Tuesday, September 3, 2013

A day late. . .

SORRY! Labor Day made the library closed, so we didn't get to email :( I swear eventually my letters will come weekly!

Well, I'm here in PLAINFIELD, INDIANA! (19 miles southwest of Indianapolis)

I haven't got Dad's Dear Elder here, so that's strange, but they should start coming now hopefully.

So after I talked to you, we got on the plane and didn't fly out til like 8:15 because they had to manually start the plane because of electrical issues. Scary right? I HATE DELTA. Tell Gma and Gpa. They'll love that I agree. Then we flew to Detroit then had a delayed flight there (luckily or we might not have made it to the connection). There was the coolest lady on the flight there. Her name was Carmen. She was a devout catholic and had no interest in being converted, but had so many questions. So I got to missionary work right away. She had a lot of friends that were LDS, so she just needed clarification. I also referred her to mormon.org for more answers too. She told me she would pray for me. She was a sweetie. Hopefully the missionaries find her in Cali. She was on her way to Paris. But after we ate in Detroit (it was a legit airport), we took the 30 min hop of a flight to Indiana. Pres and Sis Cleveland were so excited. They are adorable. Coach looks the same. :) I didn't get to interview with him, but hopefully we'll get to talk a little bball soon. Have the Aggies played yet? Hopefully they'll dominate. We had testimony meeting that night and then stayed with some sisters in a sketchy apartment in Carmel on an Indy Car mattress. Carmel is beautiful. I want to bring you all back. Especially the temple. It's going up quick! I heard a date of October 2014, so hopefully that's true!

The next day, we had training and got our companions. My companion is Sister O. She's 6'1''. She's an awesome missionary. We haven't been able to do a whole lot of teaching because the elders left horrible notes and we're just trying to get organized with the other companionship of sisters that live with us and share the area. We're all brand new to the area, so it's basically opening a new area. I just think the elders were stuck with the work, so sisters will be good. Our apartment is way nice. I have a walk in closet. Who would have thought that would happen on the mission.

We taught a part member family our first night and their 12 year old son has a baptismal date for late Sept. He is awesome and has great desires. His mom and sister are trying to get active again, so that's good.

We have basically just spent a lot of time organizing. I know, not too exciting, but the work will hasten this week, I can feel it! The ward here is awesome. They are excited about missionary work, especially since there are sisters now. The other sisters got dropped by a few people because they weren't the elders, but they were obviously investigating for the wrong reasons, so that's okay.

GOOD NEWS: I ate Hoosier Pie (sugar cream) and oh my it was good. Sister J made it for us. She's famous for her pies. It was fantastic. Her husband is a mirror image of Mike Van Noy. No lie. So far, there's not too much weird food. A lot of people with their shirts off.

We got asked to go to the mall with two 16 year old boys. It was pretty funny.

It was 99 the other day and a lot of humidity. We were a little sweaty to say the least.

Yesterday, we were going to Indy to play with our zone at a church, got completely lost in the literal Ghetto, and a black man walking down the street got mad at us, so that was exciting.

Our zone getting ice cream.

 Our district with Sister Coltrin (teacher)

Our district with Brother Palmer (teacher)

Well, I'm about out of time, so I'm going to send another email with pictures and call it good until next Monday (hopefully Monday....)

LOVE YOU ALL! This gospel is true! How's reading PMG going?

Would you all send me your favorite scripture? K thanks!


Sister Darcie, OUT!

More Pictures!

The first is with the Zone Leaders we were able to be Sister Training Leaders with
(Elder W and Elder P- They're going to Jamaica)

 Next is my travel buddy, Sister C (from Twin Falls).

 Next is the temple in Carmel! It looks so good!

 Next is the mattress I slept on the first night. Questionable. And hurt my neck.

First, my walk in closet. My very first one ever.

Next, A rat trap the elders left. We thought it was for real a problem,
but then we found a note on the back that said JK.

 Next, A random rooster that was in our freezer made of corn kernels. Weird....

 Last, me and my companion, Sista O from Littleton Colorado!

All the sisters are still emailing...I thought we were running out of time but I'll keep talking to ya. :)

So basically, I miss the mountains already. I'm kind of getting the hang of what direction is what, but it'll take me a while to master it for sure. I absolutely HATE the roads here. Utah had it right trying to do a grid system. Nothing here is in a square. There are roads going all different directions and craziness. That's why I need my GPS. OH! And please update it before you send it! The cord is in the bottom middle box thing in the van (below the cupholders). All you have to do is plug it into my laptop and open the garmin program. GRACIAS! Hopefully it makes it here okay. Sister O'Brien dropped hers the other day and it no longer works. I'm going to get a lanyard or something for mine, cause we use it while walking, so I don't want to drop it.

I guess I'll give you a list of the people that were in my MTC district so in case you run into their parents online like with Zach's

Sister Meridien Handy from San Diego.

Sister Jennifer Cutler from Twin Falls.

Sister Alecia Jeffery from Mountain Home.

Elder Zackary Lindhardt from Logan, Utah (He graduated with Cole).

Elder Ryan Halversen from Rigby.

Elder Samuel Jenks from Farmington (by Smith's).

Elder Dustin Shirley from Washington.

We had an awesome zone. We had missionaries going to Jamaica, Washington Everett, and Iowa Des Moines. There was a Sister Wilkinson from Leeds England going to Jamaica. She was seriously one of the funniest people ever. Her companions were Sister Barney and Sister Chirinos. They all were my favorites. it was such a blessing to be in a zone with them as especially to be a Sister Training Leader for them because we got to visit with them every night. The sisters going to washington were awesome too. The MTC was fun, but it is great to be in Indiana.

Well I got to wrap it up now.

LOVE YOU!!!!! :)


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