Monday, September 30, 2013

Sista Christensen Here!

Hello there! :) It's great to talk to ya'll once again! It's been a quick week since last Monday!

INDY MISSION IS ON FACEBOOK! Go like it and share it! It's Read up on Coach Cleveland's articles with Paul George. Pretty legit. We have an awesome Mission President.

Go Aggies. I'm sad they lost to USC, but I'm glad they didn't get creamed. Is USC any good this year? Keep me updated. Hopefully they kill the Cougars.

I can't believe Dad that you felt good after the marathon. Does that mean you're doing another one? :) (He always says it is his last but then I find him training for another one – Diane) I'm glad Fresno was good. All that food sounded amazing. I can't wait until our primary program. It's definitely one of my favorite Sunday's of the year.

So let's see...this past week was awesome. Monday was just P-Day...always a good day. We get to go down to Indy to play with the other missionaries. We usually play chair soccer and volleyball and such. And do all our normal car wash, grocery shoppin stuff. Then we had a cancelled appointment so we talked for a while to a lady downstairs named Vanessa. She loves to talk religion. She actually wears a skirt every day and wants to go skirt shopping with us cause she says they're cute. haha :) But we had a lesson with her and she's pretty interested in what we do as missionaries.

Tuesday was awesome. It was my first exchange. I was with Sister P (I didn't get a picture before she left). She had such an excitement about talking to everyone, which is what I needed since that's what we've been struggling with. We found a lot of potential investigators, so hopefully those turn into investigators this week. She was awesome at back-up plans too, which definitely pays off. I'm seeing the blessings of it. It seems like appointments work out more often when you have backup plans. But exchanges are just what Sister O and I needed as a rejuvenation for missionary work! We're excited.

Wednesday, Sister O and I had a specialized Trainer/Trainee meeting in Fishers.
It was awesome. President is such a motivator and the Assistants (Elder R and Elder S) gave awesome trainings about productive study, planning, and using the pamphlets and social media. They're hoping we have iPads/iPhones in the next 6 or so months. I do definitely miss the convenience of a smart phone cause our phones are definitely not smart. The training ended up going 2 hours over because of a testimony meeting. We rode with some YSA sisters (Sister B and Sister W) from Indy, so members picked us up from the chapel down there and had to wait forever, so that was bad, but we made it.

Thursday was just contacting and lessons. Nothing super exciting that sticks out, but talking to people! :)

Friday, we had some awesome lessons with investigators and less actives and just contacted people. Oh and we stopped and helped out Genie and the Lutherans set up their fall festival next door to our apartments (google's a cool church!)! That was fun!

Saturday was fun. We had correlation in the morning then studied at the church cause the other sisters had a lesson then we stopped at the Lutheran festival to say hi to Genie and met their pastor, so that was cool. It's always nice to meet religious people and show them that we're not quite as weird and crazy as everyone says. Then we had a baptism for an investigator of the other sisters. She's known the church was true for a long time but finally turned 18 and got baptized. Then we got to go to Brownsburg with Sister B to a relief society project before the broadcast. We started out donating blood. I did fine but Sister O got lightheaded and nauseated, Sister R got all pale and nearly passed out, and Sister H did pass out, so maybe it wasn't the best idea. haha :) Then we did some humanitarian stuff and watched the broadcast. It was awesome! Sister B laughed with us all the way home. She's an awesome lady. She's so sassy and says Motor-sickle. :)

Sunday was great as usual. I love the Sabbath. We had a lesson with J again and then we met with a former investigator. He knows the church is true, but can't believe it's the ONLY true one, so we're going to work with him. He seems like a Mormon already and defends the church and everything, so hopefully soon. Oh and it was Sister H's birthday, so that was fun! Happy 21st to her!

This morning, we had to go to a sketch rental car place to get a car because ours is in the shop cause the elders got backed into. It'll be good to have it fixed!

And that's about it. The work is hastening, I can feel it. This week, we're GOING TO FIND NEW INVESTIGATORS! I just know it. :) Keep praying for missionary opportunities. President Cleveland heard from a stake president that patriarchal blessings are starting to say that these people will see Christ. Crazy, right? So we need to hasten QUICK! It can only hasten fully through the members. Make gospel conversations simple. I invite each of you (that means everyone who reads this) to have a gospel conversation this week. Report back to me, okay? :)

Love ya'll! This gospel is true and I absolutely love it. Everyone deserves to have it. Even in Indiana where everyone says they already have a church :)


Until next week,

Sista Christensen

Sister O and I with our Lutheran mugs.

Donating Blood.

 Sister H after passing out.

Sister H and her confetti.
You can see that our apartment was covered in it.
Me and the Birthday girl.

Sister R and I after donating blood. She's a little pale. :)


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  1. Oh Diane!!!! I just love her!!!! I love to read her letters!!!