Friday, August 23, 2013

She's Alive! (Mother just wondering because P-day was suppose to be yesterday!)

I'm so sorry I didn't email yesterday. Since we got transferred campuses, we had In-Field training yesterday and P-day today. I feel like it was forever and a half ago when you dropped me off, but time seems to be going so fast, so it's strange.

Travel Plans first:

I will be leaving the MTC for the airport on Tuesday August 27 at 3:30 AM. We will go through security, and then I will be able to call you before our flight leaves at 7:30. I will plan on calling Mom's phone. So I will probably be calling between 5:30-7:00. I will be flying Delta on flight 1422 to Detroit Metro, MI and then Flight 852 to Indianapolis. We arrive in Indiana at 3:00 PM their time. It's looking like my luggage will work out perfectly and we have scales here to measure the luggage, so that will be good. 

Dear Elder me if you have any questions because they get here fast. Just make sure to put the West MTC as the destination. Especially if I need to call Dad's phone that day too. I need his number if I do need to call him. 

Questions next:

Dad, do you remember seeing a mini hymn book when you were packing my room? I know I had one at one time, but I can't remember where. It would be good to have one, but don't buy one if you can't find mine. Just curious.

Mom, did you deliver my thank you notes? :)

Will you try to find for me the Character of Christ talk by David A. Bednar? It was an MTC devotional at Christmas a few years ago. I would love to have the written notes on it. And if you all can watch it and read it, that would be great. It will change your life. I think I'm going to watch it on Sunday again just because.

And just FYI, Elder Holland is giving devotional on the day I leave. I'm only a little super upset that I'm missing it. And Elder Scott talked at the Devo the day before we came. MY LIFE. At least General Conference is coming.

Okay so Sunday was like the greatest. I think that's the day I got to in writing to you. It was just a good day to sit down and had Me-and-God time. It was strange to have sacrament meeting with just our Zone, but kind of fun for how little it was. Sister Handy and I were called as the Sister Training Leaders for our zone, so we had a bunch of training on that. It is a fun call. We get to visit all the sisters and we got to train the new missionaries that came on Wednesday. We have awesome zone leaders too. LEGIT. And Sunday night, devo was by Vai Sikahema. You know, the guy who played for BYU when they won the Miracle Bowl and the National Championship? And played for the Cardinals, Packers, and Philly. And now is a broadcaster for the Olympics/NBC? Yeah, pretty legit. He gave an awesome talk about his mission and actually had one of his converts with him, so that was cool.

Monday, we had to clean bathrooms. Sister Handy was not very happy I volunteered us. The Elder's bathrooms were NASTY! There was hair everywhere, and not from the head if you know what I'm sayin'. It was gross. Sister Handy was so sick after, she had to get a blessing. Poor sister. I apologized for being the one who can't stand silence when they ask for volunteers. We packed like crazy Monday night.

Tuesday we moved, so we had like a half day to get settled.

Wednesday, we had an awesome lesson with our progressing investigator/teacher guy. We are slowly learning to teach people, not lessons. We have this awesome teacher guy that has helped us so much to figure out how to do that.

Yesterday, we had the most fantastic lesson with a TRC (Teaching Resource Center) investigator named Rachel. She was so nice and just wanted her questions answered. She had been to church, but really didn't know much. It was so natural to share the gospel with her. It was awesome!

And today is like the best. Not that I don't love studying and doing missionary work, but we haven't had gym time like forever and doing laundry was like the relaxing measure of the week. I know, pathetic that I'm excited to do laundry. But it was good to just sit and read a few conference talks while smelling laundry soap :)

Oh and I didn't tell you all thank you for all the letters! Our mail got a little backed up with our move, but I loved every single letter even if we did get them a little late!

And here's a list of things I've learned at the MTC so far.

1. The gospel is DEFINITELY true. The spirit of missionary work and the commitment of so many young people testifies that it is. The work is hastening my friends.

2. The priesthood is awesome. 18 year old boys sure can be obnoxious, but when they give blessings, you know the power is real. Love it.

3. They weren't kidding when they say you're busy as a missionary. They really forgot to give you time to go to the bathroom and shower.

4. Obedience DOES bring blessings.

5. Being yourself is one of the most useful tools in Missionary Work. They feel the gospel is true instead of hear it.

6. Christ lives. I want to become more like Him every single day.

7. The busier I am, the less I worry about the world (sorry fam. I really do miss you, but I don't really have time to think about it if I do all I'm supposed to do.)

8. It's strange to wear pants. Elders look at you really strange when you run to another apartment in your pajamas in the rain when you're going to visit other sisters. We almost got struck by lightning, but I'm pretty sure  since we were doing our duty, the Lord protected us :)

9. Don't put mail in the mailbox that isn't blue. ****IF YOU GET A LETTER IN FOREVER THAT SAYS THAT MY P-DAY IS CHANGED, THAT'S FALSE!*** They somehow didn't have the key to the mailbox I put it in, so I'm hoping they got it out, but if not, you might not get it for like 3 months.

10. Being in the MTC can make you do strange things for fun. It's a good thing I won't be here for 3 months.

Plus a lot more. I love it here, but I'm ready to leave.

People I've seen in the MTC: Elder Brady Wickstrom. Elder Carson Hardy. Sister WHITLEY DIXON. Sister King (the one Zach's age....Courtney I think???). Elder Parker and Landon Greenhalgh from AFY. Elder Cade Capener. A lot of people from school. Sister Ashley Williams from Deweyville. And I think that's all.

Well, the gospel is true! Missionary work is awesome! Please, please, please give referrals to the missionaries! It will help the work so much. BE A MEMBER MISSIONARY! :)

Pictures below:

Whit and I! I saw here a few times before she left and I transferred. She'll be a fantastic missionary.

The sisters in our district. Sister C (with the glasses and hair pulled up) Sister H (short dark hair) and Sister J (Glasses with hair down)

And me in front of the Marriott Center. Go Aggies. :)

I'll send another email with a few more.

Until next week, I LOVE YOU ALL! I will talk to you momma and papa on Tuesday early mornin! I'm excited to hear from you!


-Darcie (Sister Christensen...I kind of miss my first name...)

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