Monday, December 30, 2013

Fwd: Merry New Year!


(I accidentally sent it only to Gracie...haha) (I had received answers to some emails I had sent and some pictures but not her usual longer email so I asked if she had sent it – she had but only to Gracie May! – Lucky Gracie)

Hello everyone! Hopefully all of your Christmas celebrations were Merry and Bright. And focused on Christ. He's the reason for the season! :)

Well, my fate is that I'm staying here in Kokomo to train a new missionary! I'm so excited! It'll definitely be an awesome experience...I hope :) Nah, I'm super stoked. I'm glad I don't have to pack either. Transfers with benefits.

So Monday was our half P-Day, so after we did the usual, we went out proselytin'. We finally got to meet some investigators the other Sister had. They are pretty funny. They like to talk. A lot. Then we taught a Jehovah's Witness. It was so awesome. She definitely felt the Spirit and we committed her to baptism, but she said no. I think she has fear of change. I'm excited to keep working with her. I hope that through prayer her heart can be even more open to Christ's message. We then did some follow up, had dinner with the Palad's with the Elders (they're from Philippines...we had so much fun with them. Their son is adorable.) We went caroling after that to an older lady in the ward. She has Alzheimers, which is sad, but she is HILARIOUS and just a little fireball. We love visiting her.

Tuesday was a crazy weird day. We had study, took dishrags and almonds as Christmas presents to Sister H and Sister R (they loved them) then started weekly planning. We had district meeting (did I mention this district was awesome? I'm going to miss these Elders. Other than Elder C. Cause he'll still be my district leader.) Then one of the Elders' investigators, J, had her baptismal interview and we ended up staying at the church for a while and planning. Then Elder C had to inspect our apartment. Then we went caroling. Then we went to Lafayette for dinner with President Ellis. We had an all you can eat Indian Buffet. It was pretty sweet. We got to hang out with Sister H and her companion Sister B, so that was fun. They crack me up.

Wednesday, CHRISTMAS! We started with our normal routine, opened presents, studied, then went to the Bs' for breakfast and to play games. They got me a hand mixer and us some berries. Best Christmas present ever! :) Seriously though. Making brownies was so much easier with a handmixer. I'm taking it with me everywhere. After the Bs', we went home for a bit, went to the H family with the Elders, they also gave us presents (we're spoiled.). Mine is in the box I'm sending home cause I don't want it to break when I transfer. It's a cool Kokomo Glass angel (who knew Kokomo made glass?). You can display it to think of me :). Then we skyped. And I beat Brother H in pool while Sister C was skyping. Pretty sick. Then we went to the Ms' (who does our laundry) and had crepes and a nerf gun war. Pretty sweet. Definitely a strange missionary day, but a Christmas I'll always remember! :)

Thursday, it was back to the grind. We did a ton of tracting because for some reason people don't like to have appointments close to Christmas :) But it was one of the most fun and productive days I've had. We found 3 new investigators..SICK! I'm so stoked. We just talked to everyone and had fun. So awesome. I think that's why they're transferring us. We had too much fun tracting. haha :) Then we had a dinner that night with the Is. Which fun fact, Sister Denise I is related to the Browns down your street! (Zac's parents..) and their daughter knows Lane Bitner and was in your ward for Zac's farewell. Crazy small world, right?

Friday, we had correlation at Brother Bs', went and did service at the library, taught Sister T, taught a less-active, did some contacting, then went to dinner with the Elders at J's. We had so much fun with her. She is just a sassy lady and makes the funniest noises. We celebrated the night before her baptism. She loves us and we love her. She's awesome. Then we visited a member who is in a nursing home. We watched the video of us singing on facebook with her and we saw all your comments on pictures. Glad you're keeping an eye on us! :) Share our singing video so we can become famous, okay? :) (you can watch it here:
Elder G and I are already planning for next Christmas's talent show cause we'll be the only ones left here from the Kokomo Gang. Then we'll really be famous.

Saturday, we went to J's baptism (God's authority is really on the Earth today, can I just say? The spirit was so strong. Amazing.), did some contacting and tracting, visited an awesome less active lady who is SO CLOSE to coming back! I'm excited to visit with her.

Sunday was interesting. Sister C woke up at 3 am puking, so we spent the day all day inside. Let's just say everything is really organized. And I'm caught up on my Ensign reading. haha :) It was good though, just kind of long being inside all day. On the bright side, she's up and at 'em today! We also waited forever and a half for transfer calls cause they supposedly had to change a bunch of stuff last minute. But we finally got off to bed.

And now there's today. Can't believe it's Monday already.

Welp, I don't think I had anything too pressing to bring up.

Oh except they got my labs back and told me I was slightly anemic (hadn't heard that one before) so I have a prescription I'm supposed to take for 3 months then get tested again. The prescription isn't covered by our insurance, but it's only $6.29, so whatever. It was pretty funny cause the Walgreens guy when I told him I was picking a prescription up for Darcie Christensen he was like "Oh. I didn't know if you were a customer already cause the only Darcie Christensen I could find was one in Utah." That's me. It's always confusing trying to live in Indiana and Utah...I'm not really sure which I'm a resident of...

Well, until next week, when I'll have a new companion and a new year, keep it real! I love ya'll! Preach the word! Christ is a Mormon! :)

Peace and Blessin's!
-Sista Christensen

Me and Sista H at the church on Christmas Eve.

Our District (from left: Elder P, Elder C, Elder L'H, Elder G, and us.). Pretty much the coolest district. And Elder C and I are the only ones left. Elder G is going District Leader, Elder L'H is on his way to New Zealand, and Sister C and Elder P are leavin'. Crazy.

 Wearing all my scarves on Christmas. Yes my hair is crazy.

With all my gifts! You're the best :)

Merry Christmas sunrise.

Me with the Kokomo Praying Mantis.

At J's Baptism with the Elders. I love these people.

Monday, December 23, 2013



Love you all! I'm so excited for Christmas!

This week just flew by. Holy lanta. I don't know where time went.

Monday, we had a super fun P-Day with the Elders. We practiced for our talent on Thursday then just played volleyball and ate crepes at the church. It was pretty great. Then we had a lesson and dinner that night with a hilarious family, the S's, from the ward. They have 7 kids and they are very active and fun! We had a blast. Funny story of that day: We came out from said family's house and they had a plate of goodies on the porch so we gave them to her then we went out to our car and went on our way to pick up our laundry. When we got there, we found a plate of the same goodies on our car. But the card was gone. Whoops. haha. At least the plate made it I suppose! :)

Tuesday, we had a busy day of contacting in Russiaville (pronounced Roooshaville). We got to go caroling that night with the Ds. Their daughters are adorable. They love us. We had fun. We were able to carol to some of our potential investigators and they loved it, so hopefully they'll be for real investigators soon! :)

Wednesday, we had exchanges with Sister B and Sister C. They came on Tuesday night, we had a Study Exchange (President wants us to learn good study was awesome!) then we had District Meeting in Frankfort. THEN we got to do our for real exchange. Exchanges are always so fun. It amazes me how much I learn from them. Sister B and I were able to find a new investigator (who dropped us Saturday...but that's beside the point haha) and some awesome potentials and we also met with Sister T recent convert (who is doing so good!) and Sister R. She was chatting with you right when we came to visit. So that was fun :) (I was chatting on Facebook with Sister R when Darcie and her companion stopped to visit)

Thursday was awesome. We had Christmas Conference in Fishers with the whole mission. It was so great to see everyone. The spirit when missionaries all get together is so great. I was able to play piano for it, so that was fun. We had an awesome training in the morning about Christlike Attributes, had lunch, played some Christmas games, took photos (P.S. will you make sure to go on the and save all the pictures I'm in on the computer? Cause I want all my zone pictures....thanks! :)), and then had the talent show, in which we sang with the Elders in front of 250 people. Who would have thought I would have ever sang in front of that many people? It turned out so good though. Everyone loved it. We recorded the video that Sister B sent you with their son playing the bass. Pretty sweet. The talent show was so crazy and funny. Definitely a day to remember. We got to watch Mr. Kreuger's Christmas too. So that was fun.

OH! And we got the CD that your voices are on! It's so awesome! I'm glad you were the high tech people that actually replied! I loved it! Except where was Dad? haha that was my only question. I loved hearing ya'll though! There was only like 6 people's parents who replied and Sister C and I's were two of them! (Someone in the ward asked us to record a short message to our missionaries but I guess ours was too long and Chuck’s message was cut off - he really did send a message)

Friday was the day I got to hold the brains. It was awesome. That's how our correlation meeting holding brains with the elders while Sister C took pictures. haha, This was doctor day too. I'm perfectly healthy. haha. The Doctor was pretty funny. He asked how we picked our mission and I said we were called by a prophet of God by revelation and he said "But don't you think if you slipped him a fruitcake he'd send you to Hawai'i?" Hilarious. We had weekly planning. Caroled and visited some people for Christmas. So that was good.

Saturday, we had a mission-wide de-junk and clean up. It was only supposed to take 3 hours, but our apartment needed some cleanin' so it took us about 4, so a lot of Saturday went to that. We got to go caroling with the Batis fam that night. That was fun. President gave the idea of caroling with the members. It's been super fun.

Sunday...I love Sunday. As always. Church was great. We got a huge Christmas stocking from the ward. We had a fun time tracting after church. We met a lady who laughed when I told her there was a prophet on the earth. And I said "no really. There is." Tracting is always fun. I never in a thousand years would have thought that I'd enjoy knocking on some random person's door and testifying of my beliefs, but people are pretty hilarious.

Speakin' of hilarious tracting...we met a guy in Roooooshaville who said he gave up Church for Lent....hmmm. Curious, right? I think I really laughed on his doorstep. Whoops.

Welp, that's about it. We have half a p-day today since Christmas will be our full P-Day. I'm super excited. It's going to be a great, different, awesome Christmas. I hope your holidays are all filled with the Spirit of Christ and giving.

To answer question:

THE CANDY WAS AMAZING! Perfect. That's all there is to say about it. Sister C and I loved the stockings. It was great.

And I received the box from hell. Only you mom. Only you. :)

This is the tracking. Don’t know where the box was from Dec 10 – Dec 16! It was scheduled to be delivered on Dec 12. Oh well it did make it there in time for the party on Dec 19!
Label Number: 9405903699300109032695

Service Type: USPS Tracking/Insured <= $200
Shipment Activity
Date & Time
CARMEL, IN 46032
December 17, 2013 11:30 am
Arrival at Post Office
CARMEL, IN 46032
December 17, 2013 7:11 am
Depart USPS Sort Facility
December 16, 2013
Processed through USPS Sort Facility
December 16, 2013 1:31 pm
Depart USPS Sort Facility
December 10, 2013
Processed through USPS Sort Facility
December 10, 2013 1:49 am
Processed at USPS Origin Sort Facility
December 9, 2013 9:50 pm
Dispatched to Sort Facility
December 9, 2013 4:01 pm
December 9, 2013 2:45 pm
Electronic Shipping Info Received
December 7, 2013

I loved all the letters. Tell everyone thanks. And the David CD is AWESOME. And Dad, I think I like the well done famous amos the best. They were way good.

Will you pay $4 tithing? I got some Christmas Cards with money in them.

Sounds like facebook is exciting. I don't really miss it. haha :) I'm glad you're the one that gets updates. Tell Katrina to send me a wedding invite.

Welp, that's about it I think. Have a very Merry Christmas! I'm excited to see/talk to you on Wednesday! Woo!


Peace and Blessin's
Sista Christensen


I don't know who spelled this, but I think Dad might have had something to do with it, yeah? :)

Caroling with the Ds. They both wanted to sit by me. I miss my nieces and nephews.

With Sister R at Christmas Conference!

With Sister H. She irish danced at the talent show. Legit.

With Sister H.

With Sister C.

Singing in the talent show.

With Sister B. Turns out we went to EFY together like 6 years ago.

With the Elders and Brains.

My Christmas desk, cards, and candy.

Our fireplace. Two trees and two stockings. Thanks Ma!

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

I hit 4 months!


Can you believe I survived 4 months? Crazy. And we had a baptism on my 4 month date. Nothing gets better than that.

Okay so last Monday, after emailing, I made a cake for Elder C, our district leader. It was his birthday, so we sang to him and ate cake at district meeting on Tuesday. Everyone couldn't believe I made a yellow cake with fudge frosting all from scratch. It was yummy. Not quite as good as home cause our oven is wacky, but it was good :)

So Tuesday was district meeting. I gave a training on Daily Planning. I thought it went well. It was definitely a training for me to be able to make planning more effective. We got to have our last appointment with Sister T before her baptism that day too. She was pretty nervous about the water, so we went through all the logistics of the baptism with our Ward Mission Leader. I think she felt a lot better after. That night, we had dinner with the H family, who we are also spending part of Christmas with. We had some dang good fried chicken and green bean salad from this place called Country Squire. It was yummy. We then taught another member family that night and made a family mission plan with them. Everyone should make one and set goals on how they are going to invite someone to  hear the discussions by next stake conference. Deal? :)

Wednesday, we had just about all our appointments cancel, so we did a lot of contacting, which was good. We also did service at the library that day. We got to move books and I'm thinking they purposely put us in the religious book section. We found some pretty hilarious mormon literature (none of which was written by mormons mind you.) They said that John Smith saw Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. They were only a little off, right? The books were all next to the Amish ones, so I think that's how we get confused :) We got to go to mutual that night too and be judges for their Cupcake Wars contest. I was impressed with what the Young Women came up with. They were actually pretty good! :)

Thursday, we had a lot of appointments, which was awesome. We made quite a few family mission plans that day with people. We did our weekly planning too...typical. Love it.

Friday, It was a day of contacting again. We found some solid potentials. It's amazing how when you are persistent with people, a lot of times they'll accept the principles. You just can't give up too fast because no one thinks they are going to change religions at the beginning, especially here in Indiana where EVERYONE has a church. It's funny cause I always say there's just as many churches here as in Utah except every church on every street corner in Utah is a mormon church. Do you think in the Millennium, all the churches here will be converted to be Mormon buildings? We all got to fit somewhere, right? :) We also were able to go see the "We Care" park with Sister H (a recent convert) that night. It has over a million Christmas lights. It was awesome! Then we had dinner at a Mexican Restaurant (i've been craving Mexican...I'm turning into you dad. I could eat rice and beans every day). We also were able to go teach a member that recently lost his wife. It was his birthday that day and his wife's the day before, so it was a good time to visit.

Saturday was crazy. There was a winter storm warning, so they had cancelled just about everything for that day (we were supposed to stop by a bridal shower for a member in our ward cause she has tons of non member friends and the ward party that night) before the storm had even come. It's pretty funny cause about 5" here equals about 15" in Utah. The snow is definitely more wet, but it makes for good snowmen and snowballs! We spent the morning shoveling for a member then our car got grounded because of the roads, so we hiked to the church (which is just around the corner) and got ready for the baptism. It turned out great! I had to talk because Elder C's ride wasn't willing to drive in the snow, but I thought it went pretty well for planning that morning for it. Sister T was so excited. The spirit was so strong when her husband baptized and confirmed her. The Holy Ghost and priesthood are REAL! Then that night we just did contacting and worked with a less active.

Yesterday, we went to meetings and church, gave the Relief Society lesson, studied, went to dinner, then headed to Lafayette with some members and recent converts for Why I Believe. We were late...but it turned out really well! I love those firesides! They should have them in Utah more often...

And today, we're having crepes with the Elders. It should be fun. Good ol' P-Day.

To answer questions:

I think it's hilarious they sent it to Brownsburg. I kept saying I wanted to go to Brownsburg and open it to sisters cause there is 3 sets of elders there right now. Maybe I'm going there next transfer! (I had sent a letter to the mission home because of transfers & they forwarded it to an address in Brownsburg but she was transferred to Kokomo. It finally returned to Tremonton. So she received it a few weeks late!)

I can't believe you put up Christmas decorations for once now that I'm gone! :)

And I think that's all for this week! We get to talk in a week! WOO! :)

LOVE YOU! Merry Christmas! Remember that the Spirit of Christmas is the Spirit of Christ!
Peace and Blessin's
-Sista Christensen

A bowling ball tree we found.

Gorgeous Indiana Sunset!

Out in the cold making Sister C let me take pictures of the sunset.

We care park.

With Sister H at the We Care Park.

Again at the We Care park.

My snowman.

Baptism Day! My hair was cute. Then we shoveled snow. So it was a bun kinda day! :)


Baby, it's cold outside!


Don't worry. It's freezing here. But luckily, with all my layers, I'm perfectly warm. I tell ya, my boots and leggings were the best investment ever. There's not much snow, just a skiff, but it's icy. I now know what they're talking about when they say the snow is a lot more moist here.

This week went by soooo fast. Time is FLYIN. Crazy. Next week, I'll have been out 4 months. Sometimes, it seems like an eternity, and sometimes, it seems so short. Weird...

So last Monday, after I emailed, we did our normal shoppin' and such then I made a batch of famous Darcie brownies. The Elders now know the beauty of them. haha, They were a little different for some reason, but they were still good. It must be something about not having your own Pampered Chef cooking supplies :)

Tuesday, we did service here at the Library. We got to set up a 12 foot Christmas tree. It was awesome. We got to chat with a lady that works here too. She was pretty cool. My arms were all scratched from hanging ornaments in the tree (You taught me well mom. You gotta put ornaments at the front and middle). Then we went and taught Sister Tucker and ended up setting up her Christmas tree too. It was fun! It was a day to be jolly. We loved it. Then we did a lot of contacting, went and met with a couple recent converts, and had an 8:00 dinner. It was a good day :)

Wednesday, we went and taught an awesome less-active. She is a dog sitter. She is going blind, so it's hard for her to get to church, but she came to relief society this past week, so that was awesome. We had dinner with some members and the Elders at Harvey you know if they have those in the West? I've never heard of them...but the food was pretty decent. Then we went to mutual. The youth are awesome! There's just not very many of them. We played a fun candy/saran wrap ball game was sweet.

Thursday, we met with an investigator. He's awesome. We're just not positive he's accountable...which is a problem...haha. Then we had weekly planning, went and had Sister T's baptismal interview (SHE PASSED! WOOO!!!), and then had the Relief Society Christmas Activity. it was super fun. There's some awesome sisters in this ward.

Friday, we had Zone Training in Lafayette. It was fun. We have awesome Zone Leaders. We had car inspections, went to eat, and then came back. Then we had dinner with some recent converts with the Elders. I ate frog legs. They were alright. Not much meat too them and kind of pond-y. :)

Saturday was crazy. Lots of contacting and meeting ward members and such. It was good though. We're excited to further the work here in Kokomo! We had dinner with an awesome family who is originally from Arizona and then taught a less-active who wants to come back to church! Woo!

Sunday was awesome as always. We had Ward Council and then church. Then we did some contacting. Then we did our studies and dinner. Then one of my favorite parts of Christmas, THE DEVOTIONAL. Love it. And the music. Awesome.

And that's about it I think...

To answer questions/answer letters:

Dad, what's the Thomas S. Monson award? I haven't heard that. I love "Jesus was a scout all the way". You're hilarious.


I don't cook a lot just cause an hour for meals isn't much time to cook. I usually eat fruit and yogurt (Greek God's Honey...DELICIOUS) and granola for breakfast, sandwiches/leftovers/whatever for lunch, and usually we have dinner appointments. If not, we just eat at home. We don't eat out very often just to save money. I can buy a lot of groceries for the price of eating out :) We did our own laundry at our clubhouse in Plainfield. You can always use dishrags as packing peanuts and I'll give them away! :)
So you need to ask Brother Dan the Man if he knows a President Maughn from Indiana. Sorry I didn't get his first name, but he knew Rachel and the Christensen's.

Also, so you know Chrystal Lee Anderson or Beverley Edvalson from Tremonton? A lady in our ward is from Ogden originally and knew these people.

And I think that's was a long one today.

I encourage you all to reach out to non-members and less-actives before Christmas day! Serve them and find some people for the missionaries to teach! :)

LOVE YOU ALL! Merry Christmas! I'm excited to talk to you in just a few short days! :)

Peace and Blessin's
-Sista Christensen

I don't have many pictures this week...sorry.

I put my Christmas lights up!

I was quoted in the newspaper for the big tornado cleanup.

Only spelled a little wrong. haha :)

Saturday, December 7, 2013



Hola everyone!

I hope ya'll had a great Thanksgiving. It was definitely strange not being home, but it was good.

This week was kinda crazy. And awesome. And just a solid week. :)

Monday, we had our half of a P-Day, so til 1:00. It was crazy trying to get everything done before that, but it's all good. We then had an appointment, did a little bit of finding and tracting, ate with the Ds, who lived in Logan! They're awesome. They have 4 daughters. They are a lot of fun. And their oldest daughter named me Box Turtle, Sister C is Liger, and Sister L was Walrus. And the Elders' names are that Elder G is String Bean and Elder L'H (I can't spell his's pronounced La-Rue.) is French Toast. Hilarious. We have been working a lot on organizing our map and ward directory. Fun stuff. :)

Tuesday, we did a LOT of driving. It started with going to district meeting in Frankfort, which is about 40 minutes away. Then we took Sister L to the Mission Office in Carmel because she headed home. So that was another hour. But on the bright side, we had Einstein Bagels! :) Best day ever. Then we got in crazy traffic on the way back. Then we had two appointments that night. We went to Sister T's, who is getting baptized on the 14th! We're so excited! She's so ready. Her husband is even going to baptize her. He just recently became active and got to bless the sacrament yesterday. They became active the week after he retired and didn't have to work on Sundays. SO AWESOME! We have her interview this week then we'll be good to go! Then we met Sister Rohn that night, who got baptized in August. She's awesome. We got to know her. She actually took the discussions while her son was on him mission, so that's pretty cool!

Wednesday was a crazy day of a lot of finding and it was COLD. But it was all good. We didn't find any new investigators, but some solid potentials. We had dinner with our WML that night. He's hilarious. He's a professor here at IU-Kokomo. We met with Sister H that night too. She was also baptized in August. She gave up smoking to be baptized. She's so awesome. We love to take her to lessons.

Thursday = THANKSGIVING! We started the morning like usual with studies then we did weekly planning. Then we had the rest of our P-Day. We went to Sister R's for lunch. It was yummy. We had some good turkey and amazing sweet potatoes. P.S. Mom, she'll probably be adding you on facebook to send the picture of us on Thankgiving. She forgot to email it, so I'll be sending it next week. Then after Sister R's, we went to the church to run around a little bit to work off some food. Then we went to a member's house with the Elders to play some Ping Pong and Pool and just hang out! Then we finished planning. It was a pretty good Thanksgiving I'd say. :) You'll only have to spend 1 more without me!

Friday, we had another day of contacting after we went to a correlation meeting. We picked up a former investigator, so that was pretty sweet! We're excited to build our teaching pool. The sisters before were doing a lot of Less Active work, so we're doing more finding now.

Saturday, we had another lesson with Sister T. And it turned out it was her birthday! So we spent our lunch making a cake and card because her husband was at work so she was alone for the day because she doesn't know how to drive. So we got to go back and eat cake and chat with her for a while. That was so fun. She's adorable. We contacted a lot of potentials and formers that day and did some more finding. We have a lot of follow up to do, so that'll be good for finding new investigators.

And Sunday. By far the best day of the week. We had church then I took a nap during lunch since it was fast sunday and Sister C needed to eat, then we went contacting. And we found a brand spankin' new investigator! She's so awesome! She was actually excited when we said we had a prophet on the earth, which is unusual. She wants to come to the Relief Society Activity this week. She said they had just barely been talking about how she needed to come back to church. We told her it was meant to be that we showed up! It's funny how Heavenly Father answers prayers, usually at the end of the trial of your faith. We did more tracting this week than I have done the rest of my 3 months added up. And then we were blessed with a miracle at the end of fast Sunday. So legit. I love missionary work. Then last night, we met with a lot of members to get to know them, so that was fun.

And this morning, we cleaned and dropped our laundry off (There's a lady in our ward who does it for us...spoiled, we know.)

And I think that's the gist of this week...

My leggings and boots and coat are keeping me super warm! My leggings were probably the best investment ever. I love them. And they really don't get stinky. I love it. Future Missionaries going to a cold place: get merino wool leggings! :) It has been actually really mild since Thanksgiving, which is weird that it's this warm. It did snow a little bit one day, but "snow" here is completely different than Utah. I've heard January and February are the cold months, so we'll see. But right now, I think I have all the gear I need. Except one pair of my wool socks got a hole, so I need to go buy more. But other than that, I'm good.

Funny things about Indiana:

They love Hoosier geese. Which a Hoosier goose is one of those goose statue things that Grandma has that you dress up. So grandma would fit right in here! :)

And second. They say "warsh" instead of Wash. So it's Warshington, not Washington.

And thanks for the package! I loved it! The decorations are super cute. I loved the candy, cookies, and bread. Yum. And the CD's were awesome. There's really nothing I love more than David Archuleta singing Christmas Music.

And I think that's about it.

Until next week, Peace and Blessin's! And I want you all to watch Elder Ballard's talk from conference and apply it. GENIUS. I love it.

-Sista Christensen


With Sister L and Sister C before we dropped her off.

Sister T's birthday card and cake. Made by yours truly.

 Sister C and I with a Hoosier goose.

My desk with the cute decorations. The desk is cute too, right? I love it.

Monday, November 25, 2013



I'm so sad I'm not home for Thanksgiving, but we're going to have a great one here! Don't worry, I already caught my yearly cold. Thank heavens for Cold-Eze! Love it! I don't think it will feel like Thanksgiving without the fam though. But it'll be great! I'll be with ya'll in 2 years on Thanksgiving! :)

Well, I'm here in Kokomo (sing the Beach Boys!) Indiana! I miss Plainfield, but I have a feeling this is going to be a fantastic area! I'm here in a trio with Sister C (from Snowflake Arizona) and Sister L (from Logan Utah) but Sister L is probably going home this week because of health reasons. So it'll be me and Sister C! But I'm super stoked. We're fired up to get this area going. We were triple transferred in, so basically whitewashing the area again. It needed it though. There's a set of elders here too. The ward mission leader wants 100 baptisms by the end of 2014, so us and the ward have a LOT of work to do. I'm excited though. The work is hastening!

Well, Monday and Tuesday were spent wrapping up the work with Sister O. We made a lot of notes for the Elders taking over and said goodbye, which stunk, but I'm excited to go back and see all those people at some point! It was such a great area. I guess that's why they took me out. They need me in another great area! :) I hated saying bye to Sister O, Sister H, and Sister R, but on the bright side: Sister H got exiled to Lafayette with me and Sister R is now companions with Sister H! I love it!

Wednesday, transfers were crazy. President Cleveland created 12 new zones, which meant there were TONS of double transfers, new district and zone leaders and sister training leaders. It was the biggest transfer meeting in Indiana history. All but 40 missionaries were there. CRAZY! It was awesome. It'll be a good change. I'm stoked. I've said that a lot, but I really am.

The past few days have been spent meeting members, trying to figure out who our investigators are, and the funnest part: TORNADO CLEANUP! Kokomo got hit last Sunday. Bad. Seriously, it was crazy. But my dreams came true and I got to wear a Mormon Helping Hands vest and clean a disaster area. 55 missionaries and 100 people from the stake put on gloves and vests and cleaned up from 9-4 on Saturday. It was awesome to see the help and we got to give out humanitarian supplies. It was definitely humbling. And reassured the fact I never want to be in a tornado. A bank in front of Kroger was completely leveled and it said "This branch is closed due to a power outage, weather issues, or facility problems." Ya think? All that was left was the safe. CRAZY!

So that was basically this week. We don't have a ton of time cause P-Day only lasts until 1 today because they're making from 1-9 P-Day on Thanksgiving so we can just spend time with members. Pretty sweet.

But I have a lot of pictures.

Oh and question. Is Ashley Sessions (Scott Erickson's niece) in the Indiana Mission? A Sister Sessions from Boise just arrived on looked kind of like her. And I didn't get to talk to her. So find out, okay? :)

I think that's all for this week! Have a great week! Thanks for all the love and support!

Peace and Blessin's.
-Sista Christensen


With Sister J. A sister from Plainfield we visited.

With S and D from Strides Horse Barn.

With Sister B.

With M and Sister P.
they're so awesome.

With the M Family. They just adopted a son from Uganda
And they're adopting another one.

With the Ss. It's fine, you can laugh at him. A lot. :)
He kept saying "double up!" everytime he'd do a double chin.

Tornado stuff. . .

More Tornado stuff. . .

And my letter that was addressed to Elder Darcie Christensen.

I think you forgot to change the title Dadio :)