Sunday, September 29, 2013

Monday? Already?

Crazy that it's already time to email again. WHAT!

I got your email after I already sent you a short one that you were on the plane. Have fun in Minnesota! Tell Stacy, Mike, and El hello for me and that I love them! And get them my letters! (I had already sent them in my defense)

To answer your questions/respond from the last two weeks' letters:

Devan is a funny kid. At least he knew where the car was! (Devan Tueller attends the USU football games with us & the other night we couldn’t find him but he had headed back to the vehicle without us) Tell him to write me and update me on the Aggies. Which it sounds like the Aggies are doing pretty well. Almost beat USC, yeah?

Tell Kiley to definitely talk to Adam! I didn't know him really well, but we knew of each other. He was a nice kid. Hopefully she's having fun in college. Can't believe we're all so old!

I laughed so hard at Brenden's letter that a letter from a recent convert is better than a letter from a girl back home. Oh that kid. Glad he's doing well.

Tell Tyree hi for me if you see her again. Ask her if she got my letters too. Maybe they'll just be at the MTC forever if she left before they got there. (Darcie worked at Education Week in Rexburg and had the kids she was counselor over write letters to some of her missionary friends – she did receive the letters – I had just forgotten to tell Darcie)

Hopefully that addressed most things....I can't think of anything else from them that I needed to tell ya. I try to keep a list throughout the week cause I forget...

Only question for this week:

Will you send me Jeffery R. Holland's "My Words Never Cease" from Apr. 2008 Conference? I have to give a talk on Oct. 20 or 27 and we can't find that Ensign.

Alrighty. So more funny and odd and awesome and random things from this week:

Holy lightning and thunder storms. No me gusta. It was so loud and so long. Nothing like Utah storms. Thank heavens no tornados. God (not cussing – she is simply addressing him) knows I'd think about leaving if a tornado came :) But the storms are crazy.

So you know how we clean a barn on Tuesdays? Well this week, Sister O and I were in charge of cleaning the pasture. And that means Poop scoop. Sis. O hasn't scooped one bit of poop in her life. It was HILARIOUS. She got cultured real fast. I actually like that job because it didn't make me sneeze and it was quiet. Sis. O also tried to spit cause we had to dump out the vacuum that gets all the dust and crap up off the floor and it was gross and you would have laughed. It was good that I had male influence in my life to learn how to spit. It was definitely hilarious and a lot more slobbery than it should have been. I wish I had a video to show you how funny it was. (Thank you Chuck & Zach & all her male friends who like to spit)

An annoying thing about Indiana. The only light in living rooms and bedrooms is lamps. Weird, right? It's so dark in everyone's houses because there are no ceiling lights. Weird. And obnoxious. I need about 30 lamps to make up for the lack of light cause I hate trying to study in dim light.

Oh and guess what. It's a Christmas miracle my GPS still works. I guess it fell out of my bag when I was getting out of the car one day and I realized it was gone so we went out in the rain looking for it and there it was in the grass getting rained on. The volume and everything still works. I don't know what it is with us and GPS's, but at least mine still lives! :)

Sister Howard didn't know who Bill Clinton was. She said wasn't he some politician guy? Only the president of the United States! Funny.

And people never leave Indiana. I swear like 4 generations of every family lives here. And then they all marry other families that have lived here forever so everyone is related. It's crazy.

So this week was pretty good. We had better luck with lessons and contacting people, but we are working on actually finding investigators. We haven't had much luck. We're trying to re-vamp our methods to try to get some new investigators cause our baptismal goal is 6 for Oct-Dec for the Plainfield area. Keep in mind they haven't had a baptism for over a year. WHAT. So we and the ward have a lot of work to do. But I have faith we can do it. The work is picking up already. We just have to find those people that have been sitting around for the last year at least waiting for the truth. There's definitely a reason we sisters are here. Not that the Elders were bad, but something had to change. We're ready to do it.

I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY! It's hard, but it's sooooo good!

And just an FYI, I usually get dad's letters on Thursday and Mom's on Saturday, if that gives you any idea of how long it takes to get here.

Much love. I miss ya'll but the gospel is true so I'm here sharin' it! Can't believe I'm in my second month already. Gracie says I've been gone forever. Talk to ya next week!


P.S. Grandma is putting together a birthday list for me. Will you get the Heusser side on there? Cause it would be very helpful. Cause I don't wanna forget.

Pictures (they may be out of order cause the upload thing is being weird...):

 Sister R, Sister H, and I Nacho Libre smiling. 
Pull up a picture of him and compare. Is it close? :)

Sister O and I drinking Apple Cider Slushies. BEST THING EVER. We found this place called Anderson Orchards cause Sister P (She's awesome too.) took us there after a lesson and bought us corn (which really is worse than Utah corn. So much for Indiana being famous for good corn) and carmel apples and slushies. We stopped the next day to get another slushie.

The slushie.

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