Monday, September 9, 2013

1 Month! Whaaaat!

Can you believe that this week I'll already be out a month?! Where does time go? That's something I'm going to ask God. I want to know.

I actually do know Elder H, so tell his grandparents and parents! He got to Indiana the same day I did, except he was coming from Mexico. He's very shy. I think he's said about 7 words to my 80. haha :) He's doing well though. He's in my zone, so I see him quite a bit.

I met a guy who knew Camille Fronk Olsen. Small world.

I also met someone from Zach's mission. He's in the ward here in Plainfield. SMALLER WORLD.

Thanks for your prayers! We need them!

Funny story: There is a high school here in Indiana in Frankfurt. And you'll never guess what their mascot is. HOT DOGS. Pathetic, but awesome, right? :)

Well, this week went a lot smoother than last since we're a little more organized. We still didn't get the numbers we wanted, but it felt so much more productive for our investigators and for us. It was awesome. We still have J, the 12 year old, on track to get baptized conference weekend. He is seriously awesome. Golden Investigator. He wants nothing more than to be baptized. He absorbs knowledge like crazy. It's so awesome. His mom and sister are becoming active again, so that's sweet too.

Guess what. I rode a bike in a skirt this week. WORST THING EVER. There's a reason they don't have sisters on bikes very often. I think the biggest reason it was bad was because they were crappy walmart bikes. If dad was here to take care of it and we actually invested in a good Trek or something, it wouldn't be so bad. Sister H also wrecked on the one I was riding, so the wheels were wobbly and the brake was rubbing. No me gusta. Sister O and I prefer walking more. No more bikes. haha. We hopefully are getting another car soon too, so that would be helpful and I feel like it would make our work SO MUCH MORE EFFECTIVE.

We met the funniest guy the other day. He was Catholic at the first of his life, then "got saved" and became Baptist. We tried talking to him, but I think he had had a few too many smokes and couldn't focus. We asked him to pray and he was like Oh no. So, so much for "being saved" and living right.

We also talked to a lady for a solid 30 minutes. She had told us that some girls in skirts had dropped off a pamphlet and we asked her what it was about and she said she couldn't remember. We had a good conversation and then asked her if she would like to know more and she said "You know, I don't think so." After all that. She was hilarious.

We had a less active lady that also told us she only has one specific mormon she talks to...What? Strange.

I have also found that the number one excuse is "We're comfortable". LAME. I just want to tell them that they need this. Their salvation is at stake! :)

I love being a missionary though. It's definitely hard, exhausting, and sometimes not rewarding at all, but the moments, like when Jonathan commits to being baptized, make up for that all. HOW GREAT SHALL BE YOUR JOY WHEN ONE SOUL ENTERS THE KINGDOM OF GOD. Love it. Missionary work is the BOMB.

We had the opportunity to go to "Why I Believe" last night with one of the members from our ward (Sister T! She went to USU. Her and her hubby are THE BEST!) and a girl that wants to go on a mission. She's a foster care daughter that lives with a baptist black lady that is legit. I think she just needs help being more active, so I think spending time with us was good. At "Why I Believe", missionaries bring their investigators to hear recent converts and soon-to-be-converts testimonies. It was awesome. I really enjoyed it. I love to see the light in people when they talk about their love of the gospel. We're hopefully going to have the girl we took bear her testimony at one soon. She's been a member about 2 years, but hasn't ever shared her conversion story til with us last night. So that was awesome.

The members here are awesome. They are all so excited about missionary work. They are definitely different than "Utah Mormons" but they cook pretty good food and run the church well, so it's all good :) I expect you to give a lot of referrals to the missionaries. I am finding out how helpful they are.

Oh my heavens there are some sort of bug here that is eating me alive. No me gusta. They must like me cause my legs are splotchy with all the bites. I gotta get repellant today.

Well, my time is about up here. I'm glad to be emailing you. The week flew by. I miss ya'll, but only 17 more months! I gotta work hard to get people converted before then! :)

The gospel is definitely true. I knew it before, but seeing it change people's life is an even bigger testimony to me of its truthfulness. I absolutely love it and I want everyone to have it and believe it! But all we're here to do is introduce them and let them have their agency. As long as we bring them one step closer to Christ, that's all that matters.

I'll try to take more pictures. I'm not very good at it here in the field.


The gospel is true. If you don't have a testimony yet, work on it. It is worth every effort and sacrifice. The Lord blesses all those who work hard to come to Him.

Read the "Prayer" definition in the Bible Dictionary. I did a lot of studying on prayer this week. MIND BLOWN. Love it. Make it natural and instinctive!

Until next week,
Sista Darcie Christensen!

 Us at Al's Donuts. I had never really found a donut I loved,
but these donuts. WOAH. Love it.
They're a family owned business that's super chill
and closes when they want
and opens when they want. It's legit.
Al's donut sign.

Road Kill. You'd be amazed how much there is.

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