for good snowmen and snowballs! We spent the morning shoveling for a member then our car got grounded because of the roads, so we hiked to the church (which is just around the corner) and got ready for the baptism. It turned out great! I had to talk because Elder C's ride wasn't willing to drive in the snow, but I thought it went pretty well for planning that morning for it. Sister T was so excited. The spirit was so strong when her husband baptized and confirmed her. The Holy Ghost and priesthood are REAL! Then that night we just did contacting and worked with a less active.

Yesterday, we went to meetings and church, gave the Relief Society lesson, studied, went to dinner, then headed to Lafayette with some members and recent converts for Why I Believe. We were late...but it turned out really well! I love those firesides! They should have them in Utah more often...

And today, we're having crepes with the Elders. It should be fun. Good ol' P-Day.

To answer questions:

I think it's hilarious they sent it to Brownsburg. I kept saying I wanted to go to Brownsburg and open it to sisters cause there is 3 sets of elders there right now. Maybe I'm going there next transfer! (I had sent a letter to the mission home because of transfers & they forwarded it to an address in Brownsburg but she was transferred to Kokomo. It finally returned to Tremonton. So she received it a few weeks late!)

I can't believe you put up Christmas decorations for once now that I'm gone! :)

And I think that's all for this week! We get to talk in a week! WOO! :)

LOVE YOU! Merry Christmas! Remember that the Spirit of Christmas is the Spirit of Christ!
Peace and Blessin's
-Sista Christensen

A bowling ball tree we found.

Gorgeous Indiana Sunset!

Out in the cold making Sister C let me take pictures of the sunset.

We care park.

With Sister H at the We Care Park.

Again at the We Care park.

My snowman.

Baptism Day! My hair was cute. Then we shoveled snow. So it was a bun kinda day! :)


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