Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Baby, it's cold outside!


Don't worry. It's freezing here. But luckily, with all my layers, I'm perfectly warm. I tell ya, my boots and leggings were the best investment ever. There's not much snow, just a skiff, but it's icy. I now know what they're talking about when they say the snow is a lot more moist here.

This week went by soooo fast. Time is FLYIN. Crazy. Next week, I'll have been out 4 months. Sometimes, it seems like an eternity, and sometimes, it seems so short. Weird...

So last Monday, after I emailed, we did our normal shoppin' and such then I made a batch of famous Darcie brownies. The Elders now know the beauty of them. haha, They were a little different for some reason, but they were still good. It must be something about not having your own Pampered Chef cooking supplies :)

Tuesday, we did service here at the Library. We got to set up a 12 foot Christmas tree. It was awesome. We got to chat with a lady that works here too. She was pretty cool. My arms were all scratched from hanging ornaments in the tree (You taught me well mom. You gotta put ornaments at the front and middle). Then we went and taught Sister Tucker and ended up setting up her Christmas tree too. It was fun! It was a day to be jolly. We loved it. Then we did a lot of contacting, went and met with a couple recent converts, and had an 8:00 dinner. It was a good day :)

Wednesday, we went and taught an awesome less-active. She is a dog sitter. She is going blind, so it's hard for her to get to church, but she came to relief society this past week, so that was awesome. We had dinner with some members and the Elders at Harvey Hincklemeyers...do you know if they have those in the West? I've never heard of them...but the food was pretty decent. Then we went to mutual. The youth are awesome! There's just not very many of them. We played a fun candy/saran wrap ball game thing...it was sweet.

Thursday, we met with an investigator. He's awesome. We're just not positive he's accountable...which is a problem...haha. Then we had weekly planning, went and had Sister T's baptismal interview (SHE PASSED! WOOO!!!), and then had the Relief Society Christmas Activity. it was super fun. There's some awesome sisters in this ward.

Friday, we had Zone Training in Lafayette. It was fun. We have awesome Zone Leaders. We had car inspections, went to eat, and then came back. Then we had dinner with some recent converts with the Elders. I ate frog legs. They were alright. Not much meat too them and kind of pond-y. :)

Saturday was crazy. Lots of contacting and meeting ward members and such. It was good though. We're excited to further the work here in Kokomo! We had dinner with an awesome family who is originally from Arizona and then taught a less-active who wants to come back to church! Woo!

Sunday was awesome as always. We had Ward Council and then church. Then we did some contacting. Then we did our studies and dinner. Then one of my favorite parts of Christmas, THE DEVOTIONAL. Love it. And the music. Awesome.

And that's about it I think...

To answer questions/answer letters:

Dad, what's the Thomas S. Monson award? I haven't heard that. I love "Jesus was a scout all the way". You're hilarious.


I don't cook a lot just cause an hour for meals isn't much time to cook. I usually eat fruit and yogurt (Greek God's Honey...DELICIOUS) and granola for breakfast, sandwiches/leftovers/whatever for lunch, and usually we have dinner appointments. If not, we just eat at home. We don't eat out very often just to save money. I can buy a lot of groceries for the price of eating out :) We did our own laundry at our clubhouse in Plainfield. You can always use dishrags as packing peanuts and I'll give them away! :)
So you need to ask Brother Dan the Man if he knows a President Maughn from Indiana. Sorry I didn't get his first name, but he knew Rachel and the Christensen's.

Also, so you know Chrystal Lee Anderson or Beverley Edvalson from Tremonton? A lady in our ward is from Ogden originally and knew these people.

And I think that's all...it was a long one today.

I encourage you all to reach out to non-members and less-actives before Christmas day! Serve them and find some people for the missionaries to teach! :)

LOVE YOU ALL! Merry Christmas! I'm excited to talk to you in just a few short days! :)

Peace and Blessin's
-Sista Christensen

I don't have many pictures this week...sorry.

I put my Christmas lights up!

I was quoted in the newspaper for the big tornado cleanup.

Only spelled a little wrong. haha :)

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