Monday, September 30, 2013

Sista Christensen Here!

Hello there! :) It's great to talk to ya'll once again! It's been a quick week since last Monday!

INDY MISSION IS ON FACEBOOK! Go like it and share it! It's Read up on Coach Cleveland's articles with Paul George. Pretty legit. We have an awesome Mission President.

Go Aggies. I'm sad they lost to USC, but I'm glad they didn't get creamed. Is USC any good this year? Keep me updated. Hopefully they kill the Cougars.

I can't believe Dad that you felt good after the marathon. Does that mean you're doing another one? :) (He always says it is his last but then I find him training for another one – Diane) I'm glad Fresno was good. All that food sounded amazing. I can't wait until our primary program. It's definitely one of my favorite Sunday's of the year.

So let's see...this past week was awesome. Monday was just P-Day...always a good day. We get to go down to Indy to play with the other missionaries. We usually play chair soccer and volleyball and such. And do all our normal car wash, grocery shoppin stuff. Then we had a cancelled appointment so we talked for a while to a lady downstairs named Vanessa. She loves to talk religion. She actually wears a skirt every day and wants to go skirt shopping with us cause she says they're cute. haha :) But we had a lesson with her and she's pretty interested in what we do as missionaries.

Tuesday was awesome. It was my first exchange. I was with Sister P (I didn't get a picture before she left). She had such an excitement about talking to everyone, which is what I needed since that's what we've been struggling with. We found a lot of potential investigators, so hopefully those turn into investigators this week. She was awesome at back-up plans too, which definitely pays off. I'm seeing the blessings of it. It seems like appointments work out more often when you have backup plans. But exchanges are just what Sister O and I needed as a rejuvenation for missionary work! We're excited.

Wednesday, Sister O and I had a specialized Trainer/Trainee meeting in Fishers.
It was awesome. President is such a motivator and the Assistants (Elder R and Elder S) gave awesome trainings about productive study, planning, and using the pamphlets and social media. They're hoping we have iPads/iPhones in the next 6 or so months. I do definitely miss the convenience of a smart phone cause our phones are definitely not smart. The training ended up going 2 hours over because of a testimony meeting. We rode with some YSA sisters (Sister B and Sister W) from Indy, so members picked us up from the chapel down there and had to wait forever, so that was bad, but we made it.

Thursday was just contacting and lessons. Nothing super exciting that sticks out, but talking to people! :)

Friday, we had some awesome lessons with investigators and less actives and just contacted people. Oh and we stopped and helped out Genie and the Lutherans set up their fall festival next door to our apartments (google's a cool church!)! That was fun!

Saturday was fun. We had correlation in the morning then studied at the church cause the other sisters had a lesson then we stopped at the Lutheran festival to say hi to Genie and met their pastor, so that was cool. It's always nice to meet religious people and show them that we're not quite as weird and crazy as everyone says. Then we had a baptism for an investigator of the other sisters. She's known the church was true for a long time but finally turned 18 and got baptized. Then we got to go to Brownsburg with Sister B to a relief society project before the broadcast. We started out donating blood. I did fine but Sister O got lightheaded and nauseated, Sister R got all pale and nearly passed out, and Sister H did pass out, so maybe it wasn't the best idea. haha :) Then we did some humanitarian stuff and watched the broadcast. It was awesome! Sister B laughed with us all the way home. She's an awesome lady. She's so sassy and says Motor-sickle. :)

Sunday was great as usual. I love the Sabbath. We had a lesson with J again and then we met with a former investigator. He knows the church is true, but can't believe it's the ONLY true one, so we're going to work with him. He seems like a Mormon already and defends the church and everything, so hopefully soon. Oh and it was Sister H's birthday, so that was fun! Happy 21st to her!

This morning, we had to go to a sketch rental car place to get a car because ours is in the shop cause the elders got backed into. It'll be good to have it fixed!

And that's about it. The work is hastening, I can feel it. This week, we're GOING TO FIND NEW INVESTIGATORS! I just know it. :) Keep praying for missionary opportunities. President Cleveland heard from a stake president that patriarchal blessings are starting to say that these people will see Christ. Crazy, right? So we need to hasten QUICK! It can only hasten fully through the members. Make gospel conversations simple. I invite each of you (that means everyone who reads this) to have a gospel conversation this week. Report back to me, okay? :)

Love ya'll! This gospel is true and I absolutely love it. Everyone deserves to have it. Even in Indiana where everyone says they already have a church :)


Until next week,

Sista Christensen

Sister O and I with our Lutheran mugs.

Donating Blood.

 Sister H after passing out.

Sister H and her confetti.
You can see that our apartment was covered in it.
Me and the Birthday girl.

Sister R and I after donating blood. She's a little pale. :)


Sunday, September 29, 2013

Monday? Already?

Crazy that it's already time to email again. WHAT!

I got your email after I already sent you a short one that you were on the plane. Have fun in Minnesota! Tell Stacy, Mike, and El hello for me and that I love them! And get them my letters! (I had already sent them in my defense)

To answer your questions/respond from the last two weeks' letters:

Devan is a funny kid. At least he knew where the car was! (Devan Tueller attends the USU football games with us & the other night we couldn’t find him but he had headed back to the vehicle without us) Tell him to write me and update me on the Aggies. Which it sounds like the Aggies are doing pretty well. Almost beat USC, yeah?

Tell Kiley to definitely talk to Adam! I didn't know him really well, but we knew of each other. He was a nice kid. Hopefully she's having fun in college. Can't believe we're all so old!

I laughed so hard at Brenden's letter that a letter from a recent convert is better than a letter from a girl back home. Oh that kid. Glad he's doing well.

Tell Tyree hi for me if you see her again. Ask her if she got my letters too. Maybe they'll just be at the MTC forever if she left before they got there. (Darcie worked at Education Week in Rexburg and had the kids she was counselor over write letters to some of her missionary friends – she did receive the letters – I had just forgotten to tell Darcie)

Hopefully that addressed most things....I can't think of anything else from them that I needed to tell ya. I try to keep a list throughout the week cause I forget...

Only question for this week:

Will you send me Jeffery R. Holland's "My Words Never Cease" from Apr. 2008 Conference? I have to give a talk on Oct. 20 or 27 and we can't find that Ensign.

Alrighty. So more funny and odd and awesome and random things from this week:

Holy lightning and thunder storms. No me gusta. It was so loud and so long. Nothing like Utah storms. Thank heavens no tornados. God (not cussing – she is simply addressing him) knows I'd think about leaving if a tornado came :) But the storms are crazy.

So you know how we clean a barn on Tuesdays? Well this week, Sister O and I were in charge of cleaning the pasture. And that means Poop scoop. Sis. O hasn't scooped one bit of poop in her life. It was HILARIOUS. She got cultured real fast. I actually like that job because it didn't make me sneeze and it was quiet. Sis. O also tried to spit cause we had to dump out the vacuum that gets all the dust and crap up off the floor and it was gross and you would have laughed. It was good that I had male influence in my life to learn how to spit. It was definitely hilarious and a lot more slobbery than it should have been. I wish I had a video to show you how funny it was. (Thank you Chuck & Zach & all her male friends who like to spit)

An annoying thing about Indiana. The only light in living rooms and bedrooms is lamps. Weird, right? It's so dark in everyone's houses because there are no ceiling lights. Weird. And obnoxious. I need about 30 lamps to make up for the lack of light cause I hate trying to study in dim light.

Oh and guess what. It's a Christmas miracle my GPS still works. I guess it fell out of my bag when I was getting out of the car one day and I realized it was gone so we went out in the rain looking for it and there it was in the grass getting rained on. The volume and everything still works. I don't know what it is with us and GPS's, but at least mine still lives! :)

Sister Howard didn't know who Bill Clinton was. She said wasn't he some politician guy? Only the president of the United States! Funny.

And people never leave Indiana. I swear like 4 generations of every family lives here. And then they all marry other families that have lived here forever so everyone is related. It's crazy.

So this week was pretty good. We had better luck with lessons and contacting people, but we are working on actually finding investigators. We haven't had much luck. We're trying to re-vamp our methods to try to get some new investigators cause our baptismal goal is 6 for Oct-Dec for the Plainfield area. Keep in mind they haven't had a baptism for over a year. WHAT. So we and the ward have a lot of work to do. But I have faith we can do it. The work is picking up already. We just have to find those people that have been sitting around for the last year at least waiting for the truth. There's definitely a reason we sisters are here. Not that the Elders were bad, but something had to change. We're ready to do it.

I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY! It's hard, but it's sooooo good!

And just an FYI, I usually get dad's letters on Thursday and Mom's on Saturday, if that gives you any idea of how long it takes to get here.

Much love. I miss ya'll but the gospel is true so I'm here sharin' it! Can't believe I'm in my second month already. Gracie says I've been gone forever. Talk to ya next week!


P.S. Grandma is putting together a birthday list for me. Will you get the Heusser side on there? Cause it would be very helpful. Cause I don't wanna forget.

Pictures (they may be out of order cause the upload thing is being weird...):

 Sister R, Sister H, and I Nacho Libre smiling. 
Pull up a picture of him and compare. Is it close? :)

Sister O and I drinking Apple Cider Slushies. BEST THING EVER. We found this place called Anderson Orchards cause Sister P (She's awesome too.) took us there after a lesson and bought us corn (which really is worse than Utah corn. So much for Indiana being famous for good corn) and carmel apples and slushies. We stopped the next day to get another slushie.

The slushie.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Monday, Monday. . . so good to me. . .

I could go for a breakfast burrito right now...CASA SAUCE! (Chuck took me to Taco Time this morning before he left for Fresno-Diane) 
HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! I love you two! Lame that dad has to go to Fresno, but oh well. Happy Anniversary anyway. (It is our 24th anniversary - today-Diane) 
The S's are AWESOME! I love them. Their daughter Emma is leaving for her mission on Wednesday to Vancouver Washington.  
I better get Chantry's wedding invite. Tell him to write me (you can get on my Facebook to tell him.) and tell him to give me the deets on his life! 
TELL DAVE TO HOOK ME UP WITH DAVID. I kinda freaked out. I wanna marry that boy. He should be home from his mission soon. (Chuck’s childhood friend is married to David Archuleta’s mom-Diane) 
Thanks for delivering the letters. Um, I sent the advice letter to Gma and Gpa....I sent it the day before I left the MTC...maybe it got lost?? Lame. Cause it was huge and awesome. Ask Gma and Gpa if they got it. There was a letter for them in it too. 
So this week was fun. We taught J again this week. He's still awesome. He's hopefully getting baptized the 4th. We just have to make sure we get through the lessons by then! We had tons of appointments cancel this week, but we did a lot of visiting with the members and ended up with 5+ referrals, so the work is picking up! We have a goal this week to talk to EVERYONE. So hopefully that will help us find too.  
We were trying to find a member's house and my GPS took us through the cemetery (see pictures) as like a legitimate road. It had no idea. I don't know if I pinned the wrong thing or what. It was pretty funny.
We get to do service every week at a therapeutic horse barn. Hello sneezing! But it was fun to clean the bar, walk the horses, and fill the troughs. The elders have been serving there for about 4 years, so we'll keep that up. 
We got to meet some less actives this week too. There are WAAYYYYYY too many of them in this ward, so we gotta get a move on getting them to church! 
Thursday, we had zone conference in Carmel. I saw the Panera that I'm pretty sure we ate at. (when Darcie & I were in Indiana visiting Stacy a few years ago) President Cleveland is so awesome. He teaches just like a coach. It's so motivating and I love it. Sister O and Sister H and Sister R got blessings while we were there from the district and zone leaders. Every time I hear a blessing by an elder, it's a testament to me of how real the priesthood is. It's funny how obnoxious 18 year old boys can be, but when they give blessings, they are completely different. The priesthood is DEFINITLEY real. It's proof the church is true cause there is no way anyone could go from obnoxious to awesome that fast. 
Did you get the picture of me with the Clevelands'? Sister Hodges may not have sent them yet. 
Friday, we had district meeting and got to go eat with Elder T (district leader) and Elder H. They are both awesome. Elder T I don't think sometimes knows how to deal with a district full of girls now, but they're learning to love us :) 
I saw Elder H again. He didn't say anything. haha :) 
We got to go eat with the Meddles to Sal's Pizzeria. It's a local place and it was awesome! I'm trying to train Sister O on eating at places that are only in Indiana. :) (she gets that from her father – never eat at restaurant chains – we have found some great places that way-Diane) 
Saturday was awesome! We got to serve in Indianapolis at the Special Olympics Softball State Tournament! Oh it was so awesome! It made me miss Devan! Tell him to write me! But there were such awesome people. They're all definitely going to be exalted long before any of us. A guy named P (see pictures) told us right at first that he wanted us to have a picture with him. He was funny. Then we had M and F (see pictures) following Sister O and I around. They were funny. They kept hugging us. Oh and don't forget E. She was busting a move to Another One Bites the dust (yes, they were playing worldly music. It was weird). She was AWESOME! I loved getting to hand them their medals. They were SOOOOOOOO excited. That night was also the night we had dinner with the S's. Seriously, they're awesome. 
Sundays are always great. They're refreshing. We also got to go with the S's (they should be contacting you soon. They're fantastic) to meet a former investigator who LOVED the elders. Hopefully he'll love us too.  
Oh and such a cool experience! We met this guy in his driveway named Greg. He was totally ripping the church. He was trying to tell us all these things we believed and that we weren't worthy to be missionaries by God's standards and that we didn't put Christ as the head of the church and all this shrap. Sister O was trying to defend us, but it wasn't working cause he just kept interrupting. So I just flat out bore my testimony to him and wouldn't let him interrupt. It was AWESOME. It was such an awesome thing cause I have never borne my testimony to someone who didn't believe anything the church said. He didn't have much to say after that. He had read the Book of Mormon, but had never prayed about it, so I invited him to do that. Maybe we'll go back and see if he did. Sis. O'Brien also gave him the Articles of Faith. So hopefully his heart is softened. But it was so great. One of my favorite experiences so far. 
So funny thing about Indiana: 
People say Motor-sickle (Motorcycle) like dead seriously. I always just thought dad was joking when he said it like that, but people really do say it. 
Supposedly, their claim to fame is this game called Corn Hole...look it up. I don't really understand it. (I was watching a House Hunters episode the other day and one of the requirements was a backyard big enough to play Corn Hole!-Diane) 
Look up a "Yankee Flipper" bird feeder. A guy told us about his and it sounds awesome. (I looked it up and watched a You Tube video - it is entertaining-Diane)
One request: 
Will you send me "Patience: A heavenly Virtue" by President Monson in Nov. 1995 ensign? 
Oh and I need an address for Jared. I thought I put his name on there last week, but I guess not. 
Well, Love ya'll! The gospel is TRUE! How's PMG coming? It's awesome, right? 
Until next week, 
-Sista Darc

 Walking the bike trails
Sister O walking the mini horse
The GPS telling us to go through the cemetery
Us with P at the Special Olympics
Sister O dancing with E
Sister O and I with M and F
Us four sisters with our medals!
Dinner at the Simpsons

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Monday, September 9, 2013

1 Month! Whaaaat!

Can you believe that this week I'll already be out a month?! Where does time go? That's something I'm going to ask God. I want to know.

I actually do know Elder H, so tell his grandparents and parents! He got to Indiana the same day I did, except he was coming from Mexico. He's very shy. I think he's said about 7 words to my 80. haha :) He's doing well though. He's in my zone, so I see him quite a bit.

I met a guy who knew Camille Fronk Olsen. Small world.

I also met someone from Zach's mission. He's in the ward here in Plainfield. SMALLER WORLD.

Thanks for your prayers! We need them!

Funny story: There is a high school here in Indiana in Frankfurt. And you'll never guess what their mascot is. HOT DOGS. Pathetic, but awesome, right? :)

Well, this week went a lot smoother than last since we're a little more organized. We still didn't get the numbers we wanted, but it felt so much more productive for our investigators and for us. It was awesome. We still have J, the 12 year old, on track to get baptized conference weekend. He is seriously awesome. Golden Investigator. He wants nothing more than to be baptized. He absorbs knowledge like crazy. It's so awesome. His mom and sister are becoming active again, so that's sweet too.

Guess what. I rode a bike in a skirt this week. WORST THING EVER. There's a reason they don't have sisters on bikes very often. I think the biggest reason it was bad was because they were crappy walmart bikes. If dad was here to take care of it and we actually invested in a good Trek or something, it wouldn't be so bad. Sister H also wrecked on the one I was riding, so the wheels were wobbly and the brake was rubbing. No me gusta. Sister O and I prefer walking more. No more bikes. haha. We hopefully are getting another car soon too, so that would be helpful and I feel like it would make our work SO MUCH MORE EFFECTIVE.

We met the funniest guy the other day. He was Catholic at the first of his life, then "got saved" and became Baptist. We tried talking to him, but I think he had had a few too many smokes and couldn't focus. We asked him to pray and he was like Oh no. So, so much for "being saved" and living right.

We also talked to a lady for a solid 30 minutes. She had told us that some girls in skirts had dropped off a pamphlet and we asked her what it was about and she said she couldn't remember. We had a good conversation and then asked her if she would like to know more and she said "You know, I don't think so." After all that. She was hilarious.

We had a less active lady that also told us she only has one specific mormon she talks to...What? Strange.

I have also found that the number one excuse is "We're comfortable". LAME. I just want to tell them that they need this. Their salvation is at stake! :)

I love being a missionary though. It's definitely hard, exhausting, and sometimes not rewarding at all, but the moments, like when Jonathan commits to being baptized, make up for that all. HOW GREAT SHALL BE YOUR JOY WHEN ONE SOUL ENTERS THE KINGDOM OF GOD. Love it. Missionary work is the BOMB.

We had the opportunity to go to "Why I Believe" last night with one of the members from our ward (Sister T! She went to USU. Her and her hubby are THE BEST!) and a girl that wants to go on a mission. She's a foster care daughter that lives with a baptist black lady that is legit. I think she just needs help being more active, so I think spending time with us was good. At "Why I Believe", missionaries bring their investigators to hear recent converts and soon-to-be-converts testimonies. It was awesome. I really enjoyed it. I love to see the light in people when they talk about their love of the gospel. We're hopefully going to have the girl we took bear her testimony at one soon. She's been a member about 2 years, but hasn't ever shared her conversion story til with us last night. So that was awesome.

The members here are awesome. They are all so excited about missionary work. They are definitely different than "Utah Mormons" but they cook pretty good food and run the church well, so it's all good :) I expect you to give a lot of referrals to the missionaries. I am finding out how helpful they are.

Oh my heavens there are some sort of bug here that is eating me alive. No me gusta. They must like me cause my legs are splotchy with all the bites. I gotta get repellant today.

Well, my time is about up here. I'm glad to be emailing you. The week flew by. I miss ya'll, but only 17 more months! I gotta work hard to get people converted before then! :)

The gospel is definitely true. I knew it before, but seeing it change people's life is an even bigger testimony to me of its truthfulness. I absolutely love it and I want everyone to have it and believe it! But all we're here to do is introduce them and let them have their agency. As long as we bring them one step closer to Christ, that's all that matters.

I'll try to take more pictures. I'm not very good at it here in the field.


The gospel is true. If you don't have a testimony yet, work on it. It is worth every effort and sacrifice. The Lord blesses all those who work hard to come to Him.

Read the "Prayer" definition in the Bible Dictionary. I did a lot of studying on prayer this week. MIND BLOWN. Love it. Make it natural and instinctive!

Until next week,
Sista Darcie Christensen!

 Us at Al's Donuts. I had never really found a donut I loved,
but these donuts. WOAH. Love it.
They're a family owned business that's super chill
and closes when they want
and opens when they want. It's legit.
Al's donut sign.

Road Kill. You'd be amazed how much there is.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

A day late. . .

SORRY! Labor Day made the library closed, so we didn't get to email :( I swear eventually my letters will come weekly!

Well, I'm here in PLAINFIELD, INDIANA! (19 miles southwest of Indianapolis)

I haven't got Dad's Dear Elder here, so that's strange, but they should start coming now hopefully.

So after I talked to you, we got on the plane and didn't fly out til like 8:15 because they had to manually start the plane because of electrical issues. Scary right? I HATE DELTA. Tell Gma and Gpa. They'll love that I agree. Then we flew to Detroit then had a delayed flight there (luckily or we might not have made it to the connection). There was the coolest lady on the flight there. Her name was Carmen. She was a devout catholic and had no interest in being converted, but had so many questions. So I got to missionary work right away. She had a lot of friends that were LDS, so she just needed clarification. I also referred her to for more answers too. She told me she would pray for me. She was a sweetie. Hopefully the missionaries find her in Cali. She was on her way to Paris. But after we ate in Detroit (it was a legit airport), we took the 30 min hop of a flight to Indiana. Pres and Sis Cleveland were so excited. They are adorable. Coach looks the same. :) I didn't get to interview with him, but hopefully we'll get to talk a little bball soon. Have the Aggies played yet? Hopefully they'll dominate. We had testimony meeting that night and then stayed with some sisters in a sketchy apartment in Carmel on an Indy Car mattress. Carmel is beautiful. I want to bring you all back. Especially the temple. It's going up quick! I heard a date of October 2014, so hopefully that's true!

The next day, we had training and got our companions. My companion is Sister O. She's 6'1''. She's an awesome missionary. We haven't been able to do a whole lot of teaching because the elders left horrible notes and we're just trying to get organized with the other companionship of sisters that live with us and share the area. We're all brand new to the area, so it's basically opening a new area. I just think the elders were stuck with the work, so sisters will be good. Our apartment is way nice. I have a walk in closet. Who would have thought that would happen on the mission.

We taught a part member family our first night and their 12 year old son has a baptismal date for late Sept. He is awesome and has great desires. His mom and sister are trying to get active again, so that's good.

We have basically just spent a lot of time organizing. I know, not too exciting, but the work will hasten this week, I can feel it! The ward here is awesome. They are excited about missionary work, especially since there are sisters now. The other sisters got dropped by a few people because they weren't the elders, but they were obviously investigating for the wrong reasons, so that's okay.

GOOD NEWS: I ate Hoosier Pie (sugar cream) and oh my it was good. Sister J made it for us. She's famous for her pies. It was fantastic. Her husband is a mirror image of Mike Van Noy. No lie. So far, there's not too much weird food. A lot of people with their shirts off.

We got asked to go to the mall with two 16 year old boys. It was pretty funny.

It was 99 the other day and a lot of humidity. We were a little sweaty to say the least.

Yesterday, we were going to Indy to play with our zone at a church, got completely lost in the literal Ghetto, and a black man walking down the street got mad at us, so that was exciting.

Our zone getting ice cream.

 Our district with Sister Coltrin (teacher)

Our district with Brother Palmer (teacher)

Well, I'm about out of time, so I'm going to send another email with pictures and call it good until next Monday (hopefully Monday....)

LOVE YOU ALL! This gospel is true! How's reading PMG going?

Would you all send me your favorite scripture? K thanks!


Sister Darcie, OUT!

More Pictures!

The first is with the Zone Leaders we were able to be Sister Training Leaders with
(Elder W and Elder P- They're going to Jamaica)

 Next is my travel buddy, Sister C (from Twin Falls).

 Next is the temple in Carmel! It looks so good!

 Next is the mattress I slept on the first night. Questionable. And hurt my neck.

First, my walk in closet. My very first one ever.

Next, A rat trap the elders left. We thought it was for real a problem,
but then we found a note on the back that said JK.

 Next, A random rooster that was in our freezer made of corn kernels. Weird....

 Last, me and my companion, Sista O from Littleton Colorado!

All the sisters are still emailing...I thought we were running out of time but I'll keep talking to ya. :)

So basically, I miss the mountains already. I'm kind of getting the hang of what direction is what, but it'll take me a while to master it for sure. I absolutely HATE the roads here. Utah had it right trying to do a grid system. Nothing here is in a square. There are roads going all different directions and craziness. That's why I need my GPS. OH! And please update it before you send it! The cord is in the bottom middle box thing in the van (below the cupholders). All you have to do is plug it into my laptop and open the garmin program. GRACIAS! Hopefully it makes it here okay. Sister O'Brien dropped hers the other day and it no longer works. I'm going to get a lanyard or something for mine, cause we use it while walking, so I don't want to drop it.

I guess I'll give you a list of the people that were in my MTC district so in case you run into their parents online like with Zach's

Sister Meridien Handy from San Diego.

Sister Jennifer Cutler from Twin Falls.

Sister Alecia Jeffery from Mountain Home.

Elder Zackary Lindhardt from Logan, Utah (He graduated with Cole).

Elder Ryan Halversen from Rigby.

Elder Samuel Jenks from Farmington (by Smith's).

Elder Dustin Shirley from Washington.

We had an awesome zone. We had missionaries going to Jamaica, Washington Everett, and Iowa Des Moines. There was a Sister Wilkinson from Leeds England going to Jamaica. She was seriously one of the funniest people ever. Her companions were Sister Barney and Sister Chirinos. They all were my favorites. it was such a blessing to be in a zone with them as especially to be a Sister Training Leader for them because we got to visit with them every night. The sisters going to washington were awesome too. The MTC was fun, but it is great to be in Indiana.

Well I got to wrap it up now.

LOVE YOU!!!!! :)