Monday, December 30, 2013

Fwd: Merry New Year!


(I accidentally sent it only to Gracie...haha) (I had received answers to some emails I had sent and some pictures but not her usual longer email so I asked if she had sent it – she had but only to Gracie May! – Lucky Gracie)

Hello everyone! Hopefully all of your Christmas celebrations were Merry and Bright. And focused on Christ. He's the reason for the season! :)

Well, my fate is that I'm staying here in Kokomo to train a new missionary! I'm so excited! It'll definitely be an awesome experience...I hope :) Nah, I'm super stoked. I'm glad I don't have to pack either. Transfers with benefits.

So Monday was our half P-Day, so after we did the usual, we went out proselytin'. We finally got to meet some investigators the other Sister had. They are pretty funny. They like to talk. A lot. Then we taught a Jehovah's Witness. It was so awesome. She definitely felt the Spirit and we committed her to baptism, but she said no. I think she has fear of change. I'm excited to keep working with her. I hope that through prayer her heart can be even more open to Christ's message. We then did some follow up, had dinner with the Palad's with the Elders (they're from Philippines...we had so much fun with them. Their son is adorable.) We went caroling after that to an older lady in the ward. She has Alzheimers, which is sad, but she is HILARIOUS and just a little fireball. We love visiting her.

Tuesday was a crazy weird day. We had study, took dishrags and almonds as Christmas presents to Sister H and Sister R (they loved them) then started weekly planning. We had district meeting (did I mention this district was awesome? I'm going to miss these Elders. Other than Elder C. Cause he'll still be my district leader.) Then one of the Elders' investigators, J, had her baptismal interview and we ended up staying at the church for a while and planning. Then Elder C had to inspect our apartment. Then we went caroling. Then we went to Lafayette for dinner with President Ellis. We had an all you can eat Indian Buffet. It was pretty sweet. We got to hang out with Sister H and her companion Sister B, so that was fun. They crack me up.

Wednesday, CHRISTMAS! We started with our normal routine, opened presents, studied, then went to the Bs' for breakfast and to play games. They got me a hand mixer and us some berries. Best Christmas present ever! :) Seriously though. Making brownies was so much easier with a handmixer. I'm taking it with me everywhere. After the Bs', we went home for a bit, went to the H family with the Elders, they also gave us presents (we're spoiled.). Mine is in the box I'm sending home cause I don't want it to break when I transfer. It's a cool Kokomo Glass angel (who knew Kokomo made glass?). You can display it to think of me :). Then we skyped. And I beat Brother H in pool while Sister C was skyping. Pretty sick. Then we went to the Ms' (who does our laundry) and had crepes and a nerf gun war. Pretty sweet. Definitely a strange missionary day, but a Christmas I'll always remember! :)

Thursday, it was back to the grind. We did a ton of tracting because for some reason people don't like to have appointments close to Christmas :) But it was one of the most fun and productive days I've had. We found 3 new investigators..SICK! I'm so stoked. We just talked to everyone and had fun. So awesome. I think that's why they're transferring us. We had too much fun tracting. haha :) Then we had a dinner that night with the Is. Which fun fact, Sister Denise I is related to the Browns down your street! (Zac's parents..) and their daughter knows Lane Bitner and was in your ward for Zac's farewell. Crazy small world, right?

Friday, we had correlation at Brother Bs', went and did service at the library, taught Sister T, taught a less-active, did some contacting, then went to dinner with the Elders at J's. We had so much fun with her. She is just a sassy lady and makes the funniest noises. We celebrated the night before her baptism. She loves us and we love her. She's awesome. Then we visited a member who is in a nursing home. We watched the video of us singing on facebook with her and we saw all your comments on pictures. Glad you're keeping an eye on us! :) Share our singing video so we can become famous, okay? :) (you can watch it here:
Elder G and I are already planning for next Christmas's talent show cause we'll be the only ones left here from the Kokomo Gang. Then we'll really be famous.

Saturday, we went to J's baptism (God's authority is really on the Earth today, can I just say? The spirit was so strong. Amazing.), did some contacting and tracting, visited an awesome less active lady who is SO CLOSE to coming back! I'm excited to visit with her.

Sunday was interesting. Sister C woke up at 3 am puking, so we spent the day all day inside. Let's just say everything is really organized. And I'm caught up on my Ensign reading. haha :) It was good though, just kind of long being inside all day. On the bright side, she's up and at 'em today! We also waited forever and a half for transfer calls cause they supposedly had to change a bunch of stuff last minute. But we finally got off to bed.

And now there's today. Can't believe it's Monday already.

Welp, I don't think I had anything too pressing to bring up.

Oh except they got my labs back and told me I was slightly anemic (hadn't heard that one before) so I have a prescription I'm supposed to take for 3 months then get tested again. The prescription isn't covered by our insurance, but it's only $6.29, so whatever. It was pretty funny cause the Walgreens guy when I told him I was picking a prescription up for Darcie Christensen he was like "Oh. I didn't know if you were a customer already cause the only Darcie Christensen I could find was one in Utah." That's me. It's always confusing trying to live in Indiana and Utah...I'm not really sure which I'm a resident of...

Well, until next week, when I'll have a new companion and a new year, keep it real! I love ya'll! Preach the word! Christ is a Mormon! :)

Peace and Blessin's!
-Sista Christensen

Me and Sista H at the church on Christmas Eve.

Our District (from left: Elder P, Elder C, Elder L'H, Elder G, and us.). Pretty much the coolest district. And Elder C and I are the only ones left. Elder G is going District Leader, Elder L'H is on his way to New Zealand, and Sister C and Elder P are leavin'. Crazy.

 Wearing all my scarves on Christmas. Yes my hair is crazy.

With all my gifts! You're the best :)

Merry Christmas sunrise.

Me with the Kokomo Praying Mantis.

At J's Baptism with the Elders. I love these people.

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