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Hola everyone!

I hope ya'll had a great Thanksgiving. It was definitely strange not being home, but it was good.

This week was kinda crazy. And awesome. And just a solid week. :)

Monday, we had our half of a P-Day, so til 1:00. It was crazy trying to get everything done before that, but it's all good. We then had an appointment, did a little bit of finding and tracting, ate with the Ds, who lived in Logan! They're awesome. They have 4 daughters. They are a lot of fun. And their oldest daughter named me Box Turtle, Sister C is Liger, and Sister L was Walrus. And the Elders' names are that Elder G is String Bean and Elder L'H (I can't spell his's pronounced La-Rue.) is French Toast. Hilarious. We have been working a lot on organizing our map and ward directory. Fun stuff. :)

Tuesday, we did a LOT of driving. It started with going to district meeting in Frankfort, which is about 40 minutes away. Then we took Sister L to the Mission Office in Carmel because she headed home. So that was another hour. But on the bright side, we had Einstein Bagels! :) Best day ever. Then we got in crazy traffic on the way back. Then we had two appointments that night. We went to Sister T's, who is getting baptized on the 14th! We're so excited! She's so ready. Her husband is even going to baptize her. He just recently became active and got to bless the sacrament yesterday. They became active the week after he retired and didn't have to work on Sundays. SO AWESOME! We have her interview this week then we'll be good to go! Then we met Sister Rohn that night, who got baptized in August. She's awesome. We got to know her. She actually took the discussions while her son was on him mission, so that's pretty cool!

Wednesday was a crazy day of a lot of finding and it was COLD. But it was all good. We didn't find any new investigators, but some solid potentials. We had dinner with our WML that night. He's hilarious. He's a professor here at IU-Kokomo. We met with Sister H that night too. She was also baptized in August. She gave up smoking to be baptized. She's so awesome. We love to take her to lessons.

Thursday = THANKSGIVING! We started the morning like usual with studies then we did weekly planning. Then we had the rest of our P-Day. We went to Sister R's for lunch. It was yummy. We had some good turkey and amazing sweet potatoes. P.S. Mom, she'll probably be adding you on facebook to send the picture of us on Thankgiving. She forgot to email it, so I'll be sending it next week. Then after Sister R's, we went to the church to run around a little bit to work off some food. Then we went to a member's house with the Elders to play some Ping Pong and Pool and just hang out! Then we finished planning. It was a pretty good Thanksgiving I'd say. :) You'll only have to spend 1 more without me!

Friday, we had another day of contacting after we went to a correlation meeting. We picked up a former investigator, so that was pretty sweet! We're excited to build our teaching pool. The sisters before were doing a lot of Less Active work, so we're doing more finding now.

Saturday, we had another lesson with Sister T. And it turned out it was her birthday! So we spent our lunch making a cake and card because her husband was at work so she was alone for the day because she doesn't know how to drive. So we got to go back and eat cake and chat with her for a while. That was so fun. She's adorable. We contacted a lot of potentials and formers that day and did some more finding. We have a lot of follow up to do, so that'll be good for finding new investigators.

And Sunday. By far the best day of the week. We had church then I took a nap during lunch since it was fast sunday and Sister C needed to eat, then we went contacting. And we found a brand spankin' new investigator! She's so awesome! She was actually excited when we said we had a prophet on the earth, which is unusual. She wants to come to the Relief Society Activity this week. She said they had just barely been talking about how she needed to come back to church. We told her it was meant to be that we showed up! It's funny how Heavenly Father answers prayers, usually at the end of the trial of your faith. We did more tracting this week than I have done the rest of my 3 months added up. And then we were blessed with a miracle at the end of fast Sunday. So legit. I love missionary work. Then last night, we met with a lot of members to get to know them, so that was fun.

And this morning, we cleaned and dropped our laundry off (There's a lady in our ward who does it for us...spoiled, we know.)

And I think that's the gist of this week...

My leggings and boots and coat are keeping me super warm! My leggings were probably the best investment ever. I love them. And they really don't get stinky. I love it. Future Missionaries going to a cold place: get merino wool leggings! :) It has been actually really mild since Thanksgiving, which is weird that it's this warm. It did snow a little bit one day, but "snow" here is completely different than Utah. I've heard January and February are the cold months, so we'll see. But right now, I think I have all the gear I need. Except one pair of my wool socks got a hole, so I need to go buy more. But other than that, I'm good.

Funny things about Indiana:

They love Hoosier geese. Which a Hoosier goose is one of those goose statue things that Grandma has that you dress up. So grandma would fit right in here! :)

And second. They say "warsh" instead of Wash. So it's Warshington, not Washington.

And thanks for the package! I loved it! The decorations are super cute. I loved the candy, cookies, and bread. Yum. And the CD's were awesome. There's really nothing I love more than David Archuleta singing Christmas Music.

And I think that's about it.

Until next week, Peace and Blessin's! And I want you all to watch Elder Ballard's talk from conference and apply it. GENIUS. I love it.

-Sista Christensen


With Sister L and Sister C before we dropped her off.

Sister T's birthday card and cake. Made by yours truly.

 Sister C and I with a Hoosier goose.

My desk with the cute decorations. The desk is cute too, right? I love it.

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