Sunday, January 24, 2016


It feels like I just updated this thing yesterday...turns out it was 5 months ago. Wowzer. My first semester back at school couldn't have really went any better or faster. I thought mission time went fast but I think real time goes about three times faster. I feel like the day is just getting started and then realize it's time for bed.

What I really can't believe is that it's sneaking up on 1 year of when I returned home from the mission. How in the world did I get so old? I had the best experience possible though to celebrate my nearly-one-year-of-being-back-iversary:

I got to go back to the motherland of Indiana! 

Me and my mama got to go back to visit the first week of January because Angie went through the temple to receive her endowment and I served as her escort. I was talking to a sister from the Indy YSA branch presidency and she said, "Your cup of joy must be running over!" or something along those lines. And really, that statement doesn't even begin to cut it. I think it was more like my cup of joy was trying to fit the ocean in it. To see someone go from not even really knowing Heavenly Father's plan for us to seeing her go through the temple and learn exactly about and embrace that topic in just over a year, SO GOOD. I love Angie and her ability to soak in every bit of knowledge. She was beyond excited to go and it was a perfect day (other than she got rear ended right after...).

I also find it funny because Angie always thanks me for teaching her or people are grateful that I taught Angie so they could meet her or whatever it may be, but it really wasn't up to me. I just acted as an instrument, shared what I knew in the way I thought was needful and the way the spirit directed, but really, anyone could have done it. But for some reason, God put me, Angie, and my companion in that place at that time for a reason. We all needed each other. If God's sole purpose was that He just wanted Angie (or any other convert for that matter) to get baptized, He would have found a lot more efficient way to do it than for me, a 21 year old, naive, single college student to go out and teach older, wiser people about the gospel of Jesus Christ. I didn't get "a ton" of baptisms compared to maybe what a lot of people "got" (which I think is a strange concept that we judge by anyway...). But He needed all of us to be shaped in a certain way by each other. I needed to be on a mission and meet all the people I did to be able to teach me better how to live the Gospel of Jesus Christ for the rest of eternity. He wanted me to realize that I can change, progress, and be happy through Him. I still have to remember that every single day, but as I remember that no growth comes in the comfort zone, I can push myself to be better.

It's awesome to see how the mission has changed my priorities and focus. More of what I do and the reasoning why I do it is so much different than it was before. I have a better eternal perspective and a better grip on my Heavenly Father's plan for me and from the experiences I had, I KNOW that the Gospel is the way to success and happiness. And it was so great to see that Angie knows that too. God definitely shaped us both through the friendship that all started with: "Hey, is this Angie? We're on your porch and we're here to share a message with you," followed by the fastest mile running home by Angie in history. Gotta love the way things work out.

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Post-Mission Update

So ever since getting home, I have been thinking about how I needed to write again on this blog about what I have been doing since I got home and what it's like to come home from a mission.

But I couldn't. I couldn't get myself to do it. I think it was partly because of denial of being home and partly because I hate admitting feelings, but here I am and have finally decided to update whoever ends up finding this post. And hopefully someone will benefit from it.

It's now been 6 months since I got home. Here's a little bit of what I've done in those 6 months:

I turned 22!

I went to Minnesota for 13 days for my sister's wedding.

Angie from Indiana came and spent a week with me.

Worked Engineering State (aka Nerd Camp!)

Had a Christensen Family Reunion

I went back to Indiana for the Temple Open House.

Spent a week in Phoenix to see some family

And a lot of other things, including a little bit of working in between all the play. :)
On with the post-mission shpiel. It's been 2 years since I left for the mission. I know I said it almost every week of the mission, but I honestly can't believe how fast time goes. Those two years have been the best. And it's true what they say: I have thought about my mission every day since getting home. I don't feel like I've been home long enough to say that it's been every day for 6 months that I've thought about it, but it has been. And I pray that I continue to think about it every day for the rest of my life. Some of my heart is in Indiana. And hopefully it stays there. 

But now the question is, how do I not lose all the things I learned in those 18 months? How do I keep my heart in Indiana but still be living the life I'm supposed to back home? I thought it would be easy to come home and just keep every good habit I learned on the mission and now be the BEST member missionary ever. But spoiler alert for all you who haven't been RM's: it's not easy. It actually is really hard. And stinks. I no longer had time set apart for exercise, study, prayer, lunch, dinner, church, etc. I suddenly was thrown back into basically the same situation I was in before the mission except with a whole different perspective. The same people were on my facebook, at church, in my home and they had a remembrance of who I was before, but now how was I supposed to fit back into this situation as a "New Darcie" in the old circumstances?

I can't say I have the answer to that question, but I think I'm slowly learning. At first when I got home, I just really didn't want to accept anything about being home. I didn't want to move on from the mission because of fear of forgetting. But now I know it's all about applying and moving forward. I think going back to Indiana actually triggered that realization. I went back and saw so many of the people I love and I realized that it really isn't much different to be there as a "normal human" as it was as a missionary. No, I wasn't proselyting and I didn't leave anyone with a dinner message, but I can still have an influence on them and they still have an influence on me. 

I can't put into words all of the things I learned while I was a missionary because there's far too many. But all of those things I learned really come down to two distinct principles: Progression and Repentance. 

God doesn't want us to stay the same and He's given us a way to move forward if we choose to, even when we make mistakes. And after being home for a little while, I realized I wasn't really applying those two principles. I was focusing way too much on what had happened instead of what was happening. I kinda was at a standstill for a little bit there. I was reading my scriptures and praying and going to church, but all I could focus on was how great things were on the mission and how stinky things were at home. I wasn't progressing and using the gift of repentance as a way to change and improve. I was bitter that I felt like I was back in my 18 and 19-year-old circumstances, living with my parents, going to a small town YSA ward, not going on dates, not having a bomb job, not finding a million people for the missionaries to teach, not really having a purpose.

But, I learned that I wasn't really doing my part. I wasn't praying with the intent to change. I was praying with the intent to have God change my circumstances, which is funny because I feel like that was so easy to apply and teach in the mission, but when it came to "real life", I wasn't very good at doing it. I wanted Him to tell me what to do and to just all the sudden make my life "perfect" because I'm an RM and I served with all my heart so I should be blessed, right?! But spoiler alert again, that's not the way God works, and I knew it, I was just forgetting to remember and apply it. I wasn't studying with the intent to find out how I could change. I was looking around me at all the great things that had happened and were happening to my friends and fellow missionaries. They were finding big-kid jobs, getting engaged, progressing at a rate that seemed a bajillion times faster than me. But I forgot to be grateful for where I was.

Turns out that Satan is really good at getting us to feel like we aren't adequate or good enough and aren't anywhere close to where everyone else is in progression. He gets us to compare, compete, and complain. But it turns out that we are enough. I am enough. I have a purpose: it's to be happy. It doesn't mean life is perfect and I have all the best circumstances, but I can receive all the promised blessings in my patriarchal blessing. I can go back to school and enjoy it. I can succeed in serving others. I can eventually find someone to spend eternity with. But I've got to do my part. Luckily, this past little bit I've been doing a lot better at it and I'm seeing the difference. I have a long ways to go, but again, it's all about progression and repentance. That's why Christ suffered the Atonement for me: so I can apply everything I learned from my mission into everything I do for the rest of my life. Elder Holland, in his talk "Missionary Work and the Atonement of Jesus Christ" from a seminar to Mission President's in June 2000, summed up what I want to happen: "Everything that I hold dear has somehow been affected by my decision to serve a mission." I hope that someday I can share that same testimony.

I love Indiana. I loved being a missionary. I wouldn't trade it for anything.

But for now, I'm just going to love exactly where I'm at.

I'll finish with attaching this video where Elder Holland I swear is speaking to me and hopefully it speaks to you too. Totally worth the 7 minutes.

Monday, March 9, 2015

The Best 18 Months.


I wish I had a better subject than that, but really. This 18 months will bless me for the rest of forever. I still can't believe I've been here for 18 months. I can't believe I've been so blessed to be here in Indiana. I've been so blessed to meet all these Hoosiers and I will never ever forget all the blessings and miracles I've seen. And most importantly, I'm more converted to my Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ because of these 18 months. I love the gospel.

Wooo weee. Done with that stuff cause I think I'll just cry if I write more. Then I'd just look like a crazy Mormon crying in the library. I probably will anyway. I hate letting go.  And this week I learned that goodbyes REALLY stink. Like, a lot.

But this week was awesome. Definitely one I will never forget.

Last Monday, we got to go ice skating after doing all the normal stuff. Oh we also went and got Cajun food and took it to eat with the elders at Bub's and they wouldn't let us eat it there, so we got kicked out hahaha. But it was totally worth it. MudBug's hushpuppies are the best. Ice Skating was a blast. I had to tie everyone's skates for them cause they all had them too loose, so my hands were raw. I had to use these figure skate-ish skates...I need my hockey skates back. haha. But it was tons of fun. Good to be back on the skates. Then we had dinner at Ted's with the Moala's. They're moving back to Cali this week, so it was sad. Then after that, we taught Johanna over the phone cause no one was home or answering haha.

Tuesday, we started out the morning visiting Rockin' Robin. She had to get her appendix out over the weekend. Then we had lunch and went to visit a lady in the nursing home. She can't here, so we were like yelling at her but she still couldn't hear us. But I think she enjoyed us being there and we gave her a pamphlet as the message haha. It's the thought that counts right? I prayed at the end and she sat for like 30 seconds after I had said amen because she couldn't hear me so we just waited for her to open her eyes. Then we went to the mission office and decorated Sister Steadman's office cause she was getting back from North Carolina the next day. It looked dang good. I climbed on top of the filing cabinet for it. Totally worth it. We found a lady named Jodi while tracting after that. She has had a crazy past. She had a son die of alcohol and drugs and then her daughter was brutally stabbed by her ex- in front of her daughters. Super crazy. She's letting us (I mean Sister Hales) come back Tuesday even though she's Catholic. Awesome lady. Then we taught Johanna with Sister Closser. Johanna is doing really well and I think she's quitting drinking this week. Wahoo! We had dinner with the Smithharts and went to see Sister Fleener and then taught Justin with Sister Knisley. Justin is still legit as ever. He made us cheesecake too. It was super good!

Wednesday, we did some service for Carole. She was so impressed that I knew how to put together a cabinet from a box for her. Her son tried to put it together but got frustrated and didn't finish so I finished it for her and taught Sister Hales along the way so she can put together furniture now too! :) Hopefully Carole comes around soon and comes back to church. Then we went and saw Sister Steadman because Larry cancelled. She had just gotten back so we helped her unpack a bit and she told us about her trip. We went to see Brother Fleener after that. We always take him on little field trips around the rehab place when we're there. Brother Dorff just got put in the same place too so they hang out now. We had dinner with the Johnson's after that and she mad BOSS tacos! Oh man they were good. I'm so glad they're back from Colorado! Wahoo! Now I'm leaving...haha. We went to YW after that and played some volleyball.

Thursday, we weekly planned in the morning (well the Westfield Elders brought us some cornbread that was nasty and Elder Mathias didn't want to pack so they talked to us we kinda weekly planned hahah. Then we had lunch with the Kelly clan and I hacked Sister Kelly's iPad for her and she was so happy. I'm her favorite child now. Then we stopped by to see the Pilling's because Daniel had a drawing for us. They're the best! We had dinner with the Howell's and had some great Indian food. It's was legit. I don't even know what it was but it was good. Then we taught Justin in the Browne's home. I'm seriously going to miss these people :(

Friday, we had district meeting in the morning. I had to give a training about what I've learned on my mission and how it's changed me. I cried. haha. It was good though cause the misison is THE BEST. Then after we had lunch at Panda, I had my interview with President Cleveland. You should all be jealous that I have the best mission president ever. We taught Johanna after that with Angie. She made us some food and got me a gift and we taught her the Plan of Salvation and I think she finally understands the spirit world! Wahoo! We taught Angie in her car after that and went to teach the DaBell's and Sister Heston. The Brighams fed us some Chimichangas after that. It was yummy!

Saturday, we were grounded because of the snow so I think God was telling me I needed to stop being in denial and pack. So I did most all of it. I think they're all going to be under weight too! Wahoo! Then we went to eat with the Klines (they fed us pizza), went to see Sister Fleener (I'm so sad to leave her and the dogs :( ), went and saw Brother Fleener (I bawled when we left :( ), went to see the Adams, went to a Westfield Baptism, had dinner with the Starnes (they fed us pizza....) and then stopped by the Smiths. I will miss those two. It's hard saying goodbye to people you've come to love. It stinks. A lot. They've been like my parents for 6 months. But I guess it'll be great to come back to my for real parents of 22 years :)

Sunday was awesome. I love the Carmel ward. Meetings were bomb, Johanna got all settled in church and only cried a little when I hugged her to say goodbye, had boss church meetings (just what I needed), went tracting after church (I couldn't finish my mission without it!), had lunch witht he Burkes, had dinner with Sister Steadman, and my early birthday party with the Priddis. I will miss this place. I've said that like 30 times. But I really will. I'm so glad I got to finish here in Carmel.
Your letters are all packed some where and I can't remember what I asked, so you'll just have to ask me tomorrow!

I wish I could sum up everything I've learned on my mission here, but I just can't. But I think the youth's theme from this year sums up a lot from D&C 4:2. I embarked on a mission to serve God. There were times I failed and times I got frustrated and times I didn't live up to my potential, but I know that I gave all my heart, mind, and strength to bless others and help them to come to Jesus Christ. And what I received in return was conversion. I know my Savior lives and loves me. I know the Atonement is real and that it applies to everyone as long as we're willing to repent. I know the Gospel of Jesus Christ is not a way, it's THE way. It's the only way to true happiness and peace. I know if we apply it CONSISTENTLY and give God everything we have, we will never have regrets. And this experience is one I will NEVER regret. I love this work. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is the TRUTH!

Well admitting that this is my last full letter as a full-time missionary is probably the hardest thing that I've done. I'm sitting here crying in the library haha. But I love you all! And I'm excited to see you all!
Peace and Blessin's, one last time
-Sister Darcie Christensen.

Ice skating with Sister Hales and Elder Mathias

All of the district ice skating!

 Elder Orth and Elder Steab!
All of us skatin'

With the Browne's and Justin

Elder Mathias and Elder Larsen. The Departing missionaries from the district!
Minus Elder Smith...AP's are too cool to come to District Meeting
(Now Darcie – they were probably too busy!)
The one and only Sister Steadman
 With Johanna

 With Sister Heston

 You're getting a ton this week...
 I'll miss seeing this every day

 Me and Sister Fleener and the boys
I can't even express how much I'll miss them

Bawling leaving Brother Fleener

With the Adams and a couple kids from the ward

With Hailey Adams

The Smith's

 Me and Ian Priddis' birthday picture
He was not stoked haha

Sister Hales killed me haha
(It wasn't Sister Hales that killed her it was seeing the Y on the wall!)


 The pole I hit

My Subaru :( I'll miss this car
(It actually belongs to the Church Sister Christensen)

With the Moalas

 With the Johnsons

 With Grandma Kelly

 With the Pillings

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Last week of the mission.


I really don't even know where the last 1 1/2 years have went... woo wee. I wish I could list all the things I have learned, but I don't think I'll ever have enough time in this life to write down all the blessings. I'm excited to work hard and kill it this week. I'll definitely miss this place and these people. A lot. :( But I'm excited to see ya'll! :)

This week was super weird. We couldn't keep track of what day it was. But it was a really good week! We started off on Monday with a weird P-Day. We did the usual then went to Fishers and practiced our musical number with Sister Smithhart. Then we were going to play but pretty much no one showed up other than our district, so we did some line tag and yoga and that was about it haha. Pretty lame, but it's alright. Then we went to the church and had dinner with the Holts. Sister Holt is a hoot. She knows the beauty of day old Jimmy John's Bread. (Jimmy John's sells their day old bread for 50 cents and it is yummy) Then we went and saw Sister Fleener. She's doing pretty good still. Just tired.

Tuesday, we were supposed to see Betty in the morning but she had a nurse over or something. It was super funny cause we were waiting for Sister Palmer (member) to get there and a lady pulled up with sunglasses on and it looked just like Sister Palmer. But she stayed in the car for a minute doing some paperwork, which we thought was weird but still just waited. Then she got out and we realized it wasn't her and just awkwardly said hi. Then Sister Palmer came and we took her tracting and talked to some people. It was awesome. Sister Palmer is great. Then we had lunch at Panera so we could visit Amber then we taught Johanna with Sister Smithhart. Johanna's niece and mom picked her up in the middle of the lesson and Johanna thought something was wrong so she went with them and then didn't text us til Wednesday night late and so we were panicked but it turned out they just celebrated her niece's birthday. Heart attack for nothing! She just acted like it was nothing...for the love Johanna... then we went and saw Brother Fleener and took him to Bible Study. We learned about Psalms and taught a couple of the people about the temple. We did a little tracting then went to Warrick's baptism. Justin came too, so that was sweet. The musical number went really well. We saw Sister Heston after and then the Smithharts fed us Greek's Pizza. It was super good. Almost as good as Pizza Plus. Almost. :) (I notice she didn't compare it to Fredrico's so hopefully that is still her favorite!)

Wednesday, we had Zone Conference in Fishers! It was great. We learned a lot about Family History and contacting and members and such. We got to have a basketball clinic afterward too. Coach Cleveland worked us pretty good! It was tons of fun, especially since I missed it last year. We had some Haitian food with Sister Clervoix afterward. She makes the best food. Fried plantains! We tried to go see Johanna after but she wasn't there then we went to YW.

Thursday, we had an exchange with Crawfordsville. I spent the day with Sister Herzog! Wahoo! We went and saw Betty and dropped her in the morning, FINALLY got to see Johanna, had lunch, then went to teach Sabrina. It was awkward cause they had some people from some family thing there and we didn't know how long they'd be there and it ended up being a long time...but we finally shared a message! haha. Then we had an exchange review and sent them back off to Crawfordsville cause they had an appointment. So we went tracting then went and taught Justin at the Kline's house. We taught him the 10 commandments and he's still just as golden as ever. The Klines fed us all afterward too. It was super great. Love them. Then we had a Relief Society activity after. We learned about healthy eating and exercise. I'm excited to apply it when I get home when other people aren't feeding me every night :)

Friday, we weekly planned in the morning then after lunch we went to see Carole. She says her only concern with baptism is that we don't have a cross in the church....interesting... but we're going to do some service for her on Tuesday so hopefully she'll have her heart softened :) Then we went and decorated Elder Steab's door for his birthday and did some family history then we went to the Ropers for dinner (I think you got a picture from them). We went to see the Smiths after that cause we hadn't seen them forever. Sister Smith started crying! It was so sad! I'm going to miss them so much!

Dinner with the Ropers

Saturday, we cleaned Sister Steadman's apartment in the morning with the Smithharts since she is in North Carolina for a funeral. Then we had lunch with Sister Heston and went around with her delivering a few Valentine's gifts. She is one of the most charitable people ever. Hopefully someday I can be like her! Then we went to play BINGO with Brother Fleener for a Valentine's date. He has been in better spirits and getting stronger lately, so hopefully he'll be out soon. Then we taught Christian (recent convert from YSA), had dinner with the Smithharts, and went heart attacking a few members with the Elders. Definitely almost got caught a few times, but it's okay! It was way fun!

Sunday, we had meetings and church. Johanna came to Westfield's ward and it was great cause we were able to send her with members and go to our meetings and she did great! Then Justin came to our ward and got to meet with Bishop. Super great. I love these people! Then we had lunch after church and then headed out to work! Taught a guy on house arrest in the parking lot of an apartment complex and then saw a less-active with a huge boxer that shed all over us. But he was cute! Then Katie Priddis got baptized so we went to that and then the Coopers fed us yummy pulled pork. Their family is adorable. I'm going to miss them! Then we tried to teach the Kelly Clan about family history but family search was not cooperating and Sister Kelly can't remember her email password hahahaa.

And here we are at Monday. Last official Preparation day. Insanity. We're going to go ice skating today, so that should be fun! And the Moalas are feeding us. Love them.

Something I learned from it this morning was from Boyd K. Packer's talk "The Atonement". He says, "That is the promise of the gospel of Jesus Christ and the Atonement: to take anyone who comes, anyone who will join, and put them through an experience so that at the end of their life, they can go through the veil having repented of their sins and having been washed clean through the blood of Christ." And that is our purpose as missionaries and members. We want to bring others closer to Christ through the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The Atonement is what makes those steps actually work. Each day, I become more and more grateful for the Atonement and its strengthening power. Happiness=application of the Atonement. Hopefully I've been able to share that every day of my mission.

I don't think I have anything to answer from letters other than congrats on the new calling dad! That's exciting! You'll do great!

Be good this week! See you soon!
Peace and Blessin's
-Sista Darc


Brother Fleener with his mohawk we gave him.

With Sammi Adams.

 Love this place. 

 What the temple looked like
when I first came to Carmel...crazy, right?

Elder Steab's door.
Look close at the light sabers.
And our hands have the may force be with you sign thingy...

With Emily Roper

 With Brianna Roper
 With Sister Herzog 

 With Kami Roper 

With Lindsey Roper
Sister Steadman's door.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Happy Valentine's Day!


Can't believe Valentine's Day has rolled around again...crazy. I still can't figure out where the last year snuck off to...

This week was interesting cause I was a little under the weather, so we didn't go tracting too much and I had to take a few naps to try to sleep off the sick, but we still worked hard and taught a lot, so it was a solid week!

Monday, we had a regular ol' "Diversion Day" (according to Elder Smithhart that's what it's called). We went to Coldstone with the Elders, so that was fun. Did some playing at Fishers. Started taking cold medicine. The usual. :) Afterwards, we went and had dinner with Susan Perdue (the one who took us to Grace church). They are definitely trying to convert us. Not cool. So we just kinda prayed and left cause we were supposed to teach Johanna after that. It ended up that she wasn't home, so we taught Sister Fleener instead with Sister Steadman. Sister Fleener is just super tired from all the running around. But Brother Fleener made it to the nursing home, so he's happier and it will hopefully be less stress for her.

Tuesday, we had an exchange with the Lebanon Sisters. I had my second exchange day with the one and only Sister Place! She's so great. We had a lot of fun and taught a lot of good people. We taught Betty (Jehovah's Witness from a week or so back) the Plan of Salvation. Not sure how much real intent she has, but we'll see I guess. We did some tracting, had lunch, went to see Brother Fleener, taught a less-active and went to see Donna with Sister Browne. Donna just likes to talk. She's definitley not ready to accept the gospel yet, but she is uplifted by our visits so we'll stop by once in a while. Then we had an exchange review, had dinner with Sister Parsons, sent the sisters on their way, then went to the Kline's home to teach Justin. He is stinkin' elect. We taught him the Word of Wisdom and he's cool with all of it. He thinks he may be slightly addicted to caffiene in soda, so he is praying about whether he should give that up, but other than that he's good. haha Seriously so elect.

Wednesday, I was not feelin' super spry, but we went to teach a guy named Vance who Sister Heston cleans for. He's an older guy that doesn't have too many visitors, so that was fun. We had some lunch then went to teach Lindsey. She is also trying to convert us. She slightly told us that we were going to hell...awkward. But I told her that so far the gospel hasn't failed me so I don't think it's going to now. So we kindly dropped her. :) Then we weekly planned, had dinner, then went to YW to take Emily Roper her birthday card and have some fun with the YW. They are crazy fun. Love them.

Thursday, we went and did some service for Sister Fleener in the morning before she scurried off to the nursing home, had some lunch and I took a nap then went to teach Johanna with Sister Steadman. Johanna is doing so good. She is such a different person from when we first met her. She's still tryin' to kick the alcohol, but she's cutting back a lot and it has been so good. She's much happier and the craving is going away. She re-set her baptismal date for March 14th. I think she'll make it! Wahoo! Then we went to see the Pillings because they invited us over for cake and went to see Sister Jacobson, who is a less-active returning slightly active who just got a new foster baby and has a 15 month old. She is super sweet. She has a LOT on her plate, but she handles it with grace! We stopped by and saw LuAnn after that. She got into some hardcore anti, but we testified to her and she felt the spirit again and got scared and said she had to go. Someday she will accept it. I hate anti-. It's so ridiculous. Stinking Satan. Then we had dinner with the Foits and then taught Justin in the Mission Home. It was so great. He accepted to live the law of tithing and fasting. He said he'd have to okay it with his wife but it should be fine. He's seriously the best.

Friday, we had District Meeting in the morning, went to lunch at Red Robin, took Johanna a jumbo set of scriptures (which she LOVES!) and then I took a solid nap cause I felt like poop. I took some Nyquil and crashed until dinner with the Brownes (well the Browne girls cause Brother and Sister Browne were at a seminary thing). That's about it. Not a super good day.

Saturday, I still wasn't feeling so swell, so we went to teach Robin in the morning. Luckily it was really warm so we stood outside and taught her. Then we had some lunch, went to visit the Fleeners, did some family history, had dinner with Grandma Kelly and Sabrina and Amber, then went to the adult session of stake conference. It was all about ministering. Super good.

Sunday, we went and practiced a musical number for a baptism on Tuesday with the Westfield Elders and Sister Smithhart then we watched Stake Conference. It was a POWERFUL meeting, again about ministering and the hastening of the work. Legit. We had our stake coorelation meeting after that then the Priddises fed us cafe rio food. YUM. We went to visit Sister Clervoix after that and then headed to Why I Believe. I got to see a bunch of the Plainfield crew. So fun. I miss them all! Such good people. Definitely won't forget them.

And here we are at Monday.

Something we have been studying a lot lately is about grace and works because of an investigator that we have. I was reading "None were with Him" by Jeffery R. Holland this morning and it talked about Judas Iscariot in there and I found it interesting to think that even Judas Iscariot, who was chosen as an apostle by Jesus Christ, had no excuse for his works that eventually showed his betrayal of Jesus. We've been hearing a lot lately how people believe that as long as we've been accepted by Jesus Christ that it doesn't matter what we do after that, we can't lose our salvation. Judas Iscariot is definitely proof that that is not true. Even an apostle of the Lord affected his salvation by his works, so I'm pretty sure we can do the same. Decisions really do determine destiny!

To answer letters:

I'll keep Annette and her family in my prayers! Hopefully she'll get healthy again soon! (Our good friend Annette has been having some health problems but is home now. We'll keep praying for her full recovery. Go Annette!!! We LOVE you!)

It sounds like you had a fun trip to Minnesota. Crazy time getting home, but I'm glad you made it safe! :) (I spent 12 days there and had a great time. Thanks Stacy, Mike and Ellie!)

And I'm not trunky mom! I don't know how to be. So you don't have to worry! (She claims that but I'll admit I am trunky)

I'm jealous of the 70 degrees dad. Lucky. Do you have any more Fresno trips planned? The Smithharts want me to come visit this summer. (Chuck travels to Fresno quite often for his job)

LOVE YOU! Be good!

Peace and Blessin's
-Sista Darc


Brother Fleener and his frog. He's so adorable.

 With Sister Bergesen, my first mission mom! Love her. 

Exchange with Sister Place. It was bright. 

With Sister Pfeil. Also a mission mom. Love this woman! 

With Elder Jacobson. He's serving in Plainfield now!

With the Meachams from Plainfield! 

With Sister Bulman. I will miss this girl! So funny!