Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Darcie's First Handwritten Letter - Oh it was good to hear from her!

Hi MaMa & Dadio!
Geez it's busy here! I just barely got paper so I could write you and bought stamps. Seriously, there is no such thing as extra time here. Every minute is planned and rushed. I really do think they forgot that we need to shower, go to the bathroom, ya know, normal things. But it's pretty good so far! I think I'm glad I'll only be hear 2 weeks, but I'm learning a lot about how to love and really facilitate an environment the spirit can dwell in because the spirit converts people, not me. Today, we had our fist lesson with "Ed" who is our teacher playing an investigator. We taught well, but we forgot to love and get to know him because we were too caught up in teaching the lesson. TEACH PEOPLE, NOT LESSONS! Sister Handy and I have a goal to do that, so watch out world, we're going to rock! J

Sister Handy is awesome! She kinda reminds me of Katrina Perkins. J
She's really quiet but that's a good balance for loud me!  J

She is from San Diego and is about a foot shorter than me! But we're starting to study really well together, so that's good. She's just awesome. Sister Cutler & Sister Jeffery are the other 2 sisters in our district. They are awesome too. I'll make sure to send pictures next Thursday!

Oh, P.S. I'm getting moved to the West MTC on Tuesday the 20th. If you dear elder, I think you can choose West MTC but if you send mail, you should be able to just send it to my regular MTC address & they'll forward it. We actually don't pick up our own mail since there's so many missionaries so the District Leader picks it up twice a day for us. Hopefully the West MTC is a little easier to navigate. They say it's smaller, so we'll see! J
 Oh and I saw Whitley! Yesterday and today! I'll send a picture on Thursday! She leaves Wednesday morning for Vancouver. Glad I saw her! She actually lives on the same floor as me, so that's fun! I also saw Elder Greenhalgh (AFY), Elder Riley Skinner, Elder Tyson Jessop, Sister Ashley Williams (from Deweyville going to Canada Vancouver too), Elder Avery Fox (from Treetown), some sisters from Old Farm, & yeah I think that's it . . . crazy how many people I know here! Oh and Ben Eggli!

Well we finally got gym time today. HALLELUJA! It seriously was the best thing. As much as I love sitting then eating then sitting then eating. I was getting restless, so running & playing 4-square was fun. I am definitely going to exercise at least 4-5 times a week in the field! It may really be the most helpful hour in making the rest of the day productive.

Seriously though Mom, your food is wayyy better than this cafeteria food! But the food's alright, so I guess it's okay! J And their cookies have nothing on yours dadio! J

Well, I think that's about it for now so I actually have something to write about next Thursday. It seems forever away, but it'll come quick! And just remember, I'll send pictures. J

The gospel is true!

+ Sister Christensen
(I kinda miss Darcie . . . so also + Darcie)

P.S. Don't forget to read Preach My Gospel!


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  1. Thats nice how she keeps telling you the food is ok and yours is better. Brady LOVED the food there haha.