Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Tornado Alley!

Don't worry, I'm alive and well. I've now lived through my first tornado sirens. Crazy. No me gusta. Pretty sure Heavenly Father knows I'd seriously consider leaving if a tornado came :) You'd be pleased with me though. I was pretty well composed cause Sister O was freaking out so someone had to hold it together! hahaa :) But only a few tree branches were sacrificed in the storm! Supposedly there were tornados around though.

Well, I guess I should also tell everyone I'm leavin' Plainfield! It's been a good run, but Sister O and I are getting double transferred out to let a set of Elders come in. Sister R is staying and the rest of us are leaving. Sister H will be training a new missionary, so that's exciting. I'll hopefully be training next transfer. I'll try to get a letter to you by Saturday with my new address, but if not, I'll email it Monday.

And as of this week, I've been gone 3 months! I'm no longer a greenie!

This week was pretty solid. We didn't have much luck keeping appointments or getting new investigators, but we talked to a ton of people, especially a lot of the people we hadn't been able to contact thus far. So that was awesome. We had like, a bajillion appointments scheduled and for some reason, people like to cancel. Oh well. haha :) We spent our planning time trying to leave a lot of notes for the Elders so they have a good idea who everyone is.

Monday was Sister R's Birthday! Woo Woo! After we went and played with the missionaries, we went to the S family and they fed us and then we got to watch 17 miracles with them. It was so fun! They also made me molasses bread. They cooked it on medium instead of light, so the sides were a little well done and the top completely fell in, but it still tasted good! Brother Schmalfeldt was so upset. I'm surprised he didn't call you and try to figure out what was wrong. Good old S family.

Tuesday, we scooped poop, like usual. I can't remember anything else specific...I forgot my old planner at the apartment, so I can't remember what we did...whoops.

Wednesday, we did a lot of contacting, had a lesson or two, and then had an awesome dinner at the Ts. He is in the Stake Presidency. They invited a less active over and she is awesome. We just turned her over to Sister R to teach her the lessons again. We're sad that we're leaving before we got to teach her!

Thursday, I don't really remember...man this is why we have planners. I think we just did mostly contacting...shoot. And we had weekly planning.

Friday, we ate all together at Red Robin, tried to contact all these less actives that we were supposed to, helped Sister B make suckers for one of the other sisters investigators that is trying to quit smoking, and had Thanksgiving Dinner with our neighbors who are members at the clubhouse at our apartments. We also got to know our friends, the maintenance men, and they hugged us goodbye. haha :) Tell Tammie they call me Sister Christan. She'll think it's funny.

Saturday, we contacted in the morning, went with Sister S to visit a few people, went to a baptism for the YSA Elders, went to Camby for a lesson with the less active we met at the Ts and had dinner, went straight to another dinner appointment, then helped Sister B with her night in Bethlehem stuff. It was a good, solid day.

Sunday was Tornado day. It wasn't bad weather til during Relief Society then the sirens went off. Sister O was a little anxious. I actually did pretty well. We just kinda hung out then went to dinner with the Ms, taught the Bishop's family, studied, and got the Transfer call! I'm excited for a change. It'll be AWESOME. President is trying to figure out how he likes all the areas so there's a lot of double transfers happening, so who knows where I'll end up, but it will be good regardless! He's splitting a ton of zones, so there's a lot going on. It's exciting!

Well, I really can't remember what else I needed to tell you from this week... I'll try to remember my planner next week.

Two things:

If you end up making CDs for me, I also want John Allred's Come Thou Fount. I think the original is on my computer.

Can you order a single conference ensign and have it sent to me? It's probably only like $2 or something right? I want one I can color in and we haven't got our companion copies yet.

To answer your questions (I at least remembered your letters!):

The deposit should be like $75 or $80 cause it was $100 originally. I can't remember how much was non-refundable. Hopefully it comes soon. I like money. :)

Remind me how I should know Bret Rhode? The name is ringing a bell, but no connection is comin'. Sounds like elections were exciting :) (She worked with Bret at the hospital)

Um, I think Jordan Bullen was a year older than me...not sure though... (Jordan is in our ward and just returned from his mission) We don't have iPads yet, but within 6-12 months, we should have 2 iPads and 1 iPhone per companionship. That'll be exciting. I miss the convenience of my iPhone. This not so smart phone we have just isn't cutting it :) I'm excited for the opportunities it will bring with social media and videos. I think it will be an awesome addition to the work.

Thanks for all the love and letters! You are all the best!

Love ya'll! And miss ya! Peace and blessings! Spread the gospel!

-Sista Darc

With Elder P, one of my first Zone Leaders. He's headed home today.

Our District, again.

In the biggest pile of leaves EVER.
We had to run away shortly after cause the guy was looking out his window.

At the Plainfield Bridge.

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