Thursday, August 15, 2013

Darcie's First email - She's doing great!

Hi Mama and Papa! 


Just letting you know that I am alive and well! My first day was awesome. I was exhausted at the end of the day, so that means it was good right! The question mark won't work because I think I am on a spanish computer...whoops. My companion and district are awesome. I'll send pictures and a longer letter next week! My p-day isn't until next Thursday, so I will try to get a letter off to you hopefully by tomorrow. But I think they forget that we need time to do shower. Or go to the bathroom. But it is all good! I'll find time for you guys! 800 missionaries came in yesterday, FYI.


Love ya'll! Hope you have a fantastic week! The gospel is true!


I haven't found Whit here yet, but hopefully soon! I did see Elder Greenhalgh who was at AFY last year. He got my letters I sent from Ed week and a couple of Sisters from my ward from last year, so that was fun. 


The food is nothing compared to yours momma but I'll survive :)



-Sister Christensen


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