Monday, September 16, 2013

Monday, Monday. . . so good to me. . .

I could go for a breakfast burrito right now...CASA SAUCE! (Chuck took me to Taco Time this morning before he left for Fresno-Diane) 
HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! I love you two! Lame that dad has to go to Fresno, but oh well. Happy Anniversary anyway. (It is our 24th anniversary - today-Diane) 
The S's are AWESOME! I love them. Their daughter Emma is leaving for her mission on Wednesday to Vancouver Washington.  
I better get Chantry's wedding invite. Tell him to write me (you can get on my Facebook to tell him.) and tell him to give me the deets on his life! 
TELL DAVE TO HOOK ME UP WITH DAVID. I kinda freaked out. I wanna marry that boy. He should be home from his mission soon. (Chuck’s childhood friend is married to David Archuleta’s mom-Diane) 
Thanks for delivering the letters. Um, I sent the advice letter to Gma and Gpa....I sent it the day before I left the MTC...maybe it got lost?? Lame. Cause it was huge and awesome. Ask Gma and Gpa if they got it. There was a letter for them in it too. 
So this week was fun. We taught J again this week. He's still awesome. He's hopefully getting baptized the 4th. We just have to make sure we get through the lessons by then! We had tons of appointments cancel this week, but we did a lot of visiting with the members and ended up with 5+ referrals, so the work is picking up! We have a goal this week to talk to EVERYONE. So hopefully that will help us find too.  
We were trying to find a member's house and my GPS took us through the cemetery (see pictures) as like a legitimate road. It had no idea. I don't know if I pinned the wrong thing or what. It was pretty funny.
We get to do service every week at a therapeutic horse barn. Hello sneezing! But it was fun to clean the bar, walk the horses, and fill the troughs. The elders have been serving there for about 4 years, so we'll keep that up. 
We got to meet some less actives this week too. There are WAAYYYYYY too many of them in this ward, so we gotta get a move on getting them to church! 
Thursday, we had zone conference in Carmel. I saw the Panera that I'm pretty sure we ate at. (when Darcie & I were in Indiana visiting Stacy a few years ago) President Cleveland is so awesome. He teaches just like a coach. It's so motivating and I love it. Sister O and Sister H and Sister R got blessings while we were there from the district and zone leaders. Every time I hear a blessing by an elder, it's a testament to me of how real the priesthood is. It's funny how obnoxious 18 year old boys can be, but when they give blessings, they are completely different. The priesthood is DEFINITLEY real. It's proof the church is true cause there is no way anyone could go from obnoxious to awesome that fast. 
Did you get the picture of me with the Clevelands'? Sister Hodges may not have sent them yet. 
Friday, we had district meeting and got to go eat with Elder T (district leader) and Elder H. They are both awesome. Elder T I don't think sometimes knows how to deal with a district full of girls now, but they're learning to love us :) 
I saw Elder H again. He didn't say anything. haha :) 
We got to go eat with the Meddles to Sal's Pizzeria. It's a local place and it was awesome! I'm trying to train Sister O on eating at places that are only in Indiana. :) (she gets that from her father – never eat at restaurant chains – we have found some great places that way-Diane) 
Saturday was awesome! We got to serve in Indianapolis at the Special Olympics Softball State Tournament! Oh it was so awesome! It made me miss Devan! Tell him to write me! But there were such awesome people. They're all definitely going to be exalted long before any of us. A guy named P (see pictures) told us right at first that he wanted us to have a picture with him. He was funny. Then we had M and F (see pictures) following Sister O and I around. They were funny. They kept hugging us. Oh and don't forget E. She was busting a move to Another One Bites the dust (yes, they were playing worldly music. It was weird). She was AWESOME! I loved getting to hand them their medals. They were SOOOOOOOO excited. That night was also the night we had dinner with the S's. Seriously, they're awesome. 
Sundays are always great. They're refreshing. We also got to go with the S's (they should be contacting you soon. They're fantastic) to meet a former investigator who LOVED the elders. Hopefully he'll love us too.  
Oh and such a cool experience! We met this guy in his driveway named Greg. He was totally ripping the church. He was trying to tell us all these things we believed and that we weren't worthy to be missionaries by God's standards and that we didn't put Christ as the head of the church and all this shrap. Sister O was trying to defend us, but it wasn't working cause he just kept interrupting. So I just flat out bore my testimony to him and wouldn't let him interrupt. It was AWESOME. It was such an awesome thing cause I have never borne my testimony to someone who didn't believe anything the church said. He didn't have much to say after that. He had read the Book of Mormon, but had never prayed about it, so I invited him to do that. Maybe we'll go back and see if he did. Sis. O'Brien also gave him the Articles of Faith. So hopefully his heart is softened. But it was so great. One of my favorite experiences so far. 
So funny thing about Indiana: 
People say Motor-sickle (Motorcycle) like dead seriously. I always just thought dad was joking when he said it like that, but people really do say it. 
Supposedly, their claim to fame is this game called Corn Hole...look it up. I don't really understand it. (I was watching a House Hunters episode the other day and one of the requirements was a backyard big enough to play Corn Hole!-Diane) 
Look up a "Yankee Flipper" bird feeder. A guy told us about his and it sounds awesome. (I looked it up and watched a You Tube video - it is entertaining-Diane)
One request: 
Will you send me "Patience: A heavenly Virtue" by President Monson in Nov. 1995 ensign? 
Oh and I need an address for Jared. I thought I put his name on there last week, but I guess not. 
Well, Love ya'll! The gospel is TRUE! How's PMG coming? It's awesome, right? 
Until next week, 
-Sista Darc

 Walking the bike trails
Sister O walking the mini horse
The GPS telling us to go through the cemetery
Us with P at the Special Olympics
Sister O dancing with E
Sister O and I with M and F
Us four sisters with our medals!
Dinner at the Simpsons

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