Monday, October 7, 2013

Happy October, ya'll!

I liked your wreath mom. It is very cute! (she probably cant believe I actually put up a  Halloween decoration)

It sounds like Minnesota was a blast. We better plan a trip back there when I get home...well during that summer so I can watch baseball cause it sounds like you had fun! I'm glad Ellie got on the jumbotron. She's a funny girl. (We took Ellie to a Twins game when we were in Minnesota)

I made it through transfers and I'm still here in Plainfield with Sister O :)

Thanks for the info about tours. We might try to go see the Pacers one. We probably won't get to do the Colts since they don't do Monday. We'll have to come back to Indiana and do it. (One of the things that we always seem to do on vacations is to visit the sports arenas in that city – doesnt matter what sport!)

To answer questions:

I think President may take a date night or two to go see the Pacers. (One of the players President Cleveland coached at Fresno plays for the Indiana Pacers. If you would like to read about it – follow this link

No, I'll never be a cougar fan. It's hilarious how everyone assumes though that since I'm a Mormon from Utah, I went to BYU. NO MY FRIENDS, GO AGGIES! :) I swear everyone Mormon here goes to BYU though, so that's probably why. (Once an Aggie – always an Aggie)

The members have been pretty good with referrals. We haven't seen a ton of investigators come from it yet, but we're getting the members more involved and investigators will come from that. They are more likely to listen to the gospel from a member friend than the missionaries (sadly but truly).

I do take an allergy pill every day. It helps, except for with the barn. I think I'd have to take 20 Benadryl to make me not sneeze there.

My clothes and shoes are good. It gets a little monotonous with clothes, but it's fine. I figure that every few months I can buy a new shirt or skirt to spice things up a little bit! :)

Welp, this week:

We finally got a new investigator! I know, not impressive that we only got one, but we have been praying to get at least one, and we did! The elders didn't leave behind like any promising investigators, so we are doing our best to find and have been struggling a little to find some, but we're on the rise, I just know it! :) We have made really good relationships with the members and they're finally deciding they want to really be involved in bringing their friends, so it may take time, but this WILL BE a missionary ward.

P.S. You better all follow Elder Gifford Nielsen's 3 suggestions from conference. Get to know the missionaries in your area and be a missionary! :) (First, specifically pray to bring someone closer to the Savior and His gospel every day. Second, pray for the missionaries serving in local areas and their investigators by name every day. Third, invite a friend to an activity in or to your home.)

J is on for baptism this weekend! WOO! We're so excited for him. He's so ready and just wants to be baptized more than anything. We love him and his family. I'm glad none of us got transferred so we can both be here for the baptism. He's laying out the program and praying for who to have speak and such, so it's going to be a spiritual meeting, I just know it :)

We have seen many blessings in bringing members with us to meet less actives and investigators. It seems that we're able to know just who to use for the lessons and it ends up that the member and investigator are perfect for each other. I love it.

We got slushies at the Anderson Orchard with Sister B again. Those things might be the death of me :) But I eat really healthy, don't worry. The other sisters are finally deciding that junk food and eating out is not the answer. Plus it's expensive. No me gusta. I like my bananas, grapes, yogurt, apples, etc :) Except produce is ridiculously expensive in this state. I don't know if it's because all they can grow is corn or what, but it's not very good produce and it's expensive. I had nasty peaches this week. We're closer to Georgia; you'd think they'd be good. But nothing like Brigham City Peaches. And the corn isn't as good. Lame.

And you wouldn't believe how many women tell us about their hysterectomies. Weird, right? We have had at least like 5 people tell us, and a lot of times it's on the first time we meet them too...strange these Indiana people :) But I love them anyway!

The weather is cooling right down. It's been in the 60's. I wore my raincoat and it really is waterproof! WOoo! I don't want to pull out my boots and leggings just yet. The leaves here are FANTASTIC. That's one thing Utah doesn't get a lot of is changing leaves since trees are sparse.

Well, I don't have much more time, so I will add some pictures and leave it at that.

I'm expecting a report on PMG this week!

The gospel is true! Get studying the conference talks! They were all so fantastic! I loved it! My questions were answered. God unquestionably speaks today. Thomas S. Monson is a prophet of God.

Love you all! Miss you all! Next week will mark 2 months...what!!!! Crazy!

Sista Darc

At square donuts. Not nearly as good as Al's or squaregels
(you know, that bagel place you brought stuff from?)

Our district - From Left: Elder H, Elder T (District Leader), Sister H, Sister R, and me and Sister O.

My Bangs I cut myself...not too shabby, right? :) 
(Don't criticize too much, Heather! I know they're not fantastic, but they're alright)

Sister B from the USU-YSA ward. She was friends with Jacob Rees, 
Justin Pace, Ashley Warburton, and Tawnya Anderson at USU.

Sister W from the USU-YSA ward. She is from Texas and came out with me!

This is Sister O and I with the Young Women in the ward at Mutual last week!

What! There's a Tremont Street here - just like home! 

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