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I'm so sad I'm not home for Thanksgiving, but we're going to have a great one here! Don't worry, I already caught my yearly cold. Thank heavens for Cold-Eze! Love it! I don't think it will feel like Thanksgiving without the fam though. But it'll be great! I'll be with ya'll in 2 years on Thanksgiving! :)

Well, I'm here in Kokomo (sing the Beach Boys!) Indiana! I miss Plainfield, but I have a feeling this is going to be a fantastic area! I'm here in a trio with Sister C (from Snowflake Arizona) and Sister L (from Logan Utah) but Sister L is probably going home this week because of health reasons. So it'll be me and Sister C! But I'm super stoked. We're fired up to get this area going. We were triple transferred in, so basically whitewashing the area again. It needed it though. There's a set of elders here too. The ward mission leader wants 100 baptisms by the end of 2014, so us and the ward have a LOT of work to do. I'm excited though. The work is hastening!

Well, Monday and Tuesday were spent wrapping up the work with Sister O. We made a lot of notes for the Elders taking over and said goodbye, which stunk, but I'm excited to go back and see all those people at some point! It was such a great area. I guess that's why they took me out. They need me in another great area! :) I hated saying bye to Sister O, Sister H, and Sister R, but on the bright side: Sister H got exiled to Lafayette with me and Sister R is now companions with Sister H! I love it!

Wednesday, transfers were crazy. President Cleveland created 12 new zones, which meant there were TONS of double transfers, new district and zone leaders and sister training leaders. It was the biggest transfer meeting in Indiana history. All but 40 missionaries were there. CRAZY! It was awesome. It'll be a good change. I'm stoked. I've said that a lot, but I really am.

The past few days have been spent meeting members, trying to figure out who our investigators are, and the funnest part: TORNADO CLEANUP! Kokomo got hit last Sunday. Bad. Seriously, it was crazy. But my dreams came true and I got to wear a Mormon Helping Hands vest and clean a disaster area. 55 missionaries and 100 people from the stake put on gloves and vests and cleaned up from 9-4 on Saturday. It was awesome to see the help and we got to give out humanitarian supplies. It was definitely humbling. And reassured the fact I never want to be in a tornado. A bank in front of Kroger was completely leveled and it said "This branch is closed due to a power outage, weather issues, or facility problems." Ya think? All that was left was the safe. CRAZY!

So that was basically this week. We don't have a ton of time cause P-Day only lasts until 1 today because they're making from 1-9 P-Day on Thanksgiving so we can just spend time with members. Pretty sweet.

But I have a lot of pictures.

Oh and question. Is Ashley Sessions (Scott Erickson's niece) in the Indiana Mission? A Sister Sessions from Boise just arrived on looked kind of like her. And I didn't get to talk to her. So find out, okay? :)

I think that's all for this week! Have a great week! Thanks for all the love and support!

Peace and Blessin's.
-Sista Christensen


With Sister J. A sister from Plainfield we visited.

With S and D from Strides Horse Barn.

With Sister B.

With M and Sister P.
they're so awesome.

With the M Family. They just adopted a son from Uganda
And they're adopting another one.

With the Ss. It's fine, you can laugh at him. A lot. :)
He kept saying "double up!" everytime he'd do a double chin.

Tornado stuff. . .

More Tornado stuff. . .

And my letter that was addressed to Elder Darcie Christensen.

I think you forgot to change the title Dadio :) 

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