Monday, October 28, 2013

Happy Halloween!

This week was awesome. Sacrifice brings forth the blessings of heaven. Our faith paid off and we found 3 new investigators. WHAT! It was great. 2 of them were member referrals named D and E. They are so cute. We met D first and they ended up not wanting the gospel because E grew up Methodist and they were going to stick with that. But we had a feeling we should go meet E directly so we did, and she accepted to learn more! So we're starting to teach them! Awesommmeeee!

We had kind of a cool story. We had district meeting at the church and a guy rang the church doorbell so Sister O answered it and he wanted a Book of Mormon and wanted to come to church. He called us that night to make sure when meetings were because there were cars at the church for mutual. He didn't end up coming to church cause he called us and told us his wife told him she wanted a divorce. Sad right? It was like the most depressing voicemail ever. But we're hoping to convert him and brighten his day. He seems super interested. He has a lot of missing teeth, which seems pretty prominent around here.

We met a lady named L. She was actually a member referral too. Her mom was a 7th day Adventist, which means they kind of really don't like Mormons since we worship on Sunday, yet she goes to church on Sunday. But anyway, she gave us this creepy story about her mom's death and how she came back alive like 3 times. I'll have to let you all read it when I get home. She had really weird views on how the Lord was going to take care of her even if she wasn't worshiping on Saturday but she kept saying she wanted to keep the Sabbath like her was just...weird.

We also met a Pentecostal lady who we prayed with and she kept saying "Yes Lord" during the prayer. I was afraid she was going to go into one of their "Spirit Seizures". She said she had fallen on the spirit and spoke in tongues before and felt that she had cracked her head open but got up and was fine. I did not feel the spirit with her.

Tuesday, we got to go to the Bishop's storehouse again. It was fantastic. I love it there. Hopefully we get to go back once in a while.

We got to meet with a less active name Chrystal Glass (Clever, right? :]) and read a talk with her out of the Ensign. It was awesome. She was just confused and wanted us to help her. She's so cute. She always gives us food.

We had an awesome District Meeting too. Elder S (District Leader) taught us about the Oregon Duck's "Win the Day" campaign. It was great. We figured out how to be successful in ANY area, because it's not about the area, it's about the missionary. Read Elder Ballard's "Successful Missionary" talk. It is great for anyone. Win the day, every day.

We had fun making cookies with Sister B (a member) and taking them to a less active she had been visiting with us. This less active has a lot of family and health issues and so does her family, so we took some cookies to them. It's amazing the difference in her countenance since we started meeting with her. She's brightening up. I love it. She hasn't been to church in over 10 years, so we're loving her back into it. We're excited for her.

Church is always so fantastic. Sister O spoke this week. It was so good. The ward loves us (I think anyway :) ) and we love them. It's just fantastic here in Plainfield. They're all figuring out how church and missionary work are the same thing. It's all there to hasten the work.

We had a lesson with the Ds last night. They are so funny. Their son was in Zach's mission and came when Zach was AP. He was telling us all sorts of stories. They are a hilarious family.

It got cold this week. I had to pull out the boots! But today, it warmed up again, so hopefully it stays this temperature for a little while longer. It flurried a little bit the other day, but nothing major. They say it mostly ice storms here, not snows.

And that's probably about it for this week...It was a great week. We worked hard and we're going to keep that up!

Questions for you Mom: I have the receipt for the vitamins you sent me. I got one of those "vitamin headaches" again like I did with the last vitamins, so I stopped taking the prenatals. I am not dealing with those awful headaches. I'm pretty sure that that's what they are from, so can I take the unopened bottle back to Walgreens? I don't think they were helping my hair anyway. Hopefully the Vitamin D combined with Biotin does. But there must be something I'm allergic to or something in the vitamin.

I've been praying for Ashlee's baby! He's adorable! Hopefully everything goes okay!

Chris and Isabel's baby is cute too.  Tell them congrats.

I told Sister B about the dishwasher. She said thanks.

We'll have to come back to Lucas Oil Stadium. I want a tour. It's MASSIVE.

GO CARDINALS! I wish I had my jersey. I'm almost in Cardinal town.

I'm grateful PMG is helping you teach lessons mom! I told you it would help! And you can do handouts as long as it doesn't consume your life.

And Zach eating Enchilada sauce...hilarious. Who raised him?! :)

And I haven't given a shirt to President yet. I might have you send me one closer to the end of my mission. I haven't even got to talk smack with him yet! :) Go Aggies.

LOVE YOU ALL! PEACE AND BLESSINGS! Share the gospel! And for real...everyone read How to be a successful everyday missionary by Elder Clayton Christensen. It's fantastic.

Until next week:

-Sista Christensen

Me with a sugar cookie. It matched my outfit perfectly.
I am enjoying them to say the least :)
(I hope she shared with her companions!)

Boots and Merino Wool leggings. The best. I love my boots. They're super comfortable and they really are water proof! And the leggings work great. Best money spent.

My wall with the cute hanging thing you made mama!
(Just some quotes from General Conference –
someone else designed them I just printed them out and hooked them together –

from the site:

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