Monday, October 28, 2013

Happy Halloween!

This week was awesome. Sacrifice brings forth the blessings of heaven. Our faith paid off and we found 3 new investigators. WHAT! It was great. 2 of them were member referrals named D and E. They are so cute. We met D first and they ended up not wanting the gospel because E grew up Methodist and they were going to stick with that. But we had a feeling we should go meet E directly so we did, and she accepted to learn more! So we're starting to teach them! Awesommmeeee!

We had kind of a cool story. We had district meeting at the church and a guy rang the church doorbell so Sister O answered it and he wanted a Book of Mormon and wanted to come to church. He called us that night to make sure when meetings were because there were cars at the church for mutual. He didn't end up coming to church cause he called us and told us his wife told him she wanted a divorce. Sad right? It was like the most depressing voicemail ever. But we're hoping to convert him and brighten his day. He seems super interested. He has a lot of missing teeth, which seems pretty prominent around here.

We met a lady named L. She was actually a member referral too. Her mom was a 7th day Adventist, which means they kind of really don't like Mormons since we worship on Sunday, yet she goes to church on Sunday. But anyway, she gave us this creepy story about her mom's death and how she came back alive like 3 times. I'll have to let you all read it when I get home. She had really weird views on how the Lord was going to take care of her even if she wasn't worshiping on Saturday but she kept saying she wanted to keep the Sabbath like her was just...weird.

We also met a Pentecostal lady who we prayed with and she kept saying "Yes Lord" during the prayer. I was afraid she was going to go into one of their "Spirit Seizures". She said she had fallen on the spirit and spoke in tongues before and felt that she had cracked her head open but got up and was fine. I did not feel the spirit with her.

Tuesday, we got to go to the Bishop's storehouse again. It was fantastic. I love it there. Hopefully we get to go back once in a while.

We got to meet with a less active name Chrystal Glass (Clever, right? :]) and read a talk with her out of the Ensign. It was awesome. She was just confused and wanted us to help her. She's so cute. She always gives us food.

We had an awesome District Meeting too. Elder S (District Leader) taught us about the Oregon Duck's "Win the Day" campaign. It was great. We figured out how to be successful in ANY area, because it's not about the area, it's about the missionary. Read Elder Ballard's "Successful Missionary" talk. It is great for anyone. Win the day, every day.

We had fun making cookies with Sister B (a member) and taking them to a less active she had been visiting with us. This less active has a lot of family and health issues and so does her family, so we took some cookies to them. It's amazing the difference in her countenance since we started meeting with her. She's brightening up. I love it. She hasn't been to church in over 10 years, so we're loving her back into it. We're excited for her.

Church is always so fantastic. Sister O spoke this week. It was so good. The ward loves us (I think anyway :) ) and we love them. It's just fantastic here in Plainfield. They're all figuring out how church and missionary work are the same thing. It's all there to hasten the work.

We had a lesson with the Ds last night. They are so funny. Their son was in Zach's mission and came when Zach was AP. He was telling us all sorts of stories. They are a hilarious family.

It got cold this week. I had to pull out the boots! But today, it warmed up again, so hopefully it stays this temperature for a little while longer. It flurried a little bit the other day, but nothing major. They say it mostly ice storms here, not snows.

And that's probably about it for this week...It was a great week. We worked hard and we're going to keep that up!

Questions for you Mom: I have the receipt for the vitamins you sent me. I got one of those "vitamin headaches" again like I did with the last vitamins, so I stopped taking the prenatals. I am not dealing with those awful headaches. I'm pretty sure that that's what they are from, so can I take the unopened bottle back to Walgreens? I don't think they were helping my hair anyway. Hopefully the Vitamin D combined with Biotin does. But there must be something I'm allergic to or something in the vitamin.

I've been praying for Ashlee's baby! He's adorable! Hopefully everything goes okay!

Chris and Isabel's baby is cute too.  Tell them congrats.

I told Sister B about the dishwasher. She said thanks.

We'll have to come back to Lucas Oil Stadium. I want a tour. It's MASSIVE.

GO CARDINALS! I wish I had my jersey. I'm almost in Cardinal town.

I'm grateful PMG is helping you teach lessons mom! I told you it would help! And you can do handouts as long as it doesn't consume your life.

And Zach eating Enchilada sauce...hilarious. Who raised him?! :)

And I haven't given a shirt to President yet. I might have you send me one closer to the end of my mission. I haven't even got to talk smack with him yet! :) Go Aggies.

LOVE YOU ALL! PEACE AND BLESSINGS! Share the gospel! And for real...everyone read How to be a successful everyday missionary by Elder Clayton Christensen. It's fantastic.

Until next week:

-Sista Christensen

Me with a sugar cookie. It matched my outfit perfectly.
I am enjoying them to say the least :)
(I hope she shared with her companions!)

Boots and Merino Wool leggings. The best. I love my boots. They're super comfortable and they really are water proof! And the leggings work great. Best money spent.

My wall with the cute hanging thing you made mama!
(Just some quotes from General Conference –
someone else designed them I just printed them out and hooked them together –

from the site:

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY! (Duck Dynasty style...)

Hola everyone from good ol' Plainfield Indiana.

I don't think there was any questions other than a few I think I had forgotten to answer of yours mom...

Yes we have a Walmart about 2 miles down the road. So pretty sweet. And I have seen the antique mall. I haven't had the chance to stop by yet though :)

Wait. I do have a question.
Sister B wants to know how you got your foggy glasses to go away in the dishwasher. She's tried vinegar. What soap do you use?

And I want to tell you a couple things you'll be pretty pleased with:

1. I make my bed EVERYDAY. Yes, everyday.
2. I floss EVERYDAY. Yes, everyday. Please tell the dentist. :)

Impressive, right? It's amazing what missions can do to ya. :)

Let's see....since Tuesday when I talked to you....

We had an awesome experience with a member. She was coming to an appointment with us and the investigator wasn't there, so she prayed she would know who to visit and we got two referrals out of it, one of which just really needed a visit that day. She is going through a hard time and has to move soon, so we may be going to help her, which would be an awesome service opportunity. We're excited.

We are teaching this sweet old guy who's a member with no teeth. You'd be amazed by how many people out here have rotted or just flat out gone teeth. It's pretty crazy. You don't see that in Utah much. But this member is so funny. He hasn't been a member all that long and is just so funny. His tone of voice and excitement is just hilarious. We love teaching him.

We got to go to Young Women's in excellence this week too. The Young Women are awesome and talented. There was a cello player, a few singers, an artist, you name it. They're awesome.

Thursday, I FINALLY got a flu shot, so if you see that show up on the insurance, that's why. GEHA paid for it. Do you need the receipt?

We had an awesome experience with a referral from the J's (I'm going to get a picture with them the next time we have dinner - They've given us 3 already! She's the one who makes pie.). We had contacted this referral and talked to the husband, who is friends with the J's son. He was interested but said he'd have to talk to his wife and we'd set up a time. We called him and said his wife wanted to stay Methodist like her family. He wasn't too on board, but was going along with it. So we had a feeling we should go meet his wife and she was so awesome. She wants to come to church! They have a baby and want to find somewhere to attend! Woo! We're so excited for them!

We finally got to teach J (another investigator...not sure if I've talked about him yet...) again. His wife is very inactive and seems the most disinterested in making it to church on Sunday's, but he's sincerely trying to find an answer. He has all the tools, we've just got to help him recognize. He's been investigating for quite some time, so we'd love to see him get a baptismal date so it pushes him a little bit to seek out an answer more fully. He's a little too logical, so we're working on the spiritual. They have an adorable daughter. I hope and pray they will get onboard the Kingdom of God Ship! He came to church with his daughter, so that was awesome. We're excited for them. Hopefully they will see the truth.

That night, we drove to Carmel for exchanges, which were AWESOME once again. I love Sister P and Sister C (don't worry, I got pictures this time!). I was with Sister C for Friday. She is just awesome and we are basically the same person. We're both very loud and bold and just love talking to people. She loves tracting and I think I'm seeing the beauty in it, which I hadn't really had the chance to do yet since Sister O'Brien isn't a huge fan of tracting. But we are going to do it a little more often now at least to find more potentials. I know it's not super effective, but when you have a half hour to fill, it is good. We met this hilarious Italian guy who when he answered the door, we said we were missionaries sharing a message of Jesus Christ and he said "I don't need it!" so Sister C said "Do you already have a faith in Christ?" and he replied in his Italian accent while slamming the door "I TOLD YOU I DON'T NEED IT!" It was hilarious. We laughed. And we found his brother two doors down who also didn't need us :) But then we talked to this awesome guy M who says he doesn't believe in God because he's a scientist. I told him I was a scientist too and we had some awesome discussion about that. He seemed actually really intrigued by my reasoning. I loved it. We prayed with him and he clapped after I got done saying it. It was hilarious. I loved it. Sister C taught me a lot. She's so great. The main thing I learned: It's always better to have too much to do than not enough. It makes you feel so much more productive. We got to see the temple too! It looks so good! Look up pictures! I think it might be done by the time I get back! And we got to drive by Lucas Oil Stadium. Go Colts.

Saturday, we did some studying at the library for my training additional study stuff, ran into some people from the ward who we were actually going to visit because it was her son, A's, birthday and we had a card (aka pop up card with us in it) for him so we had lunch with them and celebrated. Their other son, T, reminds me of Deven. He is so full of life. I love it. We had a dinner with the S's and the E's that night, and went to a baptism for the Avon Elders (our District Leader).

Yesterday, I went all Elder Holland on the ward with his talk "My Words...never cease" based on Moses 1:4 and gave them a commitment to reach out to someone by Christmas, just like Elder Ballard did. Everyone said I was bold, so that's good, right? :) We then had dinner with the Ms, who just adopted the cutest black boy ever, W, who is deaf from Uganda and they're adopting another in the spring. They are a huge family but it's just so fun. We love their family. They've given us quite a few referrals too. The ward is getting on board! Then we got to go to a Nazarene Weenie Roast! It was so fun! We had met this lady through one of the members and she happened to invite us so we went! Hopefully we opened the people's hearts a little bit to seeing Mormons as being alright. They definitely made a few jokes and a few of them I don't know if they loved having us there, but E (the lady who invited us) defended us and is starting to really open up to us and enjoy us. We'll definitely be back to her!

And today, I got to play tennis. It was awesome. We had so much fun. Now we gotta go get our grocery shopping and washing of the car done. Fun stuff! Tennis was just great. Hopefully I get to play a couple more times before I get home so I'm not too rusty so I can still whoop on you Dad and maybe even Nancy Pants! :) P.S. Tell Miss Nancy Pants to write me! And we get Mexican food tonight. It's funny how many of the members like to take us out cause they think we get repeat meals all the time. Anything is good though.

Time is up though. I love you all! Keep praying for missionary opportunities and just be an example. The success is in the invitation! :)

LOVE YOU! Until next week,


Sista Darcie

Pictures: ( I don't know what order)

Lucas Oil Stadium

Sister C and I (vertical picture)

Sister P and I (She's way taller than me.)

Tuesday, October 15, 2013


This has happened way too many times. The library was closed yesterday, so I apologize. I hope you didn't wait at the computer forever. (I wasn't expecting one because I remembered it was Columbus Day!)

Well, this week was awesome was BAPTISM TIME! J got baptized on Saturday! It was so fun! I absolutely loved it! The spirit was so great there. We couldn't have asked for a better day. He was most excited about getting the Holy Ghost, so Sunday was also awesome. All he wanted was to be able to have the Holy Ghost. I want to have his desire for doing good. It's so crazy. We got him a sweet tiger journal too with our testimonies in it. I'm excited to be "his missionaries" for the rest of forever. His family is going to stay active, and nothing can be better than that!

We also picked up 4 new investigators in the last 2 weeks...WHAT! We're so excited cause we have been praying for this forever. Things are just working out here in Plainfield, Indiana! Not that it's easy, but it's great! The members and Bishop and Ward Mission Leader are getting the vision of how to combine Missionary work and church work -------> THEY'RE THE SAME! Genius right? My invitation this week is to reach out to someone by Christmas, just like Elder Ballard said. If we all do that, the church will soon be at 20+ million! Not all will accept, but the success is in the invitation! So INVITE! Okay? Okay. :)

AND - We got a brand new 2014 Chevy Cruze this week. So Sister O and I now have a car! It only had 85 miles on it when we got it. Crazy, right? But a second car is definitely going to make the work more effective, especially when it gets dark early in the winter. (I have always wanted to rent a Cruze – now she can give me the low down if it is the car to buy!)

We had an interesting experience with a lady we met on the bike trail here. She was definitely wanting to bash the mormons and was speaking by everything but the Holy Ghost. She wanted us to speak at her church, but we're thinking no if the other people in her congregation are like her. But it was funny because she was like "Oh, you're missionaries? I'm a missionary too...for Jesus!" And so I replied "Hey, us too!" I don't think people get that the biggest words on our tag "JESUS CHRIST" mean that we're missionaries for Him. Funny stuff.

We got to go to a magic show at Chick-fil-A this week because one of the members is a magician. It was way fun.

Sister O and I taught gospel principles this week and I get to speak in Sacrament next week. Wooot!

We got to go to Why I Believe on Sunday too. And we got Bro. S to talk. It was legit. He has been a member 10 years and used to be super anti, so it was awesome to hear his story. We had fun with them.

Yesterday, I got some awesome IU and Purdue gear! I finally fit in in Indiana! :) I love my ugly colored Purdue Shirt. I wanted a Notre Dame one, but they weren't part of the buy 1 get 2 free deal, so I'll have to find them some other time. There's way too many colleges in Indiana to get a t-shirt from each.

Today, we got to go serve in the Bishop's Storehouse in Indy with Sister B. It was so fun! I want to work there when I get back! We had a blast. And I bought pancake mix. It only has like 10 ingredients, so it has to be good, right? :)

Well, I think that's about it for now. Sorry it's a little shorter this week. We don't have as much time, but I still did better than Zach! :)

LOVE YOU! Peace and Blessings. Keep doing missionary work! The church is true!
-Sister Christensen

With the YSA missionaries and a few YSA people and investigators
at the P's house for a dinner and Pictionary night.

At J's baptism with mother and sister.
It was a fantastic day :)

With Sister & Brother S at Why I Believe.

My new Purdue shirt.
They didn't have the "Boiler Up" one like I wanted
in the right size, but this will do.

With Sister B and my pancake mix
since we forgot to take a picture at the storehouse!

Sister R and I at Anderson Orchard.

All of us in the Tree at Anderson Orchard for a Relief Society Activity.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Happy October, ya'll!

I liked your wreath mom. It is very cute! (she probably cant believe I actually put up a  Halloween decoration)

It sounds like Minnesota was a blast. We better plan a trip back there when I get home...well during that summer so I can watch baseball cause it sounds like you had fun! I'm glad Ellie got on the jumbotron. She's a funny girl. (We took Ellie to a Twins game when we were in Minnesota)

I made it through transfers and I'm still here in Plainfield with Sister O :)

Thanks for the info about tours. We might try to go see the Pacers one. We probably won't get to do the Colts since they don't do Monday. We'll have to come back to Indiana and do it. (One of the things that we always seem to do on vacations is to visit the sports arenas in that city – doesnt matter what sport!)

To answer questions:

I think President may take a date night or two to go see the Pacers. (One of the players President Cleveland coached at Fresno plays for the Indiana Pacers. If you would like to read about it – follow this link

No, I'll never be a cougar fan. It's hilarious how everyone assumes though that since I'm a Mormon from Utah, I went to BYU. NO MY FRIENDS, GO AGGIES! :) I swear everyone Mormon here goes to BYU though, so that's probably why. (Once an Aggie – always an Aggie)

The members have been pretty good with referrals. We haven't seen a ton of investigators come from it yet, but we're getting the members more involved and investigators will come from that. They are more likely to listen to the gospel from a member friend than the missionaries (sadly but truly).

I do take an allergy pill every day. It helps, except for with the barn. I think I'd have to take 20 Benadryl to make me not sneeze there.

My clothes and shoes are good. It gets a little monotonous with clothes, but it's fine. I figure that every few months I can buy a new shirt or skirt to spice things up a little bit! :)

Welp, this week:

We finally got a new investigator! I know, not impressive that we only got one, but we have been praying to get at least one, and we did! The elders didn't leave behind like any promising investigators, so we are doing our best to find and have been struggling a little to find some, but we're on the rise, I just know it! :) We have made really good relationships with the members and they're finally deciding they want to really be involved in bringing their friends, so it may take time, but this WILL BE a missionary ward.

P.S. You better all follow Elder Gifford Nielsen's 3 suggestions from conference. Get to know the missionaries in your area and be a missionary! :) (First, specifically pray to bring someone closer to the Savior and His gospel every day. Second, pray for the missionaries serving in local areas and their investigators by name every day. Third, invite a friend to an activity in or to your home.)

J is on for baptism this weekend! WOO! We're so excited for him. He's so ready and just wants to be baptized more than anything. We love him and his family. I'm glad none of us got transferred so we can both be here for the baptism. He's laying out the program and praying for who to have speak and such, so it's going to be a spiritual meeting, I just know it :)

We have seen many blessings in bringing members with us to meet less actives and investigators. It seems that we're able to know just who to use for the lessons and it ends up that the member and investigator are perfect for each other. I love it.

We got slushies at the Anderson Orchard with Sister B again. Those things might be the death of me :) But I eat really healthy, don't worry. The other sisters are finally deciding that junk food and eating out is not the answer. Plus it's expensive. No me gusta. I like my bananas, grapes, yogurt, apples, etc :) Except produce is ridiculously expensive in this state. I don't know if it's because all they can grow is corn or what, but it's not very good produce and it's expensive. I had nasty peaches this week. We're closer to Georgia; you'd think they'd be good. But nothing like Brigham City Peaches. And the corn isn't as good. Lame.

And you wouldn't believe how many women tell us about their hysterectomies. Weird, right? We have had at least like 5 people tell us, and a lot of times it's on the first time we meet them too...strange these Indiana people :) But I love them anyway!

The weather is cooling right down. It's been in the 60's. I wore my raincoat and it really is waterproof! WOoo! I don't want to pull out my boots and leggings just yet. The leaves here are FANTASTIC. That's one thing Utah doesn't get a lot of is changing leaves since trees are sparse.

Well, I don't have much more time, so I will add some pictures and leave it at that.

I'm expecting a report on PMG this week!

The gospel is true! Get studying the conference talks! They were all so fantastic! I loved it! My questions were answered. God unquestionably speaks today. Thomas S. Monson is a prophet of God.

Love you all! Miss you all! Next week will mark 2 months...what!!!! Crazy!

Sista Darc

At square donuts. Not nearly as good as Al's or squaregels
(you know, that bagel place you brought stuff from?)

Our district - From Left: Elder H, Elder T (District Leader), Sister H, Sister R, and me and Sister O.

My Bangs I cut myself...not too shabby, right? :) 
(Don't criticize too much, Heather! I know they're not fantastic, but they're alright)

Sister B from the USU-YSA ward. She was friends with Jacob Rees, 
Justin Pace, Ashley Warburton, and Tawnya Anderson at USU.

Sister W from the USU-YSA ward. She is from Texas and came out with me!

This is Sister O and I with the Young Women in the ward at Mutual last week!

What! There's a Tremont Street here - just like home!