Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Happy Veterans Day! The Library is open!

Let's see... Monday. We had just a typical P-Day! I took the vitamins back to Walgreens momma. They couldn't put the money back on the card, so I just got cash, so you can take $18 out of my account to refund. We went to Brownsburg to play with the other missionaries, but they just ended up playing basketball the whole time, so I just wrote letters cause let's be honest...I can't play basketball. haha :) We got to teach J that night too about the priesthood because he's soon to be a deacon! He was supposed to get ordained yesterday but he was home sick. Like everyone is sick. I felt a cold coming on this week but I took some Cold-Eze and some Vitamin C and it went away. Woo Woo!

Tuesday, we got to throw more hay and scoop more poo! Call me cowgirl. Throwing hay is a workout, which rocks. We had some good success contacting and taught a husband and wife where she is a member and he knows the church is true but isn't baptized yet. So we're working on that.  We also met a less active that works at the Zoo and offered to get us in for free but it's not open on Mondays...LAME. You'd be amazed how many things here aren't open on Monday...strange. Is there a reason for that? It's like Maddox...Oh I could really go for a corn pone right now..

Wednesday was pretty sweet. In the morning, we accidentally ran into a former investigator while looking for his less active wife. It turns out his wife is actually the daughter of a member of the mission presidency...weird right? But her husband wants to take the discussions again. So that's exciting! Small world. Coincidence? I think not. We tried to get Sister B to a lesson but none of our investigators like to answer the door, so we went to an 80 year old less active man and he loves to talk. We could not get out of there. We were late to our next lesson and didn't even get to share a thought with him. It was pretty funny. We had dinner with a hilarious less active that night. She's just recently started coming back to church...woo! She was so funny. All four of us ate with her and she loved it. We got to go to mutual that night too and the YW got a canvas painting lesson. They came up with some sweet stuff.

Thursday, we went and visited Sister F and she is leaving on a trip, so we had to say bye to her in case we leave at transfers. It was so sad! She has changed so much and you can see the spirit so much in her now, which is such a difference from when we first met her! She was so sad. But hopefully the ward will get involved more and love her back into the church. That night was the night we got a new investigator! It's the guy who showed up at church last Sunday unexpectedly. He's so in tune with the spirit already. He decided that there's a reason we ran into him. We hopefully will commit him to baptism this week. He had to work during church yesterday. We then ate with the Ts ( I don't know if I've talked about them). They're on an internship program and are moving soon since they only stay in a place 6 months, which is sad cause they are totally a missionary family. They're kids are so cute. We're going to miss them! Then we helped Sister B with some of her "Night in Bethlehem" stuff for the ward party.

Friday was just a day of a lot of contacting after we had district meeting and lunch. We went to Noodles and Company cause Sister O loves it (we've been 3 times...) and I still haven't found something I love there. Maybe eventually.

Saturday, we helped clean the building and got free quiznos. Then we headed out to Camby, did some tracting and contacting and found our other new investigator! She is awesome and just has a young family and wants a church, so we're excited. She's solid. We helped Sister B again that night and she's about done. Basically, it was just another missionary day of contacting! Which was good.

Sunday is just awesome. Another great day of spiritual upliftment. We got to go to Why I Believe too and I got to play the piano, so that was fun. I also saw Sister Herzog. You'll have to send the picture to Kelsey! She's adorable.

And here we are. Monday again. It's Sister R's birthday, so we're having a fun day. I can't believe this week, I'll have been out 3 months. Missionary time is weird...does it feel fast or slow to you?

I don't know that I had any specific questions or needs this week.

Except I am thinking that I may want you to burn copies of some music and send to me. It doesn't have to be like ASAP. But sometime in the future. I definitely want some Christmas Music (Maybe some David Archuleta ones that are hymns or about Christ? Mo Tab? Just general Christmas music?) And then I want a CD of some of my church music. Maybe just copy my two MoTab CD's that are in the 'burb and then from iTunes, I want my Alex Boye, Nichole Nordman's "I Am", Some of the EFY ones that are hymns. Basically just spiritual music. Don't buy any new stuff, just look what I have and pick :) I'm just getting sick of the stuff we have. haha :) Maybe Zach and La can help you out too.

Well, I think that's about it. Hopefully you all have a fantastic week! Love and miss you all! Hope to hear from you soon!

LOVE YOU! Peace and blessings!
-Sister Christensen

Beautiful leaves! They're like all dead now...lame.

Avon District! Elder B. S, Elder H, Sister B, Sister P,
and the Plainfield 4 Best district

I tried to knock on a door, I broke the handle, and this is how I put it back together. Sister O said it wasn't quite right. I think it looks good, right? :)

Me and Sister H at Why I Believe!

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