Tuesday, October 15, 2013


This has happened way too many times. The library was closed yesterday, so I apologize. I hope you didn't wait at the computer forever. (I wasn't expecting one because I remembered it was Columbus Day!)

Well, this week was awesome because....it was BAPTISM TIME! J got baptized on Saturday! It was so fun! I absolutely loved it! The spirit was so great there. We couldn't have asked for a better day. He was most excited about getting the Holy Ghost, so Sunday was also awesome. All he wanted was to be able to have the Holy Ghost. I want to have his desire for doing good. It's so crazy. We got him a sweet tiger journal too with our testimonies in it. I'm excited to be "his missionaries" for the rest of forever. His family is going to stay active, and nothing can be better than that!

We also picked up 4 new investigators in the last 2 weeks...WHAT! We're so excited cause we have been praying for this forever. Things are just working out here in Plainfield, Indiana! Not that it's easy, but it's great! The members and Bishop and Ward Mission Leader are getting the vision of how to combine Missionary work and church work -------> THEY'RE THE SAME! Genius right? My invitation this week is to reach out to someone by Christmas, just like Elder Ballard said. If we all do that, the church will soon be at 20+ million! Not all will accept, but the success is in the invitation! So INVITE! Okay? Okay. :)

AND - We got a brand new 2014 Chevy Cruze this week. So Sister O and I now have a car! It only had 85 miles on it when we got it. Crazy, right? But a second car is definitely going to make the work more effective, especially when it gets dark early in the winter. (I have always wanted to rent a Cruze – now she can give me the low down if it is the car to buy!)

We had an interesting experience with a lady we met on the bike trail here. She was definitely wanting to bash the mormons and was speaking by everything but the Holy Ghost. She wanted us to speak at her church, but we're thinking no if the other people in her congregation are like her. But it was funny because she was like "Oh, you're missionaries? I'm a missionary too...for Jesus!" And so I replied "Hey, us too!" I don't think people get that the biggest words on our tag "JESUS CHRIST" mean that we're missionaries for Him. Funny stuff.

We got to go to a magic show at Chick-fil-A this week because one of the members is a magician. It was way fun.

Sister O and I taught gospel principles this week and I get to speak in Sacrament next week. Wooot!

We got to go to Why I Believe on Sunday too. And we got Bro. S to talk. It was legit. He has been a member 10 years and used to be super anti, so it was awesome to hear his story. We had fun with them.

Yesterday, I got some awesome IU and Purdue gear! I finally fit in in Indiana! :) I love my ugly colored Purdue Shirt. I wanted a Notre Dame one, but they weren't part of the buy 1 get 2 free deal, so I'll have to find them some other time. There's way too many colleges in Indiana to get a t-shirt from each.

Today, we got to go serve in the Bishop's Storehouse in Indy with Sister B. It was so fun! I want to work there when I get back! We had a blast. And I bought pancake mix. It only has like 10 ingredients, so it has to be good, right? :)

Well, I think that's about it for now. Sorry it's a little shorter this week. We don't have as much time, but I still did better than Zach! :)

LOVE YOU! Peace and Blessings. Keep doing missionary work! The church is true!
-Sister Christensen

With the YSA missionaries and a few YSA people and investigators
at the P's house for a dinner and Pictionary night.

At J's baptism with mother and sister.
It was a fantastic day :)

With Sister & Brother S at Why I Believe.

My new Purdue shirt.
They didn't have the "Boiler Up" one like I wanted
in the right size, but this will do.

With Sister B and my pancake mix
since we forgot to take a picture at the storehouse!

Sister R and I at Anderson Orchard.

All of us in the Tree at Anderson Orchard for a Relief Society Activity.

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