Thursday, November 7, 2013

Mormons don't believe in Blood Transfusions...what?

You're welcome for that subject line. We had a guy this week tell us that. This is how it went:

Man after we knocked on his door and we introduced ourselves: "Eh, you don't believe in Transfusion"

Us: "What kind of transfusion?"

Man: "Blood."

Sister O: "Yes we do. My Grandma had a lot!"

Man: "Eh, I don't think you do." Door slam.

Who are you, sir, to tell me what I believe? :) Darn Jehovah's Witnesses make all these people confused! :) People also think a lot that we don't celebrate holidays and birthdays. Thanks to the Jehovah's Witnesses. Again.

Welp, this week was pretty good. Not much success finding new investigators, but we had a lot of good training and taught a solid number of lessons!

Monday, we had a fun family home evening after dinner at a member's home with an older man that joined the church about 10ish years ago. He had never been to a home evening before, so it was awesome!

Tuesday, we helped some member's move out of a trailer. We ended up just kind of reorganizing the trailer and the Elders from Avon carried out stuff because the wife wasn't home so we couldn't go in the house. Then we contacted and went and taught one of our newer investigators, Miss D. She's pretty sweet. She's in her 70's and has had a hard time with organized religion. Bro. S went with us. It was good. She is definitely willing to learn. She'll be a Mormon soon enough! :) We then got to meet with a Former Investigator (the Yankee Flipper guy). He just needs to be baptized. He knows it's true! Hopefully we'll find that little push he needs to be able to know for sure this Church is Christ's.

Wednesday, we got to go to Stride's for service. I got to throw hay from the loft. That was pretty fun. Definitely a workout! I was covered in Hay. Then we cleaned stalls so I smelled like horse waste. It was great :) (She always said she liked the smell of horse manure!) 

We also had interviews with President. It was great. President Cleveland is awesome :) He was behind and super tired, so we had pretty short interviews, but it was great. We talked a lot about having specific prayers.

And that's my invitation this week: Be very specific in your prayers and you will get specific answers. Account to the Lord for everything you did that day. Tell Him what you want to improve on and ask what you can do better. He loves to hear about it. I'm learning how important accountability to Him is, especially in missionary work with key indicators.

We also had a Trunk or Treat for the ward and a chili dinner. I legitimately got asked if I was dressed up as a missionary. haha Yep! Today and every day! We got to meet some pretty sweet nonmembers and came home with a lot of candy. No me gusta candy. I eat your cookies instead! All of the sisters love them and Sister R said "I think your mom makes the best sugar cookies ever!" So there ya go. I'm not eating quite all of them by myself! :) (I accused her of not sharing)

Thursday was a pretty typical day of just attempting to catch people at home. We did get to meet some good potentials out in the rain. It was pouring. But my boots are waterproof! :) Halloween got changed...weird right? There were tornado and high wind warnings, so they changed Halloween to Friday. Strange...If it was a blizzard in Utah we just went out anyway! :) But we had weekly planning that night, so it worked out that we were in, but there was no tornado. Just quite a bit of rain and a little wind.

Friday, we had Zone Training, had dinner with a member of the Stake Presidency and his wife, and helped a sister in the ward's neighbor move out. She's pretty sweet. We might actually end up teaching her. She's supposed to be coming to the primary program.

Saturday was pretty typical too, which is good. We did a lot of contacting and trying to find investigators. We also went to a couple of open houses for missionaries that are leaving on Wednesday. We got to meet a sweet nonmember who had questions at one of them, so that was good.

Sunday was as awesome as ever. I just love the spirit. We had a really cool experience. We got called out of Ward Council cause there was a guy at the door that wanted to know about the gospel. So we went and found him and it ended up that it was a random person we had met and invited to church, and he came! I think he really enjoyed sacrament. He is really funny and talkative and is very interested. His boss is actually a member too, so he has a lot of resources. Hopefully we'll get to teach him this week! We went to a cool family history night that the Elders put on in Brownsburg. The Bishop of their ward is going to be in Utah next week and is going to wave at Tremonton as he goes by! :)

And Today is just P-Day! :) we're going to Brownsburg to play some sports. It should be good! :)

Funny story of the week: I got electrocuted. Pretty sweet right? haha The Elders that were here before had bunny hopped extension cords all the way around the room for our lamps so they could plug into the plug that connects to the light switch. I knew this was a bad idea, but I hadn't changed it yet. Well Sister O was making her bed and I was in the shower and she bumped the plug and it sparked and our lights went out. So we flipped the breaker and got them back on after unplugging everything. Then I went to plug the lamp just into an outlet and there were exposed wires that I didn't notice and I got electrocuted. Not cool. My hand was black (see picture). I can now check getting electrocuted off my bucket list now! :) The black is gone now though. Darn Elders. (I learned from a friend that Darcie actually got shocked - if she would have been electrocuted she would not live to tell about it – Thanks for the info Jack Williams)

Oh and just FYI: Transfers are on the 20th. They are every 6 weeks just so you know too, so you can calculate when they'll be :) I'll try to remember to tell you, but who knows. I don't know if I'll be leaving Plainfield, so that week send the mail to the mission office (from like the 15th on) and I'll get it at Transfer Meeting. Or if I don't get transferred, it'll get forwarded.

Go Aggies. Sounds like basketball season will be a good one! Glad Danny (Berger) is back. Hopefully Clifford will be up and at em soon.

I do know Sister H! She's in my Zone in Greencastle right now! I'll have to ask her next time I see her! We had talked about where we lived, but I guess she didn't think that I would know Kelsey, so I'll ask her and take a picture next time I see her.

Tell Kenzie congrats on the mission call. That's exciting.

Did the Card's win?

I got Devan's letter. Hilarious. Love that kid. Tell Bryce good luck! I heard from the Argyle's and Migan Monk, so that was fun!

Dad, I'm flossing to please mom and the dentist. They keep telling me. If I get cavities, I'll blame them :) I also don't believe your home teaching record. I'm amazed.

Welp, I think that's about it for now...I can't think of anything else...Thanks for the letters and love! And I got the headwraps! Thanks! My ears will be toasty now! :)

LOVE YOU! Peace and blessings! Spread the gospel!

-Sista Darc


Jumping in the same pile of leaves every time we go by there.

My electrocuted hand.

We played a prank on Sister R and hung her bear outside the bathroom when she was showering. She didn't even react.

The gorgeous trees! Leaves here are beautiful!

Sister O and I at the Family History night!

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